How to Monitor a Room Remotely Using Phone Camera

The world is moving faster towards the direction of the technology and so here we see how smart phone has taken over our generation to the next level. With so much to ponder about all what we do in our spare time is use our smart phones everyday. You would all know that there are so many features available in the smartphone and we can literally accomplish all the works that we do in a PC easily using our android smartphone. 

The smartphone can be turned into a camera, calculator, media player and even a playboy to play games. But did you know that you can turn your phone into something that can work like a CCTV camera? This can be done using the applications that is available in the playstore. 

So today I'm going to review a smartphone application which allow us to monitor a phone remotely through a master phone. This might be useful to monitor your home or office location via remotely through the phone when you're far away. For example, say you left your kid in a room and working in a kitchen. You have no clue whats happening in the room and what's your kid doing right now. In such a situation, you can monitor your kid's activity through your phone remotely. Not only that but if you are running a small business and doesn’t want to spend too much on the CCTV set, then you can easily fix up your android and check out at that space through your other phone.

To do all these you will need two smartphones and Trackview application installed in both the smartphone. This situation is like you're monitoring a certain area in CCTV. But here both the camera and monitoring device are smartphones and one phone act as a camera while the other phone as a monitoring device.

And here, features and facilities are not limited like CCTV video monitoring. You can monitor the client phone's current location through GPS as well as you can check the travelling route. Also you can setup motion detection and sound detection for client phone from the master phone. So whenever phone gets moved, you will get alert in your phone, likewise you will get alert when someone speak or any sound detected from client phone's speaker. 

More than this, the app let us to ring client phone remotely through master phone even if the phone is in silent mode. This amazing feature is very useful in a situation where you lose the client phone. So let's see how to use this app and monitor a phone remotely.

How to View Phone Camera Remotely

If you own an iPhone you have to get the app named 'trackview - find my phone' and if you're an android you have to get 'surveillance & security' directly from google playstore.

Let's move on to know how to monitor a room or office place remotely using your mobile camera.
Firstly, launch the app in your phone and enter a name for your device.

And then sign-in to the app with your gmail from your phone.

Now install client app in the phone which you want to monitor and sign-in with the same email id (given in master phone) in client phone.

That's it. Now you will be able to monitor the client phone from your phone when the internet is available in client phone.

As I mentioned above, you can setup motion / sound detection and route tracking by select setting tab of client device.

So you can download this app from its official site as well as directly from app store and google play store with following links.

iPhone - Find my phone
Android - Surveillance & security

This amazing app let you to monitor a specific room or area in your home/office from your mobile with high technology such as motion detection and sound detection and much more.