How to Choose Best Car Insurance

Having a vehicle of your own is something very special today. Specially if it is a car, choosing a best car insurance is must. Don't worry I'm here to guide you how to pick the premium car insurance considering the top companies, policies, types of insurance coverage, claims, benefits and many more.

As we know a car makes things much convenient and comfortable. You can travel in peace and maintain yourself in the society as a well off person. It is not only about the status but also about the necessity of owning a car.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if ever you loose your most precious asset: car? What if you meet with an unexpected accident or an untimely incident such as flood hit up? It can be disastrous and unfortunate but such situations are unpredictable and out of our hand. What happens is we end up being ruined with no car. The best thing to be safe at any moment is to have a backup plan and that is to get a car insurance.

A car insurance which is an insurance policy which will cover up your finances when the vehicle is met up with some damages, theft, any harms caused to the vehicle or even the third party liability. That is the motor insurance which is one of the essentials every vehicle should have and in India if you drive without a motor insurance you can be charged penalties. Therefore you have to have an insurance but what’s the point in having a normal insurance that doesn’t coverup in most places? So you have to choose the best and premium insurance policy that fits you and your car.

Factors to consider when choosing a car insurance

Market Research

It is indeed a challenging factor to find and select the best car insurance for your car as there are plenty of them with so many options and thereby it can be confusing. You have to analyze carefully with the insurers and get a thorough understanding. You also have to make sure that the auto insurance offer an inclusive coverage with a reasonable amount.

Choose a reputable insurer with a better claim settlement ratio and also with an comprehensive network of garages. Thereby you will be able to get hold of the cashless claim facility

Fuel to be used

If your car is a diesel engine then it is also better to go for a premium car insurance. Because the diesel vehicles are expensive and their IDV costs more too when compared to the other like gasoline or compressed natural gas engines.

Types of coverages

The car insurance worth will be decided by the coverage you select. If you select low priced policy then the coverage will definitely be impacted.

Third party insurance

As for the law of the Indian Road Safety Act and the Indian Motor Vehicle Act choosing a third party insurance is essential. That is why it is important to get a third party insurance before you start driving your car anywhere. What normally happens is the car dealers would add the cost of the third party insurance to the price of the car and provide it to the buyers.

Estimation and quotes

Do not go an accept a single estimate that provides a great deal with a premium and matching benefits. It is always better to get quotes from at-least 3 trustworthy business companies.

Benefits of having a car insurance

1. With a right car insurance the owner will be able to cover the financial expenses when the car meets with an accident , in case of a theft or damages caused by any natural disasters, riots, fire or any such unpredictable occurrences.

2. Car insurance will also offer the required coverage for an unexpected injury, death or even damages caused for property. This will benefit the survivors after an accident that caused any deaths.

3. It would also cover the financial liability of law suits which includes any legal fee that is issued to you due an accident caused.

4. The best benefit of having a car insurance is having no claim bonus. The car owner will be able to benefit this every year without a claim. This can also be a discount on the premium and it will lower the insurance cost further.

5. If you drive without an insurance policy you will be charged as it is illegal. So it is a must to have an insurance policy to avoid from getting penalty. Always obey the rules.

Important factors that can affect the premium of a car insurance

1. Type of car - The premium would be influenced by the make year of the car, model and engine capacity.

2. Age of the car - normally older cars have a lower premium when compared to the new cars.

3. Insured Declared Value or IDV - This is the current market value of the car, if your car have a higher IDV then it will draw a higher premium.

4. Geographical location - In India the car insurance premium will differ from city city depending on the average amount of thefts, accidents and natural disasters.

5. Driving history - A driver with a good driving record will have a much lower premium when comparing to a driver who have faced accidents and such.

6. No-claim bonus - Accumulated over time, no claim bonus will result in a lower premium for the policy holders.

7. Coverage- Comprehensive policy that have a higher coverage will also have a high premium when compared to third party car insurance.

8. Add-ons - Another factor that can increase the higher premiums is the additional coverage like the passenger cover, zero depreciation and etc.

We saw how a complete car insurance can cover up the medical cost, property damages and third party liability. This will save you from any losses that can result in untimely accidents or any other damages. It is very important to have a car insurance policy to your car.

Best Apps to Watch Live TV on Mobile

We are all obsessed with watching tv today to the amount where we don't want to miss watching any tv shows or tv series. That is why today I have come up with some premium android apps such as JioTV, YuppTV, NexGTv, Hotstar, Hulu, Airtel Xstream and SonyLiv that allows you to watch tv from your mobile phone from anywhere.

As we all know tv is something that is fixed onto a spot and cannot be moved as easily as we want. If we want to watch a tv program we have to go to the room where the tv is and we cannot bring the tv to the place where we are. That is why we miss a lot of programs that we wish to watch. If you are also worried of missing you favorite shows or programs, then no worries as there is a great solution for that very problem. Now you can see tv from your smartphone itself. Yes, you heard it right. Tv in your smartphone.

Well, there are many advantages of being able to watch television from your smartphone. One of them is not needing to miss any programs, as you can watch any programs from anywhere you want. You doesn’t have to walk into a particular place and wait for the tv programs to start.

The procedure to watch tv in your smartphone with the help of the internet connection is simple and easy to get it done. There are many apps that would bring forth the said task but to get a better connection you have to find the right app. So today I will mention a few apps that can be used without any problems. So come let is check on them.

Best Android Apps for Live TV on Mobile

Jio TV- Are you a Jio user from India? Well, here is a good news for all of you. This Jio Tv app is certainly the best app made for all of you to catch up on all your favorite tv programs and shows whenever you want. You have to have an internet connection to your phone and yah, that is all that is needed in your smartphone. From movies to web series and tele dramas to sports, all of them can be seen easily.

There are some other advantages that can be used in this apps such as listening to your favorite music and tunes, playing exciting games, connecting to some spiritual programs, exploring on-demand movies nonstop and so much more. The best part is that there is a feature of 7 days catch up option, where you will never have to worry about missing any programs as you can re-watch them when you have the time to. Pause and play feature is available to use too.

An option named ‘Featured’ is available in the app to save in popular shows and programs to watch later. Along with that there is a news tab to check on to all the daily updates quickly. The option of adding your most viewed or favorite channels to the ‘Favorites’ tab and one tap for sports tab are some most needed options.

Not just that but you can also record your favorite shows and rewind or forward for 30 seconds too. You can also watch all your favorite tv programs in a high quality resolution using your smartphone.

Hotstar- You all would have already heard the name Hotstar, as it is one of the popular tv program app available today. You can catch onto all your favorite shows, sports and movies using this very app. This app comes with different Indian languages with various categories of video contents. One of the best thing about this app is that it provides unlimited access to 100,000 hours of tv shows, it’s not only limited to India but from across the world, yes you can get access to internet programs too. You can watch all the Star India Tv shows and major sporting events too.

Another great news is that all the world’s best stories from Disney, Starwars, Pixar and marvel studios are brought to you by the one and only Hotstar app. As this is exclusively for Indian users, you get a dubbed version of the stories and movies in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu too.

Airtel Xstream- You can use this Airtel Xstream app to turn your smartphone into a mini tv. There are plenty of tv channels available in this app and is streamed in a good quality too. The best is it comes with more than 10000 movies and series from all the languages. It is a bundle of entertainment for the users. All you have to do is select the accurate tab and choose the movie that you want to watch, simple as that. Tv programs can be tuned in within a few seconds too. It's one of a hassle free app to use.

SonyLiv app - This is another alternative app that can be used to watch tv in your smartphone. A simple app with so many amazing features in it. This app comes with all the tv shows, programs and tv channels of Sony Entertainment Network. The best part is you can watch all the tv shows and videos on offline mode too.

A plus point here is that this app also brings for you most of the leading web series and tele dramas. So you can now watch all the interesting movies, sports and entertainments easily.

So that’s it, now we have checked on a few apps that will allow you to watch tv from your smartphone using just an internet connection from anywhere at anytime. All these apps works great and helps you turn your smartphone into a portable mini tv. You can get all the above mentioned apps directly from Google playstore and Apple's App store to your smartphones.

So now catching up with your favorite tv shows are easy and fun. No hassle at all. Your smartphone and the right app will get you covered. You can select the best app that you think is the right one for you and enjoy watching television programs straight away from your smartphone.

Best Insurance Apps in India

Health is something that is very important to all of us. We consider being healthy as much as possible but with so many viruses and illnesses around us it has become very difficult. So the best way to keep us and our loved ones safe and sound is by having a best Health Insurance.

Not only that but in most of our daily life it is better to have an insurance for a safety. In India we have many insurances and we have to only find the right one for us.

Types of Insurance Apps in India

There are many types of insurance that is available in our country. Some of them are the 
Health insurance
Car insurance
Travel insurance
Other Property insurance and more. 

Having an insurance can be helpful in difficult times. Thereby we have to choose the right and the best insurance that will benefit us. There are plenty of rule and facts that we should consider before getting an insurance. There are many apps that can help you find a insurance plan that would fit for you. So today I am going to guide you to choose the right one.

Brief look at the Best Insurance Apps in India

Through an insurance app, the users can purchase, manage and track their insurance policies via the mobile app. They provide some features such as the ability to compare the quotes, buy policies, file claims and also make payments.

Benefits of the insurance app

Having an insurance app contains many benefits and one of them is the possibility to conveniently purchase and manage the insurance policy. Another benefit is that these insurance apps provide cash back offers and discounts when premium payments are made through the app.

Along with that some of the insurance apps allows the users to file claims or track the policy details that can be a great help for the policy holders.

Best insurance apps in India

1. Bajaj Allianz life- This is one of the leading Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd in India which have got a string focus on providing best customer service. The company have made an inclusive insurance app that provides features such as policy management, premium payments, claim settlements and much more. The app can be downloaded in both Android and iOS devices.

2. HDFC ERGO General insurance company- HDFC ERGO is another alternative app that is among the leading companies in the Indian Insurance company. It offers a huge range of products and services. This app too provides policy management, claim settlements, premium payments and more.

3. Niva Bupa Health Insurance - This Niva Bupa health insurance is a joint ventures between the UK based Max group and India’s Bupa finance plc. This company offers a huge range of health insurance plans and also have a large network of hospitals and clinics around India. This insurance company provides features such as policy management, premium payments, claim settlements , cashless hospitalizations and more

4. ILTakeCare insurance Apps - ICICI Lombard GIC Ltd is one of the largest private sector general insurers in India who are offering a great range of products including health, motors , travel, home, student medical insurance and more.

5. SBI General Insurance - This is one of a joint venture between the State bank of India and Insurance Australia group. They provide insurance products, health insurance, motor insurance, travel, home and more. It also offers features such as policy management, premium payments, claim settlements, cashless hospitalization and more.

6. Reliance self-i - This is a Reliance General Insurance company that provides a wide range of general insurance policy for individuals, businesses and organizations. They have more than 17000 trusted agents to make the delivery fast and easy along with that they also have an online platform for the users to purchase and manage the policies. There company customer service is available 24/7 to guide the customers when needed.

What are the things to consider when choosing an Insurance app?

We should always consider the transparency and the security of the app at the first hand. Find out whether the app provides details on what information it will collect from you and how it will be used.

Also check if they have a privacy policy and an encryption to protect your personal data.

Design and usability

When you choose an insurance app you should also consider the design and the usability which is one of the important fact. Make sure the app is easy to use and navigate. The design should be simple and professional. The app have to provide good user experience by being informative and responsive.

Promotional offers

There are some apps that will provide promotional offers, discounts or rewards for those who purchase certain products using their app. To gain these offers you have to carefully read the provided terms and conditions before making the purchase.

Also don’t forget to consider the customer service option when selecting the insurance app. Find out whether the app provides customer support through email, chat or phone. And find out if they have a FAQ section on their website or do they have an online forum to ask questions or get help from other users.


There are many awesome insurance apps and they provide many features to make it easy for the users to manage their policy and claims. Make sure to check on the transparency and security, design and usability, promotions and customer service when you choose the app.

Which is Best App to Find Unknown Caller - Eyecon or SyncME

The problem of getting continuous calls from unknown numbers is a real problem. Those calls can ruin our minds and bring so much of tension in. The caller might sometime talk nonsense where you will be unable to do nothing. There are also times when you think that someone is trying to pull your legs by pranking you from an unknown number or their new number.

So in such moments all you will want to do is to find out the person and now doing that is pretty easy. I have two best solution that I am going to talk about today, those are 'Eyecon' and 'Sync.ME' apps for your android device. Both these apps does a very good job in finding out the unknown caller by revealing us the id of them. While the eyecon application provides it's users with the unique features of revealing the name along with the picture of the unknown caller by detecting the number in the social media platform such as facebook, it also saves you from spams and scam calls by blocking them automatically.

The best part about this app is that you will be able to check if the person you are going to call is free at the moment or is on another call. So this app is just a click away, where you can at a glance find out the unknown caller using the eyecon app.

At the same time, the Sync.ME app also does the best in finding out the unknown caller with their name and photo using the social media profile. It will identify spam calls and detect robocalls. Just as the eyecon application, this is also one recognized app among its users to find out the unknown caller and get rid of the continuous calls.

As we have two applications in our hands, we can chose any app as per our wish and use it to find out the unknown caller, but if you are confused with what to use, then let me help you find the right one. Let us first have a brief look at how to use both the apps and then it will make you easy to select the best among the two. Why wasting time, lets go check it out.

How to Find Unknown Caller Name And Photo

You have to get the app named 'Eyecon' directly from google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to trace out the unknown person including his picture which they have used in social media account.
Firstly launch the app in your phone and enter your mobile number to register to find unknown callers.

Then start the app in your phone. Go to home tab and click on search bar. Now type the mobile number with the country code that you wants to find out who the caller is.

Wait for a second. Boom..! Now the app will reveal the unknown caller with their name, photo and social media profile links.

So this way you can find the anonymous caller details through eyecon app in easy way. Now let's see how to find the unknown caller using application.

How to Find Unknown Caller Using Sync.Me

You have get the 'Sync.Me' application directly from google playstore to your android device.

Next type your mobile number and sign up with the application to continue.

Then start the app in your phone and go to home screen. There click on search tab and type the mobile number that you wants to find out who it is.

Within few seconds, app will show you the anonymous caller's name, their photo from various social media profiles, email address and much more details.

That's it, this is how you can use app to find the unknown caller details. 

So you can download 'Eyecon' app and 'Sync.ME' app directly from google playstore to your android device from the links given below.

Which App is Best to Find Unknown Callers

As per the features available in both the apps, we can see both the apps are best in their respective duty to find out the unknown caller along with their name and photo. So I suggest you to have both the apps in your android device because in case if any of one app failed to find the unknown caller, you can search them in the other.

I hope this guide might helped you to find the unknown caller with their name and photo.

How to Personalize Photo Filters and Effects in Android

We are all so obliged to the social media and are always into it with different ideas to make a change and build up the platform to create new trends and hypes. The Instagram and Facebook addictions are not something that everyone would understand but the ones who are into it will always try to find new contents and post photos that looks professional and awesome.

That is where photo editing apps came out as a highlighter to all the photos that we post online. And that is what we are going to talk about today too, a one stop photo editor that anyone can easily use with no hassles. We all know there are plenty of photo editing apps available out there and all of them serve different purposes. Some are specialized for filters, some apps are created to do photo collage, some give you the best stickers, emojis and text adding option, a few for 3D effects and this goes on like this.

So in that case, as an instagrammer we would want all of the above mentioned features in our phone as we use them for differ pictures at different times. So the only option we have is to download as many apps that we want which contains the needed features in it. But actually, doing so will definitely catch up a lot of your phone internal storage, which doesn’t sound as a good factor. In that case we prefer if we had a one stop photo editor app which would contain all the needed features in it. Literally something like a retouch app for instant transformation of your picture with loads of filters, effects and everything in it. If you have such an app, you will be able to create quick professional style images and picture collages within minutes. Well, not to worry as I have a specialized app which is more like an easy to use digital studio full of features filled in to edit pictures directly using your Android smartphone.

If you are wondering what it is, then let me tell you. It is non other than the 'Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo Editor Collage Maker'. Yes, using this app you can create unlimited photographs which provides a full spectrum of photo filters, tools, effects and so much more. You can enhance color photo effects and also personalize your pictures with collage maker and put your memories into one frame. Not only that you will also be able to edit your pictures with just a touch and make quick fixes. All your selfies can turn out to be brighter and better now with Adobe. If you want to know a little more about the best features, then let me explain it in brief. 

First let’s talk about the perspective correction which corrects your crooked or wrongly angled pictures. Along with that you can also remove noise by smoothing out the graininess, reduce color noise, sharpen details and make the best out of your photo. You will also be able to apply radial blur to blend out and blur the background, which will help shift the focus to the object you prefer. If you want to spice up your photos a little more, you can easily customize them with stickers, texts and add memes and captions using the wide array of fonts and layouts that are available. It also comes with boarders, frames and stamp creations with custom watermark.

The best part of the app is that you can choose from hundreds of filters, looks and effects. The users can spot healings and automatically adjust the contrast, exposure and so much more. Not only that you can directly share and import pictures using this app. Sounds like one of the best all in one app out there right? There are plenty more features to explore that I haven’t mentioned here. So to explore them all let us first see how to get the app started.

Personalize a Picture with Filter and Effects

You have to get the app named 'Adobe Photoshop Express' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to personalize your picture with styles, effects, filters and color adjustment along with other advanced editing tools.
Firstly launch the app in your device and it takes you to phone gallery where you can select a picture to personalize it.

Now the picture will be loaded in the app with all the photo editing tools. Firstly click on the 'Effects' tab from menu and choose any effect that you want.

Then if you wish to crop the photo or you want to rotate the photo, you can use 'crop' tool from main menu which makes your work easy.

Beside the crop tool in the main menu, the color correction tool is available. You can make the color correction changes, split tone, blur tools from here.

Adobe photoshop express' 'Text' tools comes with many styles, fonts, colors and alignments which helps you to add unique texts or verse in your personalized picture.

Next click on 'Sticker' tab from main menu and you can find large number of stickers category wise such as love, decorate, party, adventure etc..

Once you finish the editing process, click on the 'Next' button which is located at top of the app interface to save the picture to phone. You can either save it directly to phone gallery or cloud storage as well.

That’s it, these are the basic methods of personalizing a picture using 'Adobe photoshop express' application. Now you can harness the features of the app and create a magical piece of art using your photographs. So you can download this app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

Photo editing has never been this easy before. You doesn’t have to know photoshop to get your best picture edited to look like a professional one as you have got a one stop app with all the best and quality features included in it. Quickly fix your pictures and make your share worthy photos shine like never before.

Best Car Insurance Apps in India

techiesm A car insurance which is an insurance policy which will cover up your finances when the vehicle is met up with some damages, theft, any harms caused to the vehicle or even the third party liability. That is the motor insurance which is one of the essentials every vehicle should have and in India if you drive without a motor insurance you can be charged penalties.