How to Raise an Alarm When Someone Try to Steal Your Phone

Today as we are living in a modern world, were the smartphone has became an essential thing for everyone. Not a single day do we spare without heading into our smartphones and doing one thing or another, either for a need or just for time pass. We do use smartphone for various purpose, from listening to music to order food. This way technology went to a peak eventually.

Just as how we use our smartphones for various other reasons, we know that in this world the smart devices have turned out to be an essential factor to own. Literally everyone owns a smartphone and use it to make their works easier and better. That is why we have to be careful when we use our phones as now we come across a lot of thefts. It is easy for thieves to slowly steal our phones without our conscious even when we have the phones in our pockets or handbags. Now we have to be very careful about where we keep our phones but is it actually possible to always keep an eye on your phones? Well, it will get quite complicated and it is actually not an easy task to do. Especially when we are out in a public place or public transport, our focus will actually not solely be on our smartphones. 

So that is why in this article I'm going to introduce you a very useful application which can save your valuable smartphone from being stolen. Losing a phone is not only about the device but also about everything that it contains inside it. We save in so many important data along with our personal pictures and videos, thereby it's very important to keep our phones secured. Smartphone security applications have become a must since we hear and do read lots of phone theft stories everyday in the internet. These applications can protect your smartphone from thieves in public places or public transport like train and buses.

We all search for antivirus applications to protect the phone data from being misused by unknowns or in fear of our important personal data being stolen by the hackers. Like how we take measures to save our phones from virus and so on, we should also take a step ahead in protecting our phone from being stolen without our conscious in public or crowded places. 

That is why I would recommend to use the best app to keep your phones protected. The app that I came across with all the needed features included in it is the app named 'Anti Theft Alarm'. It is an Android application available free at Google playstore for all the android operating system devices. This application can be the best security app, if you want to secure your device from theft and unauthorized access.

This application offer you variety of security features by raising an alarm when your phone gets moved from somewhere, when someone try to take your phone from your pocket without your knowledge, if someone remove the phone from the charger and much more. So lets have a detailed look on how to configure this application to secure your phone in a public place from thieves.

How to Protect Your Phone From Thieves

You have to get the app named 'Anti theft alarm' directly from google play store to your android smartphone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to setup your android phone to raise alarm if someone try to steal it.
Firstly, launch the app in your phone and there you will have a list of configuration settings to raise alarm such as motion, charger or proximity.

Once you start the application, it will require you to setup a password for the application. This password is required every time you make changes in app.

Now select any of the following security protection feature as per your requirement. If you are in a public place, select proximity option which raise the alarm when someone pick the phone from your bag or pocket without your knowledge.

Then you have to customize the particular settings as per your requirement. You can set alarm raising time interval, sensitivity gap and much more.

You can setup other settings such as ringtone for alarm, wrong password attempt limit or flash light on/off during alarm by going to settings page.

That's it. You have successfully configured the app to raise alarm when someone try to steal without your knowledge. So you can download this anti theft protection app for your android smartphone or tablet directly from google playstore by Clicking here.

Now you will not have to fear of your phone being stolen in a public or crowded place, you have nothing to worry about even at your own home or working place. The alarm will always keep your phone secured. Hope this guide would be useful for all the android users who wants to protect their phones from thieves.