How to Find Lost or Stolen iPhone

Have you lost or misplaced your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? You can now use the find my app to locate your device. Losing our phone is a nerve wracking experience. Our phones are like our most needed partners which we need for everything in our day to day life. Have you misplaced any of your devices such as iPhone, iPod or iPad?

You don't have to worry until you have 'Find my app' which will make your life easy by locating your device even if it is stolen or lying under your couch.

Have you come across this app earlier and downloaded it on your device? If you don't then let's take a look at how to get 'Find my app' and learn how to set it up. Below are the settings.

Methods to Find Lost or Stolen iPhone

Open the find my app

There were these two apps that existed in the iPhone called find my iPhone and find by friend. But these two are no more as the iPhone introduced find my app as a replacement which is a combination of both. Find my app can be used to identify any of your Apple devices that you own. The app also allows you to find the direction of your device to get to the exact location and you can lock your device immediately before you get to the location.

What do you do when your iPhone, iPod or iPad is stolen? The first thing you should do is open 'find my app' on another device that you own or you can borrow from someone and sign into your account. To go further there are two ways you can find your device. Let's take a look.

Use another Apple device

If any of your devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod went missing you can locate your phone by using another device. It would be easy if you own another apple device or you can borrow your friend's device.

This app is already available in any Apple device which is running on iOS, iPad OS or Mac OS. If you can't find this stock app in your device head to spotlight to search for the function.

Once you open the find my app. Head to 'Device' option which will show all the apple devices that are linked to your apple ID.

Use the iCloud website

What do you do when you don't have another Apple device around to access 'Find my' app? In this case you can access the iCloud site using any other non Apple device. You can borrow anyone else's phone to do this but please make sure you sign out from your iCloud account after you are done for security purposes.

Once you have another device you can go to the web browser and sign into using the Apple ID. Next to view all your connected devices, tap the 'Find iPhone' button. Follow the same even if you are using the web version on a computer. This is how you find out the location of your stolen or lost iPhone device.

View last known location

After you open Find my' app you can log onto the Apple ID account. Next the app will show you a map with all the location of your devices. All the devices such as iPhone, iPod, Mac, AirPod etc... will appear on the map pinned if they are connected to your apple ID.

If your lost phone is within a few hundred feets then it is easy to locate as it will show the accurate location. To find the exact location WiFi or Bluetooth signal is used to detect the location of your device.

If you want to search your device but your 'Find my' app displays a black screen then that means your find my app is offline. In this case it will only show the last location when your device was online. Unfortunately you wouldn't be able to find it if your device was turned off by someone or it runs out of battery.
Your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac will be only available in your find my phone if you have already enabled it in the missing device settings. Since Apple has my device option already enabled you won't have an issue until by mistake you signed out of your apple ID from your device for some reason.

You cannot use find my iPhone to locate your device if you have not enabled it in the setting. If it is turned off you won't be able to find your device at all and also it won't even show that the device is offline.

Get a notification when offline device turns up

Have you lost your phone and you are unable to locate it as it is offline? If this is the case you can get the location of your lost iPhone, iPod or iPad by suggesting the find my device to notify you when your device is turned on, if it is connected by any WiFi from nearby or if your Bluetooth is turned on.

To get the notification you have to head to find my app and select your device which is appearing offline. Next you have to scroll down which will show more options and under the 'Notifications' you have to tap 'Notify when found'.

This feature will locate your device by sending you a notification of the location when your device is turned on or online and also you will get an email from Apple which will let you know where your device is.

Get direction to missing or lost device

Finding your iPhone, iPod or iPads location gets easy if your device is online. You simply have to go to find my app and get the directions.

To get this setting enabled you have to open your find my device app and then click the 'Direction'. This will allow you to find my app to open your map and direct it to your phone's location from your current location. Make sure you don't try to recover your device if your iPhone, iPad or iPod is stolen by someone. If you knew it was stolen then call the police immediately and switch on the lost mode. Now you can tell the police where your device is located.

Play a sound to find the device

Find my phone can precisely locate your phone if it was misplaced somewhere in your office, home or super market but if your device is under the couch or somewhere underneath your cloth pile it would get a little hard to get the exact location of your device as my app finds it hard to detect indefinite location of your missing device. This makes it a bit hard to get to your device.

To find your device such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch easily you can use a noise alert. So a loud alert will notify you when your device is somewhere nearby which is making it favorable.

To enable sound, go to find my app and select 'Play sound'. Enable this option so if the device is misplaced you will get the sound and the sound will be increased little by little until you get to the phone and turn it off yourself.

Enable lost mode if you can't find the lost device

Sometimes it gets harder to locate your iPhone, iPad, or iPod instantly so it's better you enable this feature called 'Lost mode'.

There's so many advantages of using lost mode. Lost mode right away blocks apple pay before someone attempts to use it and blocks your device. In case you don't have a password in your device then lost mode allows you to set a password immediately. One interesting feature is that this app allows you to display a message on your lost device. You can send a message which can convey a message saying that this phone belongs to you so if anyone has it with them they can hand it over to your. This message will show on your screen.

Do you know that if you have the lost mode enabled in your device then it's so secure that no one will be able to access your device as they wouldn't know your password.

If you want to enable this feature then you have to head to 'Find my' then to show more information you have to swipe it up. Now you will find an option called 'Lost mode', tap 'Activate' in this section.

Now you have the privilege of creating a password and type a message which will show on the screen. Now the person who finds your iPhone can read the message.

This allows you to keep your data safe but doesn't delete anything from your device also even if you recover your device you don't have to worry about losing your data. You can disable lost mode using your password which is very safe.

Only erase your device if you can't find it

If you are unable to find your device then there's this option where you can delete all your data completely. Using find my app you can erase all the data from your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Please make sure you use this option only if you are certain that you will not get your iPhone back.

One thing that you should know is that once you clear your iPhone data you cannot track your device location anymore. The advantage of using this mode is that no one can open your device because it is protected with activation lock with your apple ID. Note that you will never be able to get your iPhone since you can't find my app to locate your device.

Always be cautious before using this mode as you know your device is never recoverable again.

Things to do if your iPhone is lost or stolen

One of the convenient way to find the location of your iPhone, iPod or iPad is by using 'Find my' app. There are also so many other options and tools you use to find your lost device.

The first thing you should be doing if you lost your iPhone is to check your Google timeline or you can also ask your friend to ring your phone so that you can detect your phone by the ringing tone. When nothing works then you can try the 'Find my app' which is so handy. Above we looked at all the ways to locate your devices. Make sure you have enabled all these options in your device. You can try these tips to get your Apple device back.

How to Personalize Photo Filters and Effects in Android

We are all so obliged to the social media and are always into it with different ideas to make a change and build up the platform to create new trends and hypes. The Instagram and Facebook addictions are not something that everyone would understand but the ones who are into it will always try to find new contents and post photos that looks professional and awesome.

That is where photo editing apps came out as a highlighter to all the photos that we post online. And that is what we are going to talk about today too, a one stop photo editor that anyone can easily use with no hassles. We all know there are plenty of photo editing apps available out there and all of them serve different purposes. Some are specialized for filters, some apps are created to do photo collage, some give you the best stickers, emojis and text adding option, a few for 3D effects and this goes on like this.

So in that case, as an instagrammer we would want all of the above mentioned features in our phone as we use them for differ pictures at different times. So the only option we have is to download as many apps that we want which contains the needed features in it. But actually, doing so will definitely catch up a lot of your phone internal storage, which doesn’t sound as a good factor. In that case we prefer if we had a one stop photo editor app which would contain all the needed features in it. Literally something like a retouch app for instant transformation of your picture with loads of filters, effects and everything in it. If you have such an app, you will be able to create quick professional style images and picture collages within minutes. Well, not to worry as I have a specialized app which is more like an easy to use digital studio full of features filled in to edit pictures directly using your Android smartphone.

If you are wondering what it is, then let me tell you. It is non other than the 'Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo Editor Collage Maker'. Yes, using this app you can create unlimited photographs which provides a full spectrum of photo filters, tools, effects and so much more. You can enhance color photo effects and also personalize your pictures with collage maker and put your memories into one frame. Not only that you will also be able to edit your pictures with just a touch and make quick fixes. All your selfies can turn out to be brighter and better now with Adobe. If you want to know a little more about the best features, then let me explain it in brief. 

First let’s talk about the perspective correction which corrects your crooked or wrongly angled pictures. Along with that you can also remove noise by smoothing out the graininess, reduce color noise, sharpen details and make the best out of your photo. You will also be able to apply radial blur to blend out and blur the background, which will help shift the focus to the object you prefer. If you want to spice up your photos a little more, you can easily customize them with stickers, texts and add memes and captions using the wide array of fonts and layouts that are available. It also comes with boarders, frames and stamp creations with custom watermark.

The best part of the app is that you can choose from hundreds of filters, looks and effects. The users can spot healings and automatically adjust the contrast, exposure and so much more. Not only that you can directly share and import pictures using this app. Sounds like one of the best all in one app out there right? There are plenty more features to explore that I haven’t mentioned here. So to explore them all let us first see how to get the app started.

Personalize a Picture with Filter and Effects

You have to get the app named 'Adobe Photoshop Express' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to personalize your picture with styles, effects, filters and color adjustment along with other advanced editing tools.
Firstly launch the app in your device and it takes you to phone gallery where you can select a picture to personalize it.

Now the picture will be loaded in the app with all the photo editing tools. Firstly click on the 'Effects' tab from menu and choose any effect that you want.

Then if you wish to crop the photo or you want to rotate the photo, you can use 'crop' tool from main menu which makes your work easy.

Beside the crop tool in the main menu, the color correction tool is available. You can make the color correction changes, split tone, blur tools from here.

Adobe photoshop express' 'Text' tools comes with many styles, fonts, colors and alignments which helps you to add unique texts or verse in your personalized picture.

Next click on 'Sticker' tab from main menu and you can find large number of stickers category wise such as love, decorate, party, adventure etc..

Once you finish the editing process, click on the 'Next' button which is located at top of the app interface to save the picture to phone. You can either save it directly to phone gallery or cloud storage as well.

That’s it, these are the basic methods of personalizing a picture using 'Adobe photoshop express' application. Now you can harness the features of the app and create a magical piece of art using your photographs. So you can download this app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

Photo editing has never been this easy before. You doesn’t have to know photoshop to get your best picture edited to look like a professional one as you have got a one stop app with all the best and quality features included in it. Quickly fix your pictures and make your share worthy photos shine like never before.

Google Playstore Errors/ Problems and Solutions

Are there any problems with your Google playstore? Is it not loading, responding or not downloading any apps? If you have this persisting problem, you can reinstall the app or check for other ways to fix the errors. Let's take a look.

Google play store doesn't work sometimes when the app crashes. When this happens it stops responding and shows an error code. These codes can be found on the internet which will be very helpful but most of the time it isn't needed. Let's take a look at 5 basic tips on how to fix this play store problems.

Fixing Google play store problems

Play store errors can be repaired using the five fixes given below. To fix the errors try the first solution given, if it doesn't work try the next. You don't have to try all the fixes if the first one works then that's all you need.

First quit the app and clear all the cache and data. Check if it works. If it doesn't go to the next point.

If you are using a data connection turn it off and use a WiFi connection.

In the play store uninstall the app updates then again update it.

Google account should be refreshed.

Have you registered your account in Google? If not, do it now.

The above methods would fix most of the persisting problems you face with your play store. Have you tried all the fixes but still it doesn't work? Let's take a look at why these common error codes occur in case we can't resolve this issue.

Modifying the device causes Google play store errors

Are you using a rooted device or a device which functions on a custom ROM? If so this procedure changes the system files of your Android which result in extra other files to detect. This can clearly stop the play store from working properly.

This is one of the reasons why you shouldn't be installing custom ROM or backup using a custom recovery as they will put a stop to your play store from working fine. If you want to restore apps with data use 'Titanium backup' app  or something similar. This is very much advisable.

There are also many reasons to have a custom ROM in your device but unfortunately this would interfere with some of the features in your device. Troubleshooting becomes necessary when something goes wrong with your device. As your device goes through some errors once in a while, troubleshooting needs to be working fine with great effort which is not the case in an unmodified device.

Wipe app cache and data

While you are clearing the play store you should also do the same with all the Google play services and Google service configurations as Google play store depends on other functions that are running in the background silently. In the beginning it's better to look closely at the updating Google play services as it can interfere too. And you might also possibly want to delete the data from the download manager.

Once you do both the above said methods after clearing the data, you have to restart your phone to reinstall and update the play store again. You might want to enter your logging details once more. Let's take a look at the step by step guide below.

Please note that the steps might vary from device to devices as of which Android phone you are using.

Head to 'Settings ' then tap the 'Apps' where you will find the tab for 'All'. If your device is an Android 9 pie follow 'Apps & notifications > see all X apps'.

Then hit 'Google play store'. Tap 'Force stop'. This will close all the processing apps. Next tap 'Storage' this will show you more options.

On the screen you will find 'Clear cache', tap it. This will remove all unwanted temp data in your device which will resolve the issue.

If the problem still persists then you can also try 'Clear data'. Clearing the data will also help but the apps will be reset to it's usual state as it was in the beginning so you will have to look back again to configure the preferences once more.

Now that you have done the above methods, but are you still having issues with the Google play store? Then you have to do the same method as above with Google services framework, Google play services and download manager. To see the two recent entries tap the three dots menu at the top right of the 'All app' screen and you will find 'Show system' you have to toggle it.

Now you know what to do when you get an error message which says "Unfortunately Google play service has stopped".

Switch to WiFi

Sometimes your mobile data wouldn't be reliable. Many apps won't get installed if you are using an untrustworthy internet connection. So it's better to switch to WiFi from mobile data.
Here's how you switch to WiFi from data. To find the quick settings, drag down your screen with swiping your finger downward from top. To open the WiFi setting press and hold the WiFi icon. Once you do press and hold it will show all the available WiFi networks. You can choose a suitable network that works. If you don't find a suitable one you can get back home to use the home WiFi.

Sometimes the problem would be the other way around where you have trouble installing an app using your WiFi connection. In this case switch your WiFi to data and try to install it over the data network. Now did it work? If it did then you might have an issue with your WiFi network which needs to be diagnosed.

Are you using a VPN? If you are using one it's advisable to turn it off so it won't interfere with your play store downloads.

Uninstall playstore app and reinstall again

You can uninstall and reinstall playstore app one more time on a rooted device. Do you know that you can also do the same on a device which is not rooted. You can try the below to resolve the problem.

Let's move to the settings. First head to 'Settings > App & notifications > See all X apps'. Now you will get a list. From the list tap 'Google play store',  on that page you will see the three dots menu. Tap the three dots menu and choose 'Install updates'. Doing this will help the play store to go back to its former version.

After you are done with the above settings, now let's move on to see how you can update to the newest version of the play store.

Launch play store and you will see a left side out menu setting. Now scroll down and click the play store version. After clicking you can check for updates.

Refresh Google account

Removing and adding back your Google account is called refreshing. Doing this is not so hard. Be mindful because you might loose all your messages, contacts, photos etc.. from your device because this will remove your data from your device which is synced with your Google account.

Move on to 'Settings > Accounts'. Now tap the specific Google app which is making the issue. If there are more than one app which is making problems then you can remove all of them. If you have a device which runs on Android pie then you can hit 'Remove account' to clear it. Incase you have the older version then click the three dots menu button and tap 'Remove account'.

Now it's time for you to add your account back from the account menu. It would be much better to restart your device after adding back your account.

Register the device with Google

Do you know that there are phones and tablets which have no name since they haven't made the licensing fees for the Android operating system. These no name devices were clamped down in 2018. In most of these devices Google entirely quit play store from functioning. In few of the devices Google branded apps like Gmail or Google map won't be available.

You can detect an unlicensed device easily. It will be showing an alert error code 501 or giving a warning signal. In some instances you won't be detecting a warning or any error signs. Luckily now Google permits unlicensed devices access to play stores but the tricky part is, the device needs to get registered with Google. Let's take a look at this easy process.

Register your Android device with Google

To easily access your device information you have to download the app 'Device ID' and install it. If the play store is not accessible you have to use any other third party app stores. After installation is done, you have to get the Google service frame number by copying it.

As you have already copied the number, it will be saved on your clipboard. Now go to Google's service registration site. Next step you have to log into your Google account. After logging in, long press the text inbox box for Google services framework Android ID. In the text box paste the code that you copied earlier. Finally tap the 'Register' button.

As you are done you have to restart the device. Then your device will start rebooting. After reboot you will be able to download apps again as normally or update your Google play store.

Google play store error codes and fixes

Here we will look at some other play store errors. One interesting fact is that once one XDA user collected a huge list of play store error codes which had approximately 20 similar problems. Most of the issues could be fixed using the above mentioned clear cache or other methods. But few of them don't have to adhere to this rule.

These exceptions are:

Error 498: If you get this error message it means your device cache is full. Using your phone's recovery mode clear out the cache partitions.

Error 919: 'Free up space on your device' to continue. This error will give you the warning that your phone storage is almost full.

Error 403: In case if you have opened two Google accounts in one device. You should be removing one account which you think is not necessary and keep the one you need the most.

Error 927: You don't have to troubleshoot an issue if the play store is already updating. So in this case you have to stay patient for sometime until it gets updated.

Error 101: If you have too many apps installed you will have to remove some unnecessary apps that you no longer use.

Error 919: Reconfiguring your device and receiving the correct APN settings is necessary in this case as your access point name settings are not accurate.

App to diagnose play store issues

'Error code & fixes' app is one of the great resources to fix app issues. This sort out the Android error codes which incorporates the knowledge of AndroidPIT's users and editors. This app comes with both Android error code and play store error code which is made as a reference utility. By inputting the code you will see that the app display fixes potentially.

Resolving Google play store issues

You should first find the basic troubleshoot fixes like clearing the cache and data. It won't be possible to fix the play store problem if you don't fix the above.

In case if you relocate to another place you will come across certain play store problems like blocked apps. To curb this issue first you have to update the country/region setting Google play store which will resolve the issue.

How to Edit a Photo with Cinemagraphs Animations in Android

Beautiful memories are always cherished by all of us and that is why photographs are considered as something worth it. Today unlike the past, we are able to capture as much photos as we want using the latest technologies. We doesn’t have to always carry a camera, a simple smartphone is all that we need. Along with the evolution of smartphone we are coming across plenty of advantages.

Smartphones are slim and light in weight and the best advantage is that we can click a picture and if we don’t like how it is captured then without any fuss we can delete it off and take another one. That is how simple technology has turned things into. Now we are above to see how using our smartphones we can turn our simple pictures into an extraordinary one.

When I say turn your pictures into a better one, you might think that there are plenty of photo editing apps out there so what’s special. Well, the one I am going to introduce to you all is not just some simple photo editing app with filters and stickers but some awesome tricks to create cinemagraphs. If you are wondering what it is, let me explain, you can engage some animations and create stories that would share a life time memory. It will look more like a live photo or gifs. You can harness the power of the new flow and stretch animators to create motion pictures like you have never done before. So with these tricks you can make a new trend in the social media like Instagram and Facebook. Not only that you can also have a live moving wallpaper of your own or with your loved ones.

This features are now easily available and you doesn’t have to be a photo editing professional or an expert, just with the right app in the hand anyone can have an amazing outcome. So without delay let me tell you the name of the app and it is 'Vimage- Cinemagraph Animator And Live Photo Editor'. Along with the ability to create a cinemagraph animation using your pictures, there are also many other amazing features that can be combined and mixed into the process of animation and get the best outcome of the edit using this app. The app also contains the new 3D camera feature which creates a parallax illusion. Along with that you can also custom sounds to your creations. You can add in any sounds either nature or any music, its all up to you. If these aren’t enough and you want a story telling mood in your animation then you can simply add in texts in between or at the beginning. You know what’s the best part among them all? Well it is the ability to add in more than 10 different fully customizable filters, presets, fx, vfx or any overlays onto a single photo. Sounds amazingly great isn’t it?

You can now step forward with your photographs and make a huge change in your Instagram grid by getting likes over likes and shares. Your friends will love how your picture speaks a thousand words by bringing out the live memories through it. Your motion pictures will be an eye catching one with all the overlays that include blur, preset, brightness and contrast in the slideshows and you can even use it for your marketing contents which would turn out to be a real success with all the reach that it brings. Are you eager enough to get the app and get started now? Then why waste time, let us move ahead and take a look at how to setup the app in brief.

Add Cinemagraphs Animation in a Photo

You have to get the app named 'Vimage' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us now move on to know how to create cinemagraph animation using your pictures and add some unique filters and effects.
Firstly launch the app in your device and choose the existing photo from phone gallary to edit. Make sure to select the photo size before beginning the editing process.

Now click on the option 'Background' from the menu bar and select 'Adjustment' to modify the brightness, contrast, blur, etc.. of the picture.

From the 'Flow' tab in the main menu, you can find the powerful tools like freeze, erase, speed which will helps you to create some amazing outputs.

Then select 'Stretch' tool and here you can find 'Smart brush' tool which makes your work easy when marking the object for editing purpose.

If you wish to add some text in the picture, swipe the main menu and select 'Text' tool. You can adjust fonts, align, line space and color when adding texts.

Next click on 'Filter' tab and choose the filter that your picture wants. When adding filter, make sure to adjust the opacity to fit in the picture.

Once you finish the editing process, click on 'Export' button from top right corner to save the picture in your Android device.

That’s it, now you can start breathing in life to all your lovely pictures and create a pile of live memories out of them for lifetime. So you can download the 'Vimage' app directly from the Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

Exploit the use of photographs to make them a long lasting memory with all the motions that can be inserted in it. Become an artist of your own self by making the best out of your ordinary pictures into an extraordinary live photo. It is free to use and is user friendly, so you doesn’t have to worry about or spend hours in it. Your live pictures and gifs are now just a few minutes away.

How to Remove Virus from Android Without Factory Reset

Is it possible to clean your phone from a virus without a factory reset? Let's take a look at how to remove viruses from your device. We think that desktops are the only devices that catch a virus but that's completely false as our phones can pick up malware too although it's not a common occurrence.

When your phone is attacked by a virus you have to do a factory reset on your phone but doing that would erase all your important data. If you haven't backed up your device then all the photos, messages, games and other data will be lost forever. So keep in mind that doing a factory reset should be the very last option.

Let's find out how to get rid of the virus on your phone without doing a factory reset. Here's how.

Does your Android phone have any virus?

A virus in your phone can be malleable unlike what people think of it. If you can't download apps from Google playstore or if your phone crashes every time you start it up, these activities are not caused by a virus. So you don't have to worry. You have to check out for the common Android issues. If you still couldn't find a fix then check out the below question.

Did this happen to your phone after downloading a certain app?

Did you download any app from third-party sites other than the playstore?

When you are browsing did you by mistake tap on to any ads that downloaded a file or app to your device?

Do you come across this problem when you run a certain app?

If you find any of the above questions right then there are chances that your phone system is attacked by malware. Fortunately you can curb this issue without having to do a factory reset on your device.

How to keep Android phone safe from viruses

Have you come across an app called Google play protect in your device? It is an Android built-in security system which helps you scan the apps on your device to detect any dangerous viruses. Play protect always looks through all the apps that you download no matter from where you install them. Now you know that your Android device is already coming with an antivirus that's built into the device.

You don't have to fret about picking up a virus if you are installing apps directly from the Google playstore as the chances are very less. some can slip through after a scan but it's very rare to pick-up a virus from the play store because all the added playstore apps are scanned for any maleficent apps and removes the malefactor.

However installing from other sites is entirely a different story. Malware picks up quickly when you download apps from random websites such as cracked apps (paid apps given for free on offer illegally). You have to trust the location you download the app from if you sideload the apps from unknown sites.

Keep in mind that not all the apps you download from the Google playstore are useful. You have to be careful from many free apps as they can steal your data by abusing the permission that you give and also some scam apps will take your money and leave you with nothing. But these are not Android virus related issues so let's put it aside.

A little bit of common sense is needed to help you from Android virus. You have to be cautious while allowing permissions from the apps. You shouldn't download anything from shady apps and be mindful of tapping on ads.

Cleaning apps to remove virus from Android

There are many virus removing apps available in the playstore but most of them are delayed because they want you to pay an amount for the features that are not needed. There are also apps that are worth it. Let's take a look at them below.

It's a good idea to download one of the apps given below and do a scan if you suspect your phone is being attacked by a malware. We hope you got what we said about using the common sense above, so you don't need to keep the app around when you are done scanning.


Malwarebytes is one of the trusted desktop security systems. Do you know that Malwarebytes is also available as an Android app.

This app has a free version which allows you to scan your device for malware and if any threats are available then it will remove it instantly. This app doesn't have any ads and also keeps track of what each app has in access.

This app has a premium version for $12 a month. It has real time detection and some other features in the premium version that is not necessary. This is one of the best apps to scan viruses and removes apps that aren't necessary in your Android device.

Bitdefender Antivirus

This lightweight app is another well-grounded virus removal app. This app doesn't annoy you with extra features and obtains cloud scanning so it doesn't have much impact on your device.

This is a good and quick Android virus scanning app. This app contains ads so if you wish you can upgrade for the premium version but you can simply ignore them.

Avoid these Android antivirus apps

You can consider the two Android virus apps that we mentioned above but all the other apps are useless. Even the ones that are offered by major companies like Norton, Avast, Avira and other similar apps. These apps are very heavy on your system as they are loaded with all the unwanted stuff.
It's pointless to have those packs such as RAM boosters and clearing tools in an antivirus because most of the features in them are already built in your device. Google find my phone option will help you locate your device and also the Google chrome will stop and block all unwanted, suspicious websites. You can manage all app permissions on your own.

There are certain companies which allow you to download these apps for free and then nag you to upgrade for the premium version. These premium versions contain features that you really don't need. It's not necessary to pay for an antivirus in your Android.

Remove malware manually using Android safe mode

The features in your Android device should hopefully find and remove the malware. In case if it doesn't do this for you then you have to do it manually step by step.

Android has a safe mode similar to Windows. You have to utilize it if your system contains any virus. Running third-party apps will be disabled by the safe mode loading the OS. This helps you to remove those apps which cause problems safely.

Booting your phone normally is essential if you are entering into safe mode:

Till you see the power menu you have to press and hold the power button.

To 'Reboot to safe mode' tap and hold the 'Power off' button.

Next click 'Ok'.

Now you have to wait until your phone is reboot. You will see a 'Safe mode' watermark in the bottom left corner.

In case if you phone doesn't boot normally because of a malfunction then try the below steps to power off phone to safe mode:

First you have to press and hold the power, volume up and volume down buttons.

Let go of the 'Power' while you see the phone's logo appear on the screen but you have to keep holding the power button.

When your device boots up you will come across a safe mode watermark in the bottom left.

These steps wouldn't work for every device as the hardware manufacture differs. If both the tricks didn't work then you will have to find the specific steps for your device in Google search.

After entering the safe mode. Head to 'Settings > Apps > Downloaded'. If you are using Android Oreo or the newer version then move to 'Settings > App & notifications > See all X apps'.

Now you can go through the list of your apps and detect if there's any harmful apps. Sometimes it gets hard to find out but you can go back to when the problem started on your device so you can remove the apps you downloaded at that specific time. You can also check if there are any apps that you didn't download appear in the list so that you can remove them.

Let's see how to uninstall an app. In the list you have to tap the name of the app and go to the info page. Here you will have to tap 'Uninstall'. If the app was removable then you can perform a normal reboot so that the virus will be demolished.

If the uninstalling was not successful then the virus has access to device administrator. Here's how you remove it if you couldn't uninstall it:

Head to 'Settings > Security > Device > Administrators (in Oreos not new med version settings > Security & location > Device admin apps).

Tap the check box while locating the app.

When promoted click 'Deactivate'.

Head back to the list of apps now and uninstall it by following this method.

Android phone virus aftermath: Cleaning up

Cleaning up your device is necessary after you have uninstalled those malicious apps. To make sure your device is working, you have to clear the cache, clear the history, clean up the startup process and the basic steps.

But it's very unfortunate as Android cleaning apps are just annoying junks and ads. You can follow certain guides from the internet to get the guide for cleaning your device. To remove unwanted files from your device with ease download the app called Ccleaner. This is a one tap solution to clean up your apps.

If you haven't backed up your data then it's time for you to do it after you have already cleaned up your phone. If you do it then you won't have to worry if you get this issue again in the future because you can recover quickly.

Last attempt to remove virus from Android device

If your device is going through the worst malware dysfunction and none of the above methods work then you will have to fix the issue by factory resetting your device. So as you know if you reset your device you will lose all your important data but why not do it if it is compromising your device. It's best to factory reset your phone if your phone is attacked by a special type of malware called stalkerware which is very difficult to detect.

There can also be a problem in your OS or hardware if your problem is in the safe mode. You would have either knowingly granted permission for the malicious apps or you have installed a malware app previously.

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