How to Backup Your Android Device

Do you want to backup your Android device? Let's learn how to do it properly. You can keep all your photos, contact and text messages safe even while you format your Android device completely. Wouldn't it be disheartening if we lose all our contacts , those photos with so many memories, important documents and SMS messages? These things cannot be replaced easily once we lose them.

You need a bit of work to get back all your important files in your device. To protect everything from your Android, it doesn't provide any easy one tap solutions which is unfortunate. But you can save your important files from diminishing by following a few steps. Lets learn how to do it.You need a bit of work to get back all your important files in your device. To protect everything from your Android, it doesn't provide any easy one tap solutions which is unfortunate. But you can save your important files from diminishing by following a few steps. Lets learn how to do it.

How to Backup Your Android Device

Backup Android settings to Google drive

Android provides a quick simple backup option which you can toggle up easily. Let's dive into these easy settings. 

Head to 'Settings > System > Backup, now you will see an option called 'Backup to Google drive', tap to enable this. 

Finally if you want to run a backup you can hit 'Backup now'.

You will witness the list of categories this backup includes. This will safeguard your data from some apps. It will also protect your call history, contacts, wallpaper and display as well. If you are using a pixel device SMS, photos and videos will be included in the backup.

To view the devices that are linked to your account, you have to head to Google drive. In Google drive you can tap the left menu and there you have to hit 'Backup'. This will show the linked accounts. You can click one of them which will show when the backup was run last and also the files which were backed up last . This is where you can delete a backup if you no longer need it.

You can reinstall the apps and restore your saved data by signing into your Google account. While you are signed in you can choose the restore option while the setup process of a new Android device. 

Please note that you can't save them one by one individually like the other backup apps so the above process should be followed.

Backup your photos on Android

Most importantly you would like to save all your photos which hold so many memories. Losing them wouldn't be a good experience even though you don't mind losing other data. So luckily we have so many Android apps which will help you backup your photos.

One of the well known apps to carry out this task is 'Google Photos'. Google can store your photos in high quality or maximum quality which will be stored in your Google account storage. One advantage is that it offers unlimited storage space. Do you have the Google photo app on your device already? If you don't, then you can download it from the playstore and sign it in with your Google account.

Here's how you enable the back up process in your device. Go to the left menu and slide it with your fingers. Now you will find 'Settings' next go to 'Backup & sync'.

First you have to be certain that you have enabled the backup & sync option. Below this you can find the quality level. You can also backup photos that are not in your camera such as screenshots and social media pictures. To do this go to 'Backup device folder' under the settings option and make the changes.

After you are done with all the settings and if your backup is successful you will get a 'Backup complete' message popping up in your device screen. 

Now you can slide the left side menu to find the 'Free up space' option. This will remove the images from your device as they are already saved in your Google photos. All your photos will be stored safely in your Google photos and you can view them anytime when you are online.

Backup your Android contacts

Have you saved your contacts only on your sim? If so it's time to make a change because saving only on sim cannot guarantee you can get them back if you lose them. So instead of saving them only on your phone it's better you save your contacts in your Google account also. This will be very useful when you use another device. You can access it from another device by signing into your Google account, this way you won't lose your contacts.

You don't know where your contacts have been saved by default as they depend on your phone manufacturer. To make sure you have saved the contacts to Google account head to 'Contacts' app and find the 'Default account' or 'New contact save to' option. Now you will be able to see whether you have saved them to your Google account.
In case if you haven't installed then it's better to get the 'Google contact app' which is recommended. Using this you can move all your contacts easily. After installing this app, head to the left menu and tap 'Settings > Import' and now tap 'Sim card' to copy the contacts to Google account which is saved on your device.

You can also use this app to locally backup your contacts once the import is done. To do the local backup go to the menu and you will find 'Export'. 

Now you can select the Google account you want to use in case you have multiple accounts.

Then tap 'Export to.vcf file' this is where all your contact information is available. This could also be imported to other services. Finally to handle all your contacts you can go to '
Google contact' on the web.

Backup text messages on Android

Sometimes you need to keep all your SMS saved even though you don't view your old text messages often. What if you need that old text message which was sent by your boss that includes important information? Or those romantic text messages you want to keep them for memories. Backing up your SMS is what you got to do. Let's see how to backup SMS with no fuss. 

First get the app 'SMS backup & restore' which you can get for free .

Launch the app and it will take you through the procedure to set up the backup. In this app you can choose everything such as where to save the backup, what SMS to backup and also set up the schedule for it to run.

There's this app which is called 'Pulse SMS' which is one of the favorites among people. This Android texting app lets you send messages from your PC and other devices. Know that you should pay a small amount for the subscription of this app. This app allows you to store your messages in the cloud which you can access anytime over any device.

Backup music documents and other local files

We already saw all the important information and types of Android data that should be backed up such as messages, contacts and photos but what about music files and your other documents? You might have important documents or your favorite music files that you want to protect so let's take a look at how to do it.

You can use a cloud service storage like Google drive to backup these files from your device. To backup first head to the app and click the plus icon, then tap 'Upload ' option and then you have to discover the file you want to backup to the cloud storage. 

Check the below mentioned methods if you want to back up more files.

There are certain apps which are cloud based. You don't have to worry about backing up these apps as all the content will be as it is in the app when you open it from another device. If you are using any apps that save everything on your device locally then you have to move them to a cloud based app like Google keep or Simple note. This will store all your files in the cloud.

Do you know that some apps have their own backup system available in their menu. Example is one of the recognized app, WhatsApp. 

Let's see how to backup in WhatsApp. First move to the 'Settings > Chat > Chat backup'.

This will set up an automatic backup system where all your messages will be saved in Google drive.

There's one more data backup that we rarely talk of is the voicemail. In some of the devices you will be able to backup voice messages from your voicemail app. This feature differs according to your device.

If it's not available in your device then you can try this clumsy method where you can play the messages through a speaker and and record them in your computer or laptop with the help of 'Audacity' app.

Backup using a dedicated app

There are many other apps which can be downloaded in order to backup your device. We know some of you would want a better option. And some of you would like to use a more frequent method of backing up. Here you go with some of the other apps.

G cloud is one of the efficient apps to use for this purpose. Note that G cloud is not a Google app but that's fine. First you have to open the G cloud and create an account ,once you are done, this app allows you to almost back up all of your files such as contacts, sms, photos, call log, documents, music and more.

This app lets your backup all your files automatically without you having to worry about manually backing up everything.

One drawback is that this app only has a limited amount of storage available but it's nothing to worry as you can subscribe for the better version or finish simple tasks that app provides to get more storage. 

This app is the best solution because it doesn't let you miss your important files. In case you don't find this app suitable for you. You can take a look at a similar app named 'Super backup & restore'.

Backup phone content to a PC

How do you back up your phone content to your PC? As you all know the swiftest and the unethical way to transfer from your device to a computer is copying everything from your internal store and pasting them to your computer. If your cloud storage is getting full or if your files are dispersed everywhere then the copying method comes in handy. This way you won't miss any of the files.

To do this you have to connect your device with a USB cable to your computer. Before the connection shows up as 'This PC' in your computer, you have to open the notification bar, there you will see the title 'USB file transfer turned on' and you have to switch it to 'Files transfer'.

Now you are connected and you can open the phone from your computer. Now copy everything that you need from the device to a folder in your computer.

This has to be done because Android doesn't allow access to your device from another device without root access. So this won't backup everything you want. That is the reason why we recommended the above pairing method.

Rooted device backup

If you own a rooted device you can acquire an effective backup tool with no limitations. This would be a very useful method if your phone is already rooted but we do not recommend you root your device just because you want to backup your phone. You can always find other options.

Titanium backup is a trusted app to backup your files if you have a rooted device but it is also visually unappealing and behind the time to look at. This app is free for the beginning but if you want to upgrade the app you can go for a paid version which is known as titanium pro key.

So finally you know how important it is to back up your device files. Now you also know how to use different methods and apps to backup your device which is great. We hope you found the above information useful if you are switching to a new phone or you lost your phone.

Best Photo Editing Apps That Gives Life to Your Photo

In this modern and technological world we are all into the smart devices. We all love to capture photos from our smartphones and share with our friends through Facebook, Instagram and other social media apps which we use in a daily basis. Normally we don't upload our photos to any social media network directly without editing them and making it look the best.

Before that, we do some modifications on the photo to make it look more attractive to our friends and family by editing the picture. To complete this task, we try so many photo editing apps and tools to make our photo more colorful. but most of them turn out to be a flop. 

So in this post, we are going to introduce you to an incredible photo editing app for all the Android users out there. If you're an Android user, then you will love to edit your photos with this app. In most of the times we wish to make our photos look more professional and admirable, for this we prefer a better editing option, but we don't find for the right app that provides us with the editing feature that looks iconic. We look for a way in which helps us to not only just add filters or add some extra colors but also we do prefer to change or add frames and do so many other tiny things like making the picture look funny by swapping the faces, adding a realistic effect by changing the whole photo to make it look like a different place or even would prefer doing some photo collages.

But to get all of them done, we have to go find for different apps and it will make the whole editing process so complicated. But what if we have a way in which the outcome of the photo editing would be perfect by having all the editing options in one app? To get all those photo effects, editing tools, collage works and frames you need is just one app and that is 'photo lab picture editor' app. This Android photo editing app will fulfill all of them by giving you a number of editing effects with colorful outputs. So let's have a look on how to use this app and what are the feature available in this excellent photo editing application in a step by step procedure.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

Camly - If you are looking for a simple photo editing app that allows you to give a quick change over to your picture within a few clicks, the camly would be the right choice.

You will have all the enhancements provided in the home screen of the app, so that you can choose what you want to do and directly get into it. One feature to ponder onto is, it got a lot of stickers in it that would bring out a beautiful or even a funny picture edit. The whole app is highly organized and would let you know where to go.

Snapseed - We all know how much the filters and the editing process is important to make a good looking and a quality picture. And that’s why we search for apps that contains vast number of edit tools in them and snapseed app will not disappoint you in that. They have a lot of features that you will even be able to customize and control variables in each filter and tool to get a perfect picture.

It also has the ability to edit RAW DNG files and export them as JPG files without the quality of the picture getting low. One important function that is preserves is the ‘QR Look’ where you can create a QR code to the final image that you edited and use the same effects to another image by just scanning the code. Sounds great right? You know what’s greater? Well, it’s a free app.

Adobe Photoshop Light room CC - You should have definitely heard about the Adobe photoshop and yes it is one of the best photo editing software available. This Lightroom is almost similar to it and have too many editing tools in it that it leaves the process flawlessly awesome.

One most noted feature in it is that we can capture RAW images with five different camera effects and you will get to witness the outcome before clicking the picture. This app is free of charge unless you wish to go extra with the premium feature.

PhotoDirector - This is one simple app that would let you bring a wonderful final picture after all the edits you do. It provides filters, light effects and so many inner ad-ons to bring out the best in an image.

The best part is that it contains the ‘object removal trick’ in it which allows the user to remove or erase off any object that you feel unwanted in the image. The camera of the app also offers a wide range of lens filters. 

Cymera - An app that is widely used among most today. You will find a lot of impressive range of photo editing tools available in cymera application. Along with that there is a unique feature in this app, which is the two modes of camera that is present in it. You have a beauty mode which is used to click selfies with so many filters present in it, while it detects the face automatically and provides you over 200 makeup effects.

The next one is the normal mode for flexing the rear cam. It also includes the conventional options like the mosaics, texture and hue complexion which is used for the correction purpose of the scene mode, saturation and so on. If you are an Instagram or Facebook freak then this app also let you turn your pics into memes by inserting texts and you can also make a collage out of all your pictures.

AirBrush: Everyone would want to have a perfect picture of yourself and for that we need the right option to bring in the perfection. You can now do so using the app 'Airbrush', which doesn’t fail to update itself with filters and effects along with the new trends. It comes with the most friendly interface with retouch tools and amazing filters that bring out an cool finish. There are plenty of features available for the users and the best among them is the ability to make a change over to the entire picture.

If we take a look at a few features, I should definitely mention the ‘Blemish and Pimple Remover’, ‘Whitening Teeth and Brightening Eyes’, ‘Perfect Skin in Every Photo’, ‘Slim, Reshape and Lengthen your Selfie or Photo’ are some of the options you can use for your pictures. Along with that you also have the ‘Artistic Retouching Feature’, ‘Adding Depth and Style to the picture’, ‘Real Time Editing Technology’ , Natural and Radiant Filters and much more. You can also directly share the edited picture to any of your social and with your friends.

Fotor Photo Editor: This Editing app brings out a professional look to all your photos with less effort. It comes with a user friendly interface and a plenty of features and options included in it, such as the ‘Full Features Effects, Borders and Stickers’ which helps to make the picture more colorful. Then comes the ‘Personalized collage’ which helps to manage any space. It also has the 'Professional editing software', 'One click enhancement' and a 'Natural focus' option. Not only these but the app comes with s huge amount of features which makes it easy for the users to bring out the best in all your pictures.

Photo Editor Pro: This app provides every editing features and options that the users need to make their pictures look cool and amazing. With all the features such as the ‘Stylish effects, Filters, Grid and draw tools’ you can create an eye catching photo. Not just that but the app comes with ‘60+ filters, Glitch effects & Blur background, Photo blender and Light FX, Body retouch and the Photo Collage Maker’ tools.

Apart from the above mentioned feature there are also more cool ones that you will be able to use while you make an edit. The app has housed the effects in a store style layout where you can choose the ones you want to get and that is such a plus point so that you get the ability to keep what you want and not just download all. Try this ones and you will know what it’s like.

LightX photo Editor & photo effects: For those who are looking for an all in one photo editing app, then you can try this LightX app. It comes with all the needed effects and filters such as adding photo frames, photo collage, blur photos, add stickers, cutout maker, background changer, create cartoons and caricature, create selfies and portrait photos, add color splash effects, merge photo for double and multiple exposure and so much more.

When you get into the app you will come across all the wonderful features that it contains. It will be a one stop app for editing with an easy interface. You can also create your own memes and add texts on photos. There are plenty of advanced editing tools and photo filters that you would like and would not regret trying this app to edit all the pictures you want to post on your social media.

Photo Effect Pro: The right filters and effects can never make a photo go wrong. So incase you are looking for an app with awesome filter, effects and stickers then you should put your hands in this ‘PhotoEffect Pro’ app. It comes up with more than 40 filter and also effects so the users can choose the right edit for their pictures.

Not only that but it also comes with an option where you can add pictures in pictures. Along with that you can also remove the background automatically and get stunning results. The app has hundreds of special effects which are carefully designed by professional photographers and designers to give a wonderful experience for their users. You can bring out endless creativity using all the cool effects without any hassle. Definitely a user friendly app.

So these are the most incredible photo editing apps which can be downloaded from Google playstore. help you add more colorful effects in your favorite picture and share it all around the social media profiles without hesitation.

Methods You Never Knew on How to Use Google Translate - Android

With technology, so many things have come into light in this world. We are now being able to communicate and live life in a place where we even don’t know what language they are talking. Technology has made so much of change that now we can learn things easily and know so much with just a click. The best part is the introduction of smart devices and the invention of google.

Google has solution for all the problems. Today let’s see how google is going to help us communicate in different language and translate anything into our language using the google translate on android.

Google translate is a multi-lingual translator service which works across the world. It provides us with the most accurate translation of any language to any language within seconds. Now you can download the app of google translate to your android and there are so many tricks and features that’s available in the app. But most of us aren’t aware of those features and doesn’t know how to use to get things translated accurately. So come, let’s take a look at how to get the maximum use out of the google translator app and accomplish your works done easily than before.

Google Translate Advanced Tips and Tricks

Translate Texts while Your Offline

We all know that google translate is based on the internet and it uses a huge database to translate between many languages. This sometimes can make things difficult for us, for example when you are in a hurry and you have no internet connection, you might not be able to translate anything offline.

Well then, in such a situation you can translate when you are offline using your android phone, though this comes with only a limited languages in general, you can download the whole translation packs completely beforehand. So that you will be able to get translated even when you have no access to the internet. 

Lets see how to get the offline package downloaded for your android.

Firstly you have to open up the Google translate app in your android device.
Then press on the three line icon on the left top corner.

Select the ‘offline translation’ from the options.
There you will have all the offline package languages available.

Tap on the download icon to download the language that you prefer to use when on offline.

Wait till the download finishes and then close the tab.

You should also make sure that you are connected to an wifi connection before you start downloading the languages to avoid excess data usage as you will be download the whole package of the language.

Images Translate in Real-time

We are all such a travel freaks that we even go to places that we know no language but we do manage using the google translator but what about when you are in a restaurant and you can’t read or even type down the language that’s written on the menu card? That is when you will want to use the real-time translation of texts on images. Now you can translate what’s written on a picture by simply clicking a photo and google will translate you that. Let’s see how:

Open the Google translate app in your android.

In the home page you will have a camera icon below the text box, click on it.

Grant the required permission and then face the camera to the picture of the image that you want to translate.

Now tap on the eye icon which is available on the right bottom corner to enable the real-time translation.

If it doesn’t work, then click on the capture button and then choose the language that you want to translate.

If you want to translate an image that you have already captured, then select the image from the gallery by tapping on the image icon on the camera translate window.

Ones the translation is done, you can save both the original and the translated images separately.

Save Translation to Phrasebook

Sometimes when you translate something you might like that phrase or you will want to save it for later use. So in that case the translated phrases or the queries in the phrasebook will sync into your google account and you can view them anytime you want.

All you have to do is, go to the translation history from the home page and tap on the star icon that available beside each translated phrase/sentence and save them to the phrasebook. Then it will be marked as favorite and will be saved in forever. When you want to view them, you can select the three lines icon on the left top corner and choose phrasebook.

Clear Translation History

You can delete off all the translation history like you does in other Google apps. To clear the history you have to go to Google translate > settings > clear history > confirm yes.

Now all the translation data that was stored will be deleted from the append also from your google account.

Download Languages Offline 

When we travel abroad and do not know the language of the particular country, we use the google translate which is quiet easy and reliable but there can be time when we won’t have an internet connected to out phone and so it will be a big problem to even ask something from someone without knowing the language when the google translate doesn’t work. Well, not to worry about that now as we can use offline translation in google.

All you have to do is go to the google translate app and from the side menu bar select the ‘offline translation’.

Then select the language that you want to download to use when on offline.

Next a popup message will appear and then you have to simply tap on the option ‘download’.

You can download as much as language you want to be used offline but also make sure to check on your phone storage beforehand to get a huge file downloaded in.

Share Translation

If you are in need to send the particular translated sentence or passage to someone via mail or any other messaging apps then you will not have to copy paste it now, as through the google translate app you can easily share the translated text by tapping on the three dot menu button and share it. You can select the app to which you want the text to be copies and enjoy sharing.

Write to Translate

Apart from the traditional method of typing down the sentence, now you have so many other options to choose from too. One such method is writing down the needed word or text. Along with the ability to understand the keystroke now the input methods also captures the touch and voice recognition too.

So even in Google translate app you can select the ‘Hand writing (pen icon)’ from the options and start writing it down and the app will translate it for you. If you find it hard to write down a big sentence, no worries as when you stop after a word, it will be translated and then it will be moved aside so that you can continue writing to male a full sentence.

Speak to Translate

When you find it hard to write the sentence or type it down to get it translated, you can easily speak to the google translate app. This will be useful, when you are around someone and you don’t understand what they are saying, then you can simply tap on the voice icon on the app and it will start to listen what you or the other person is speaking and will eventually translate it for you.

The best part is, you can tap on the hand icon and so the google app will let the other person know that you want to talk to them with the help of the google translate app.

Use it as Dictionary

We all know how we can use the google translate app to get any language translated into the language we want, did you all also know you can use it as a dictionary?

Yes, you can simply change it into a dictionary by selecting the ‘detect language’ as the language that you want to translate from and then choose ‘English’ as the language that you want it to get translated into. So then when you type in any word in English, it will provide you the definition of that particular word

How to use conversation mode

Incase you want to talk to someone and don’t know each others language then you can use the conversation mode of the google translate app.

All that you got to do is, tap on the ‘conversation icon’ to enter into the conversation mode and you can also tap on the hand icon to let the other person know that you are going to use the google translate app to talk to them.

When done you can close the popup message and start the conversation by tapping on the microphone icon which is available beside each language, you can take it in turns and start speaking and wait for the app to talk out loud the translation. The ‘auto microphone’ option can be used to simply talk and then the app will detect the language and help you with the translation.

That’s it, now we have seen a few steps that will help you do a better job in translating using your android device. Hope this would have helped all of you to know more about the google translator app and gain better.

Android Photo Editor that All Social Media Freaks Must Have

Photo editing apps have turned out to be one of the most powerful tools to preserve in our smartphones. The factor that we use many photo editing tools and filters is to get variety of features and make our pictures look like those professional ones with the perfect lighting and effects. 

The demand for the photo editing app increased when the social media platforms such as the Instagram and Facebook became famous. Thereby all of us will definitely want to make our pictures look worthy to share with the world, so that is why today we are going to check out on a new and useful photo editing app.

When we talk about photo editing apps, we will badly wish to have an all in one editing app to make the process easy and at the same time to save storage space in our device but unfortunately most of the apps doesn’t come with all the needed features, so we have to have a few apps downloaded, whereas we will have to go in search for different apps for different purposes. Well, if you are also someone in this category then do not worry about it as i am here with a perfect image editing app which will make you edit pictures real quick in no time and also will provide the best service you are looking for. 

Yes, I am taking about the app named ‘Afterlight’ for Android which is a straight forward app with no complications. Anyone can easily edit their pictures the way they want, thereby you doesn’t have to be a pro in editing or photoshop. Not only that but this app works on both android devices and iOS but note that the iOS users can also get the updated version which consists of some of the important features such as the ‘Double Exposure’ which helps combine many photos together and make a silhouette, then the ‘Fusion Filters’ that is the custom filters that can be made in the app, next comes the ‘Chroma’ feature which will help create a distorted and 3D like effects which will be perfect for vintage photos and finally the Glow’ feature which creates a dreamy and hazy look. Android users not to worry as the android version will get the update soon enough but the prevailing version also has got all what you will need. So let us go check out in brief all the features that it got.

The Afterlight apps give you with a powerful and snappy tools to create a masterpiece. It consists of 15 adjustment tools which will let you enhance your images to perfection without any difficulty. Then comes the filters, this is the best part as it has a bundle of filters so that the users will not go unsatisfied. Where the app carries 27 fully adjustable original filters, 14 guest filters which are created by various Instagram users and then the seasonal filter pack which includes nearly 18 of them. Wonderful isn’t it? Now let us see the 66 textures it got. This apps comes with a range of real and natural light leaks with 35 mm film and instant film to simplistic scratchy film textures. Not only that you can also edit your pictures by cropping them quickly and easily using the 15 different presets. Along with that you can also transform the pictures with the rotating tools, vertical and horizontal flipping tools and straightening tool. Like these there are plenty other features included in the app to make it the best out of all.

After adding all the effects and filters and you still want something extra then you can also choose a frame from the 77 different types of frames that are available. From simplistic to adjustable frames are paired perfectly in this app. With that the app has also included a wallpaper package as a bonus. Sounds astonishing, isn’t it? Well then let us go straight into the steps to see how to set the app and get it started.

How to Edit a Photo in Your Android

You have to get the app named ‘Afterlight’ directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us now move on to know how to turn any photo to look amazing by using Afterlight filters, effects, borders and other customizing tools.
Firstly launch the app in your device and select ‘Gallery’ icon to choose any picture from your phone gallery or click on ‘Camera’ icon to capture a live photo to edit.

Here I have selected a photo from my phone gallery. Once you pick the photo, it will be loaded in the application along with the verity of editing tools and options.

Next you can adjust the clarity, brightness, contrast, exposure, shadows and much more by selecting the three straight line icon which is available at the bottom menu bar.

After that click on filter icon and choose any matching filter for your picture from the available list. Filters are categorized into 2 sections as ‘Guest’ and ‘Seasons’ where both are included along with many colorful filters to create eye catchy stories for your social media profiles.

Next move on to ‘Film pack’ section and here you can add some border shades for the picture which can add more value for your final outcome.

Crop tool includes some useful options which are ‘free crop’ and ‘pre-set crop size’, mirror reflection and rotate tool etc..

Once you finish the editing process click on ‘Done’ which you can find at the top of the screen to save the photo to the phone gallery or you can also share the photo with any social media profiles directly. Make sure to choose the higher resolution for high quality outcome.

That’s it, these are the basic methods of editing a photo using Afterlight photo editing application. Now you will have a perfectly edited picture worth the share in all your social media profile. So you can download this app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

Photo editing has now turned out to be super easy with a professional look, which all of us have been wanting for. Now your Instagram profiles will never look dull, turn your pro into a vibrant one with less effort, as we have found a hassle free and an all in one app.

How To Transfer Facebook Photos To Google Photos In Android

Social media is one of the most used platform in the world today. We see how everyone are so into the facebook that we eventually share everything there and this is made even better with the smartphone in our hands that we can easily browse and connect to anyone at any time and that is why it is a widely used device. 

Today I am going to connect you with two simple apps that the whole world uses for different needs, but you are going to see how you can connect both of them to gain an advantage out to store up memories for lifetime.

Wondering what I am talking about? Well, let me explain, we use facebook for different reasons, the main one among them is to share the world everything that you wish, including your pictures. But we know that the facebook is not a platform that is used as a long term storage solution for your pictures and videos. That is the saddest part, as most of us share our pictures instantly to our facebook profile and it also does a good job at reminding us with all of our past posts and when looking at those pictures we would remember all the other pictures and thereby go scrolling down to search all of them one by one. What if you can have a permanent storage facility where you can easily transfer your facebook pictures to it? Well, now you can do that and all you will need is the google photos.

We all know what google photos is and how it has turned out to be one of the obvious platform to store in pictures for always. The google photos automatically backup all the pictures and videos from our gallery into its server, which actually also helps us to save in storage space in our smartphone. 
Let me point out more about the google photos and the features that it has updated itself with. 

  • It helps organize the photos in a neat and smart way.
  • The google intuitive AI automatically catch-up with all the photos and enhances it by creating albums, movies, collages, animations, panaroma and even photo books.
  • The powerful built-in editor will let you manually tweak your photos.
  • It has a robust search feature.
  • Can search, scan, translate and identify things using google lens.
  • Also allow to share and collaborate with other who are trusted.
  • You will get unlimited backup feature over all.

This concept is known by most of us and what’s new here is that we can also now transfer facebook photos to google photos. Thereby now you will have an easy option to keep all your facebook photos safe under a better roof. You will also not have to manually upload one by one from facebook to google photos, the option is now made better. The process is simple and when you set it up for the first time then you will not have to do it over and over again.

How to Transfer FB Photos to Google Photos

This new trick on transferring all your facebook photos to the google photos is going out viral as no one wants to lose any of their beautiful memories. So thereby even when you deactivate your facebook account or something goes wrong with it, you will not have to worry as all the photos will be saved for you safely forever in the google photos and nothing will happen unless you delete them up.
Let me not waste your time, let’s go directly into checking out how to get this done in a step by step method.

Firstly, you have to open the facebook application in your android smartphone.

Then in your facebook page you have to click on the three lines option which is available on the top of the navigation bar. There you have to select the ‘settings and privacy’ option and then tap on the ‘settings’ option.

Next, select the option ‘download your information’.

There you have to deselect all the other options and select only the ‘photos and videos’.

Now scroll down and then select the ‘create files’.

Here you have to wait for about five minutes or so until the ‘download’ button appears next to the ‘file’. When it appears, tap on it to download the file.

When done, extract the file by using a zip app. Extracted files would look like shown below.

Then open the google photos and tap on the three lines at the top left of the screen and there select the ‘device folders’ option.

There you will see all the facebook photos.

That’s it, now this way all of your facebook photos can be transferred into your google photos which will help you to store them there forever permanently. The steps shown above are simple and easy. 
Now let us also check upon another alternative method for this. 

Using Photo Transfer Tool

- Take into consideration that the facebook transfer tool is currently available in limited countries.

To startup with, you have to move on to the Facebook settings > settings> privacy.

Next select your Facebook Information tab.

There press on the option ‘Transfer a copy of your photos or videos’

Now you will have to enter your Facebook password in the appearing windows

Then from the ‘choose destination’ drop down menu you have to select the google photos.

In the next option you have to choose whether you want to send photos or videos and tap ‘next’.

Then enter the google account password when asked for.

Thereafter you will receive a notification in facebook and in mail when the transfer is completed. So this is also a very simple method to carry on the process with.

That's it, now you will not have to worry about losing all the pictures that are in your facebook when you either deactivate the account or do what so ever. I hope this guide would have been helpful for all of you out there as we are all facebook addicts.