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Make Photo Black and White with Some Colors in Android

We are all living in a colorful world which is filled with technology from every side. As we all have different devices in our hand, we don’t spare a day without going into the social media platform. We are literally addicted to them. As now we doesn’t need only a camera to take picture, we can take quality pictures using our android mobile and make it look professional using an edit app.

So this way, we see people posting pictures in facebook and instagram in a daily basis. Sometimes we might wonder how they actually edited that pic or how they managed to focus so perfectly. So today we are going to check out on how to do such a wonderful trick to your black and white photo and make it so professional.

It is very easy to turn a colorful picture into a black and white picture but have you ever wondered how to bring some light into the black and white picture? Have you seen any pictures which is black and white but one or two objects in the pic will have a beautiful color? To get this trick done, you will not need to know Photoshop like everyone say or you will not have to have a professional camera. You can perform the same edit task in your android in just a few clicks. Yes, that possible with the right app in your hand. So now let’s take a look at a few apps which will help you get this beautiful effect to your black and white photo with a little color here or there.

Best Android Apps for Color Splash

Color Splash Photo: This app gives to a wide range of features that will make your photo stand out with a unique feature in it. You can use any size of the brushes by adjusting them, can also blur your image, undo the brush strokes and also change the color of the objects.

When you select an image to edit, you will note that it is desaturated. You can choose for the original option which is at the bottom and start changing the color for the area or object you wish. The grey tool in the tool box is the eraser. So you can change things and undo when you wish.

Color Splash effect Photo Editor: This ‘color splash effect photo editor’ is another unique and outstanding app among all because it gives you various options to help you add a splash color to your black and white image.

It has 3 features in it: one is that you can yourself color the area that you want to make it stand out, the other feature is that this app provides you with some shapes which you can select to make a splash of color in that shape and the other is the reversal process of the above one, where you can add grey to the area inside the particular shape and color the area out with any colors you wish. You can do that by tapping on the area twice. You can also change the size of the selected shape by pinching it in and out.

Paletta - Smart Color Splash: This app is one of another wonderful app which uses artificial intelligence to detect the colors in your picture. All you have to do is tap on the color to make it on.

You can add many colors as you wish. If you think you want to change the automatic colorization then you can use the brush and eraser to change colors.

Color Splash EffectThis ‘color splash effect’ app is one the easiest app to use. It will help you do your works accurately with no errors. The best part about this app is that it offers Smart color mode. This app will detect the objects in the picture automatically and help add colors to them. So that you can easily splash a color to a black and white picture and make them look extra ordinary.

As I told you, it’s very easy to use. When you open the app it will straightly help you access the splash mode. If you want to edit the picture first before adding splash color, then you can do so in the same app. Ones you have completed the editing process you can press on the splash button to add a color. You can use the zoom icon to start using the pinch to zoom option. The photo will automatically turn black; you can use the tools to add color to it as you wish.

That’s it, now we have seen a few apps which will help you edit your picture in a split of a second and make it look one of the best among all the other with some unique feature that can go trending. So you can now select the app that you desire and make a change in your post. Hope you will enjoy using the splash apps.

How to Monitor a Room Remotely Using Phone Camera?

The world is moving faster towards the direction of the technology and so here we see how smart phone has taken over our generation to the next level. With so much to ponder about all what we do in our spare time is use our smart phones everyday. So today I'm going to review a smartphone application which allow us to monitor a phone remotely through a master phone.

This might be useful to monitor your home or office location via remotely through the phone when you're far away. For example, say you left your kid in a room and working in a kitchen. You have no clue whats happening in the room and what's your kid doing right now. In such a situation, you can monitor your kid's activity through your phone remotely. To do all these you will need two smartphones and Trackview application installed in both the smartphone. This situation is like you're monitoring a certain area in CCTV. But here both the camera and monitoring device are smartphones and one phone act as a camera while the other phone as a monitoring device.

And here, features and facilities are not limited like CCTV video monitoring. You can monitor the client phone's current location through GPS as well as you can check the travelling route.

Also you can setup motion detection and sound detection for client phone from the master phone. So whenever phone gets moved, you will get alert in your phone, likewise you will get alert when someone speak or any sound detected from client phone's speaker. 

More than this, the app let us to ring client phone remotely through master phone even if the phone is in silent mode. This amazing feature is very useful in a situation where you lose the client phone. So let's see how to use this app and monitor a phone remotely.

How to View Phone Camera Remotely

If you own an iPhone you have to get the app named 'trackview - find my phone' and if you're an android you have to get 'surveillance & security' directly from google playstore.

Let's move on to know how to monitor a room or office place remotely using your mobile camera.
Firstly, launch the app in your phone and enter a name for your device.

And then sign-in to the app with your gmail from your phone.

Now install client app in the phone which you want to monitor and sign-in with the same email id (given in master phone) in client phone.

That's it. Now you will be able to monitor the client phone from your phone when the internet is available in client phone.

As I mentioned above, you can setup motion / sound detection and route tracking by select setting tab of client device.

So you can download this app from its official site as well as directly from app store and google play store with following links.

iPhone - Find my phone
Android - Surveillance & security

This amazing app let you to monitor a specific room or area in your home/office from your mobile with high technology such as motion detection and sound detection and much more.

How to Raise an Alarm When Someone Try to Steal Your Phone

Today as we are living in a modern world, were the smartphone has became an essential thing for everyone. Not a single day do we spare without heading into our smartphones and doing one thing or another, either a need or just for time pass. We do use smartphone for various purpose, from listening to music to order food. This way technology went to peak eventually.

So in this article I'm going to introduce you a very useful application which can save your valuable smartphone from being stolen. Losing a phone is not about the device but about everything that it contains inside. We save in so many important data along with pictures and videos, thereby it's very important to keep our phones secured. Smartphone security applications have become a must since we hear and do read lots of phone theft stories everyday in internet. These applications can protect your smartphone from thieves in public places or public transport like train and buses.

We all search for antivirus applications to protect the phone data from being misused by unknowns or in fear of our important personal data being stolen by the hackers. Like how we take measures to save our phones from virus and so on, we should be a step ahead in protecting our phone being stolen from us without our conscious in public or crowded places. 

Anti theft alarm is an android application available free at google playstore for all the android operating system devices. This application can be the best security app, if you want to secure your device from theft and unauthorized access.

This application offer you variety of security features by raising an alarm when phone gets moved from somewhere / when someone try to take your phone from pocket without your knowledge / if someone remove the phone from charger and much more. So lets have a detail look on how to configure this application to secure your phone in a public place from thieves.

How to Protect Your Phone From Thieves

You have to get the app named 'Anti theft alarm' directly from google play store to your android smartphone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to setup your android phone to raise alarm if someone try to steal it.
Firstly, launch the app in your phone and there you will have a list of configuration settings to raise alarm such as motion, charger or proximity.

Once you start the application, it will require you to setup a password for the application. This password is required every time you make changes in app.

Now select any of the following security protection feature as per your requirement. If you are in a public place, select proximity option which raise the alarm when someone pick the phone from your bag or pocket without your knowledge.

Then you have to customize the particular settings as per your requirement. You can set alarm raising time interval, sensitivity gap and much more.

You can setup other settings such as ringtone for alarm, wrong password attempt limit or flash light on/off during alarm by going to settings page.

That's it. You have successfully configured the app to raise alarm when someone try to steal without your knowledge. So you can download this anti theft protection app for your android smartphone or tablet directly from google playstore by Clicking here.

Now you will not have to fear of your phone being stolen in a public or crowded place, you have nothing to worry about even at your own home or working place. The alarm will always keep your phone secured. Hope this guide would be useful for all the android users who wants to protect their phones from thieves. 

Phone Raises Loud Alarm When it Get Moved by Someone

As we are heading towards the technological world, we need to make sure we are safe on these technologies too. As there are so many thefts and treats having. We also do use antivirus application to protect phones from viruses and malware. But what about protecting your phone from someone stealing it or breaking your privacy through unauthorized access?

So today I'm going to introduce you to an application which is pretty cool to protect your phone from being stolen or from someone trying to use it without you knowing it.

This security application will be useful to protect your phone from being stolen in many instances. Lets say you are travelling in a fully packed bus and if someone tries to steal the phone, this app act swiftly and raise the loud alarm to let you know that someone is trying to steal your phone.

Likewise, this app prevents your phone from home mates accessing it without your knowledge. It could be anyone; your parents, your siblings, your spouse, anyone trying to creep into your phone will get caught red-handed with a loud alarm.

Interesting right? Is this possible? Yes..! This is possible with the sensor technology. This app works based on sensor to alert the phone owner when it gets carried away by someone. So lets see how to use this app.

How to Raise Alarm When Phone Gets Moved

You have to get the app named 'Anti theft alarm' directly from playstore to your android smart phone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to raise alarm from your android phone when its gets moved.
Firstly, start the app in your phone and you have follow the configuration settings beforehand.

Then you will have to setup a password for the application, this password is needed for you every time when you try to make any changes to the app.

Now you have to select a security protection feature as your requirements. For example, in case if you are in a public place you have to choose the proximity option. So that it will raise an alarm when someone try to take the phone from your bag or your pocket without your awareness.

Thereafter you can make changes and customize the setting for the time interval for the alarm to go on, sensitivity gap, alarm tone and all the other minor settings.

That's it. now you have managed your phone with all the settings to raise an alarm when someone try to take it or use it without your awareness. So you can download this app for your android phone directly from google playstore by Clicking here.

This is one of the worth method to save your phone since it's providing security from theft in public places and public transports and at the same time will alert you if someone try to use it when you are not around, so it will be helpful to protect your privacy from home mates when the phone is not near you.

How to Remove Unwanted Object From a Photo?

Today as we are moving towards the modernized world where everything is mostly depended upon the internet and thereby we never resist to login whenever possible. Among all photo editing is one of the most important skill to develop if you're a social media addict. When it comes to social media, Facebook and Instagram are the leading networks among the social media users.

So if you're using these social networks, you might upload many photos on a regular basis. While uploading any photos to these sites, usually we add some filters or effects to make it look more awesome among our friends and family. So today's article is about a photo editing app.

Most of us depend on our Photoshop skilled friend to make our photo look more attractive or if we want to remove any unwanted parts from the photo. Recently when I was in a foreign country, I took some cool snaps of the nature. Unfortunately some of the photos were captured with few unwanted stuffs around, which ruined the beauty of those pics.

So I asked my "Photoshop buddy" whether it's possible to remove few things from my photos and make it look awesome. He said Ok and started working with my photos on Photoshop software through laptop and it took more than 1 hour to remove those few things from my photos like I wanted it to be.

Once we finish the photo editing work, one of our friend visited us and asked what are we are doing. I explained him and he told me that I can simply use TouchRetouch app to do this in less than a minute. Then he showed me the app in his phone with a sample editing.

That was really a cool app to remove the unwanted things from a photo with very few clicks. TouchRetouch app is a paid application available on google play store and app store for your android and iPhone. I will show you how to use it with an android phone to get the works done.

Remove Unwanted Object from a Photo

You have to get the app named 'Touch retouch' directly from google play store to your android smart phone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to remove all the unwanted objects from any of your photo in android smartphone.
Firstly, start this app in your phone and load a photo from gallery or even you can capture a photo right from there.

Then, you have to click on brush icon from bottom of the app and color the object which you want to remove from the photo.

Once you finish the process, simply click on Start button which can be found in bottom of this app interface.

That's it. Now the object gets removed from the photo and you can save the photo to the gallery or you can share it directly with your friends via email / social media or bluetooth.
You can get this app from below link to your android or iPhone.

Android | iPhone

This is one of the amazing app to remove unwanted objects from the photo with very easy steps. This app might be very useful for us where we don't need any technical skills to use.

Now without any photoshop skills you can remove all the unwanted objects from the photo and make it look like a perfect click within a few seconds.

Phone Raises Loud Alarm When Sim Card is Changed

This world is so advanced that today we see so many modern and technological things that has developed in a great deal. The technology provides answers for so many questions. Huge number of security related apps are being developed by various app developers for android smartphones. They help us also to get security from in and out.

So today I'm going to introduce another security related app for your android device. This can protect your phone by blocking the device when someone try to change the sim card. This is quite helpful in a situation where someone steals your phone, remove your sim card and then insert a new one. Here, the app act quickly and prevent the device from using with a new sim card.

Not only block the sim card, but also send the newly inserted sim card number to your any other phone through short message service which might be helpful to trace the thief and as well as send a mail to your email box with the new sim card number and the current location of the device in case if GPS service is available in your phone.

Yes..! This is possible with sim change alert app for android. This app works based on current sim card registered in the phone and when a new sim card is inserted, the device will require a password to unlock the device. Until you enter the right password configured earlier in your device, the device will keep ringing an alarm tone.

So lets have a look on how to setup your android phone to prevent the new sim card registration and raise alarm if someone inserts a new sim card without your knowledge.

How to Raise Alarm When Sim Card is Changed

You have to get the app named 'Sim change alert' directly from google play store to your android smart phone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to configure the settings to make the phone to raise alarm when the sim card is changed.
Firstly, start the app in your phone and make the following changes in settings before you use it.

Now you have to setup the pin code or pattern lock to stop the alarm sound when sim gets changed. So you're the only person who know the password to stop the alert sound once the sim gets changed.

After that you have to setup emergency email address and emergency SMS number in the app.

That's it. From now on, if someone inserts a new sim card, an alarm will raise to confirm whether it's you or not. You can get this app directly from google Playstore to your android phone by searching 'Sim change alert'

Update (16/03/2019)

This application has been removed from google playstore. This might be removed by the developer or the playstore support team due to any particular reason. Since we don't own this app, we are not able to provide you the exact reason for the removal from google playstore.

This app is very useful to have in your phone to find the thief in case your phone is stolen and the sim card is changed by the thief.

This will help you to be precaution when you are not around your phone or in case someone try using your phone without your awareness and change your sim card. 

Download Google Allo Messaging App for Android

In this 21st century, technology is growing at high speed with a lot of new things coming up. Everything in this world is computerized and technology has became our bestie which we cannot spend a day without.What we do in our free time is we browse the internet or start up a chat with our loved ones and for this we find an app which is creative and got so many features in it.

So in this post, I'm going to introduce you another friend in your smart phone world. Yeah..! your new friend is non other than Google Allo.

Google Allo is a messaging application, available for android and iPhone users. This is not just a messaging application, Allo can do much more than what you expect from it. Lets have a small look what google Allo is and what makes it unique from other messaging application like WhatsApp, Viber and Messenger.

The main difference in this application is, it comes with few machine learning built in technologies of Google Assistant, the company’s virtual assistant. To put in very simple, Allo is a smart messaging app which can make chat between two or more persons much easier and more productive.

Features of Google Allo Application

Your new friend Google Assistant

Google Allo application includes feature called Google Assistant which can answer all your question and also it can chat with you like your best friend. You can find the perfect answers for most of the queries and funny answers for questions like 'do you like me?' or 'will you marry me'

Smart reply in chat

This is one of the most important feature of this allo application which will respond to messages without having to type a single word.

When you chat with allo bot or when you chat with a friend, the app will suggest you the best right responses to the text message and as well as photos.


There's another interesting feature available on this application which will let you to send photos by doodling on them and adding texts as you wish.


Stickers express your feeling more than words. Allo application includes huge number of stickers which are designed by independent artists and studios from all over the world.

You can download the app directly from google playstore by searching 'Allo'.

Update (15/05/2019)

This application has been removed from google playstore. This might be removed by the developer or the playstore support team due to any particular reason. Since we don't own this app, we are not able to provide you the exact reason for the removal from google playstore.

So your new friend is here..! Why are you still waiting? Start experiencing the whole new messaging app which has all the amazing features in it. 

This will turn out to be a best partner who will keep messaging to you when you have no one or even when you are bored this will give you an entertainment. you can spill out your feelings and share it with this app which will listen to you and be a good friend.