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Voice Change App for Audio Calls in Android

Living a short life, we all want companions through out our journey in this world. We come passing many people in our life and some stays longer or forever with us such as friends and family. When we are all together with our gang, there are a lot of things that we do. It would be fun hanging out with a group of interesting people with interesting things to do.

When it comes to gatherings and function, all of us comes with a lot of new ideas to have fun, and if you are also someone who is looking for a way to catch up with a hilarious all time awesome fun to take, then you are in the right place for that. You can now try out the pranking game with gang. If there is someone missing among that group and you want to tease them and make fun out of them to see how they are going to react to the prank calls they get from strangers. But wondering how to get that done as they might know your voice and easily find out who the person is even before you start your game. If you are not good at mimic and has no talent at talking like someone else, then no one of you will ever try pranking any of you r friends and will never know the fun. no worries in such cases, even if you or anyone around you don't know to mimic or even wills to try it, you still can do the same prank without any problems and without getting caught.

There is a perfect app that is innovated especially to prank your friends by providing the opportunity to change you voice into a totally different voice. Yes, the app named 'Magiccall' will help you with this. It is a perfect app that contains varieties of voices to select such as male voice, female, baby, robot, cartoon, and kid voice. Where you will be able to chose a voice and call your friend or family using the app and it will automatically change your voice into the voice that you selected from the list. Thereby when you call someone, even the one who knows you very well will not be able to recognize you in any cost until you reveal them. I have personally gone through a few apps that promises to provide a quality voice changing call experience but always fails to keep up there promise as no app changed the voice to the quality where your loved ones will not be bale to find out, but this app the Magiccall is a perfect bomb. It not only changes the voice totally but also gives a great quality of calling experience. The best part is that it also provides some background sounds, so that when you talk to them it will play a background sound which will sound as you are somewhere else, like a concert, in a traffic, airport sounds or even a romantic sound can be played. So that even if someone shouts or talks from behind, it will not be heard along with the sound.

For our goodness the app has updated itself with new features where it provides us some more extra voices and background sounds. Thereby now you will have a lot of voice and background sound options to choose from as per your wish. So why wasting time? Come let's take a look at how to get it done and start pranking friends and family.

How to Change Voice When Speaking Calls

You have to get the app named 'Magiccall' directly from the google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Lets move on to know how to change your voice during phone calls into a total stranger with anyone.

Firstly launch the app in your phone and then use your mobile number to register with it.

Then you will come across the list of voices that can be used to change your voice into a different character during calls.

There you can select any voice that you want to use and test it before making a call to check the quality.

Next you can also check on the background sounds by selecting the 'background' tab which is available in the settings menu of the app.

This app also gives you the opportunity to record phone calls. You can check the feature out from the settings tab.

You can also listen to all the recorded calls by going to the 'My recording tab' which is available in the main menu.

That's it, we have gone through the basic methods of configuring the magiccall application. From now you can use this app to have a total fun conversation with friends and family. So you can download this app directly from google playstore to your android smartphone by searching 'Magiccall'

Hope this guide will be helpful for all of you who wish to have fun with a gang of friends or family members. But note that this is only for the purpose of fun and not for other illegal activities.

How to Disable Location Tracking in Websites

All the internet users should be well aware of all the unauthorized and illegal activities that take place in the internet. There are plenty of cyber crimes that are wide spread these days. As this generation is all up to the world of internet, we should be careful of the things that’s can take place. We sometimes provide information and access for the criminals to easily enter into our PC and make our device a part of the crimes. As how viruses and malware are sent to the PC, there are also ways to track a PC and make as many as things that’s possible.

One thing among them all is giving access to track our location. There are sites designed in a method to get your locations easily. Sometimes without our awareness we help them give access to track our location. To maintain our privacy and to be safe from any kinds of cyber crimes, it’s always better to disable websites from tracking the location.

This is one of the important things every one of us should consider about. Now it’s all about the internet and the crimes takes place there, than the outer world. For that, we should prepare our device from letting any agencies or spy from tracking our location. But wondering how to disable this? Simple! We will help you hide your location or you can even use a fake location in the websites, so that you will be safe from any kind of spy agencies and cyber crimes. There are a few simple methods, 
you can select any of the method and try hiding your location. Come let’s see each of them in a step by step procedure.

Disable Location Tracking in Websites

Use Internal Settings to Disallow Location Tracking

Firstly, get the latest version of 'Google Chrome' browser in your PC.

Now, launch the browser and then click the three lines button on the right corner of the browser to open the settings.

Next, scroll to choose the ‘show advanced settings’.

There click ‘content setting’ which is below the ‘privacy’.

Then, scroll further down and in the location field, click on the ‘Do not allow any site to track your physical location’ and then press ‘done’.

That’s it, now you have disabled the browser from allowing to show your location to any websites. Once the above mentioned settings are enabled in your google chrome web browser, none of the websites will be able to find your location.

This will be helpful to avoid the geo based promotions from the websites. Now lets move on to take a look at how to create a fake location as your preferences.

How to Fake Location in Google Chrome

Get the 'Change GeoLocation' extention in your google chrome browser.

Next, install the app and then click on the pin icon that will be appeared in the right top corner of the google chrome browser. There you will be able to set the values of location that you prefer to set.

That’s it. Now you can use this method and use a fake location in your browser so that no one will be able to track your real location for any purpose.

Fake Your Location Using Console

Open google chrome browser and press F12 or right click and go to the option ‘inspect’.

Now, chose the console tab and press the three dots, there press ‘customize and control Dev tools’.

Next, click on ‘more tools’ and then press ‘sensors’.

Here, you have to enable ‘Emulate Geolocation Coordinates’ and use any longitude and latitude of your desire.

That’s it, now you can fake your location to all the websites that try to track locations.

Disable Location History Tracking in Google Chrome

Open the google's ‘activity control page’.

Then disable the location history by going the option ‘location history’.

Next, to check which location history Google saved, click ‘manage activity’ and check there.

That’s it. Now you have disabled location sharing with the websites. 
All the steps mentioned above works perfectly and are simple methods to stop sharing locations. 

This will now help secure your privacy and stay safe. No need to fear about any kind of cyber crimes or even about the spy. Hope you gained something advantageous from this.

Best Instagram Tricks That You Must Know

Instagram is one of the most trending social media among the society today. We see not only the youngsters but also adults and kids too browse the internet to check on their instagram and facebook profiles. When we talk about Instagram, it is a platform to share pictures and mini clips of videos with people from all around the world. Also this platform get us a chance to portray new abilities. 

Though the feature options in instagram is lesser than other social medias, 90% of the soical media users use instagram either for a time pass or to promote their business. Either way it is, instagram is today a route to create new ideas.

Today, business promotions and sales are done widely through instagram and to make it a success, we have to maintain the profile in a great level. It is always important to have a big number of followers and get enough likes and share in the first place. Not only the ones who have a business profile looks for likes and shares but also the users who are having a personal account will also want their pictures to go viral and get a lot of interactions. We also see how many people nowadays come up with their creativity and earn good rewards in instagram.

Not only that, there are also bloggers who are arising with their talents and conducts. I have seen how some people think on how only their profile doesn't get enough reach, whereas a normal inactive account that turns out to be active ones in a while gets more likes and followers. To make the best out of your profile you have to follow some simple steps and then look on how your profile grows. So here i have got some best instagram tricks and tips for you to make your profile trending. Come lets discuss on those tricks.

Best Instagram Tricks

Adding Hashtag: One of the most important element to consider in instagram while sharing a picture is the #hashtag section.
With the right hashtag in your picture, it will reach the right people and the number of interactions with your picture and profile will increase. For this, you have to get the 'Top Tags for Likes' app, where it will automatically create the relevant hashtags for your picture.

Share the instagram pic on Facebook: Just as the instagram, facebook is also a social media which helps promote and run business. In that case, sharing the same picture in both the apps will definitely let your picture reach a lot of people at the same time. Thereby on both the platforms your content will get a lot of reach than you expected.
Instagram has the feature to broadcast the photos to facebook. To get it done, all you have to do is to link your facebook account to the instagram, thereafter you can share pictures directly at a glance at both the instagram and facebook timeline.

Schedule instagram photos: While using the instagram, you would have noticed that there is a specific time when your pictures get a lot of interactions and in some due time, they get less likes. In that case, you can schedule your picture to be posted at a relevant time using a third party app named 'Lattergramme'. Using this you can upload and do all the needed step and then schedule a time for the post.

Instagram Layout: The layout in the instagram is very important as when your profile looks colorful or beautifully arranged, people will start interacting with it more. So thereby creating a piece of picture in a most unique way is essential. You can get the app 'Layout from Instagram' app to create collages from your pictures and create a lovely picture out.

Android instagram browser: The instagram browser is common to all, but of you are looking for a different instagram interface with a lot more features linked in, then you can try out the 'Grab the instagram' app to you android smartphone and use the instagram UI in a different way. Thereby browsing the instagram will be with a lot of new features.

That's it, now we have taken a look at a few tips and tricks on how to maintain a best instagram profile. you can follow these methods, even if you are using a business profile or a normal personal use profile. These tips will help you increase your followers and get more likes to the photo that you share. You can maintain a profile in a professional way. It is all about a 'click', click a picture and then make your followers click a like and the ones who do not follow you click on the follow button. Hope this guide will be useful for all the instagram users out there looking for a way to promote the page with no cost.

How to Find Unknown Caller - Eyecon Alternative

We are living in an era where there are unimaginable innovations placed right in front of our eyes. so much of modernization and technological developments. the whole society is changed into a state where we can literally connect to someone who is miles and miles away from us, we can see them, talk to them and spend hours or even the whole day with them through the smart devices. 

We gain a lot of advantages due to these innovations at the same time, people use it the other way around too. getting anonymous phone calls are one such thing that we need to talk about. Thereby today lets us take a look at how to find the unknown callers with their name and photo. When we get wrong calls or unknown calls continuously, it will start to be an annoyance. Finding who is doing all these crap is the way to put a full stop to all the annoyance. To find out the details of the anonymous caller we have a perfect application name 'Eyecon'.

Eyecon is one of the best solution provider for this problem, as it not only finds us the name of the unknown caller using his/her mobile number but also it detects their phone number and scan for the social media apps that has the number linked in and provide us the profile picture of the account owner. Whereas we will be able to take a look at the picture and find out the person easily. When we know who is troubling us with wrong calls and messages, we can take a step back and solve the problem.

As we are pretty sure on how perfect the 'Eyecon' application is, we are still going to talk about a list of other alternative applications for Eyecon. It will be better if we have a few options to solve the problem in a glance. Just as the app eyecon, there are few other applications which works accordingly to provide you with the solutions to find out the unknown caller in different and unique ways. Each applications has their own ways and methods. Thereby before moving to the alternatives, lets take a quick view at how to use the application 'Eyecon'.

How to Find Unknown Caller with Photo

You have to get the 'Eyecon' application directly from google playstore to your android smartphone.

Let's move on to have a quick look on how to find out unknown caller with their photo which they are using in their social media profile.
Firstly start the app in your android device and it will ask you a mobile number to register in it.

Once the registration process is completed, go to the home screen in the app and click on 'search bar'.

Next type the mobile number including the country code to find the unknown caller details.

That's it, now eyecon app will reveal the anonymous caller's name, photo and details from their facebook profile.

This is how you can find unknown caller with their name and photo using eyecon. So you can download this application directly from google playstore to your android device by Clicking here.

Alternative apps for Eyecon

Hiya: This application has a lot of features to provide you with to find the unknown caller, such as spam call blocker, find out the name of the caller and also spam call alerts. Through this you can easily detect the number and either block them or do as you wish.

Showcaller: This app comes with so much of benefits. It helps you identify the truecaller id name along with the region. At the same time it also will avoid spam, scam or telemarketing calls automatically and help you block numbers and also record calls.

Whoscall: One of the recognized phone app with the ability to identify unknown numbers and reveal you the name of the person from whom you are getting unknown calls and messages. This also will let you block calls with no tension.

Drupe: This application got the ability of smart caller ID tracker and blocker to find out unknown numbers. Along with it you also get a smart dialer and a call blocking option along with the missed call manager and contact based reminder as an extra feature.

That's it, now we have taken a look at list of alternative apps for 'eyecon' which will help us find out the unknown caller and solve the problem of continuous calls. Hope this will be helpful for everyone out there.

How to Hide Any Apps in Android

Today, living in this world that’s filled with technology, we are being able to witness new things in a daily basis. Sometimes things can get complicated in the modern world with all the modern equipment, but still we always wish to mingle with the technology as it makes things quiet easy. 

We see how today we are able to do things in a split of a second which took nearly months or years in the past. One good example can be sending messages or communicating with the ones who are out of the country. So in that way, we started to use all the modern equipment and devices to make things easier.

Smart phones are one among the most used device. So today we are going to see one easy trick that we can do in a smart phone. We use a mobile phone for various reasons. Today we see very less people who don’t use a smart device. When we use our mobiles, we will do various things with it. It’s not just about contacting another person but via a smart phone we can accomplish so many works, in basic we can earn using our smart phone. So for this purpose we will have downloaded a lot of apps that we need. Sometimes those apps can be a little confidential and you will not wish to share them with anyone else. You will not even want others knowing what apps you are using.

But there can be instances where your colleagues, friends or even anyone from your family might take your phone and use it or check it. So in that case, the apps that you are secretly using will be revealed, which you will not want to use. So how can you actually protect your secret apps from coming into light of others eyes? 

Well, you can maintain the privacy of your apps only if you can hide it somewhere where others can’t see. But how can that be done in a smart phone? We all know that Android smart phones come with so many features and make it a user friendly device. We are in a state to do changes and download as many apps as we want in an Android device. So for sure, this problem can be solved in your android too, as it supports with so many apps and also there are plenty of inbuilt feature that you have to find out. You can actually now hide the apps behind a security bar, where no one else will be able to see or even will they know that you have hid something. Only you will be able to open that app and make it visible in the screen with the security code/password. So come let’s see how to get this done in two ways.

In-build Feature of Android 5.0+

Firstly long tap in your android smart phone go to the setting tab.

There you have to scroll down and select the option names ‘Protected app’.

Next, you have to provide a pattern lock to use as your security protection to hide the apps.

Thereafter, you will get a list of all the apps that are available in your android smart phone. All you have to do is select the app that you want to hide.

Then, press save and your apps will be hidden and won’t be visible in the phone’s home screen. To open the app you have to go to the ‘protected app’ option and provide the security pattern and unlock it.

That’s it. This is how you can use the inbuilt feature that’s available in the android phone without using any third party apps.

Use Go Launcher to Hide Apps 

You have to get the app named ‘Go launcher’ directly from google playstore to your android smartphone.

Let’s move on to know how to hide any apps from your home screen in a android device and protect your privacy.

Firstly you have to launch the app in your android phone and then press on the option ‘Enjoy’ to continue.

Next, you have to open the main menu and long press on any of the app that you wish to hide. Then in the top right corner of the screen you will see an option ‘hide’ with an eye icon. Simply drag the app to the ‘hide’ option.

Then you have to set a pattern lock to hide your app with security and with the simple steps asked your app will be hidden from the home screen. 

To open the hidden app, you have to go to the ‘tools’ option and select the app named ‘hide app’.

Thereafter it will ask you for the pattern lock, provide it.

There you will see your hidden apps.

That’s it. Now this way you can easily hide any of the apps that you wish to keep hidden due to your personal reasons. It’s very simple and works perfectly. So now you can select any of the 1 method mentioned above out of the two. Hope this will be useful for all the android users.

Find Unknown Caller with Photo and Prank Them Back

Are you facing problems due to unknown calls? Well, that is a common problem in this society today. We see many people try doing some mischievous pranks on others using a new or unknown number and at the same time we also see how some try to misbehave by calling someone they totally don't know and create problems to the other person.

These types of behaviors have now become a trend that they continue doing it without a break. We have already seen on how to find out the unknown callers using the app 'Eyecon'. Let me give you a brief explanation on the app eyecon which will reveal us the name and the picture of the unknown caller. All we have to do is type in the phone number and then the app will automatically detect the number and provide the name and the profile picture that they have used in their social media profile. By the help of the app eyecon we will know who is the person that is troubling us repeatedly.

But if you are someone who is looking for something extra, then you are at the right place. There is definitely a smart way to prank the unknown caller back. Wondering what or how it is? Come let me tell you. After finding the unknown caller's name, Eyecon app will show you an option to call the particular number through another third party application named 'magiccall'. You can use this feature instead of the default dialer from the mobile to call the anonymous caller.

Magiccall; this is an application which will allow you to call anyone using different voices. Thereby when you call the particular person back, they will not be able to recognize your voice and this will turn out to be fun. As now you can take as much as your time to turn back the coin to the person who was pranking you by continuous calls. Doesn't this sounds amazing? Following the steps will not only give you a way to find out who the person is by providing you the name and the picture of the caller, but also now let you tease them back and teach them a lesson too. Come let us now take a look at how to do this in a step by step guide.

Find Unknown Caller and Prank Them Back

You have to get the app named 'Eyecon' and 'Magiccall' directly from google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to figure out the anonymous caller with their photo and prank them back using different voices through voice call.

Firstly start the app in your phone and create your account using your mobile number. Once your mobile number is validated, you will be able to create your profile with the necessary details.

Now you should go to 'home' tab from the main interface of the app and click on 'name or number' button which will allow you to find any unknown caller details.

Next, type the anonymous phone number in the search tab and click on search. Please make sure to type the mobile number along with the country code.

Boom! Here you are.. the anonymous caller's details including their social account profile picture will be shown.

Now you should click on 'call' icon which is available on the bottom right corner from the appearing interface and it will show you magiccall dialer to call them and prank with different voices.

Click on 'magiccall' and it will take you to magiccall application. Thereafter you can select any of listed voice and call them to prank back.

That's it, now we have gone through an interesting guide to find the unknown caller details and prank them back with different voices in voice call. So you can download the eyecon app and magiccall app directly from google playstore to your android smartphone using the following links.

Eyecon for android
Magiccall for android

Thereby now you will not have to worry about unknown calls or prank calls, as you can easily find out the caller with his/her picture and at the same time can prank them back with different voices to annoy them as much as they did annoy you. I hope this would be helpful and an interesting app for all the android users.

Remove Hidden keyloggers from Android Device

Today, in this world of technology with so much to ponder onto, we are all into the very device; Smart phones. Every one of us have a smart phone and use it for different other reasons. From a one year old child to a seventy years old man everyone owns a mobile of different range. It has now started to become one of the priorities in our lives.

Imagining a life without a mobile today is very difficult. We do make things quiet easy using a smart phone as it has now got features to fulfill all the needs that a computer, calculator, camera, photo album and so many others did. But with all of them, we also should not forget how along with the increase in the usage of the smart phones how we also got some security risks such as hacking, spyware and key loggers. These security threats should be talked about and given measures to be aware of them. As today we see how some business men conduct their business through smart phones and will have saved a lot of important details in the phones. Not only that but we also see how most of us today do online shopping, online transactions and so on, for this we do use our user name, password, pin number and also provide our bank account number or credit card number.

In case someone notes them down, we will have to face issues related to them. That is what a key logger do, they get into your phones via spyware apps and record everything that you type using the keyboard of your phone. So today I am going to show you how to be aware and remove key loggers from your android smart phone.

Find Hidden Keyloggers in Android

Find the source

The very first thing that you should look onto is how the key logger spyware app got installed in your phone. two methods can take place, either someone who used your phone should have installed it in or any of the third party apps that you downloaded would have been a fake app with spyware.

So when you know how the spyware key logger got in, it would be easier for you to remove them off instantly. If you don’t know, then we should go do some other testing as given below.

Checking on unusual activities

Keep an eye on your phone and recognize if any unusual activities such as any numbers or symbols appearing on the screen without you knowing it or any scripts causing to reboot your phone once in a while. These types of suspicious activities can indicate that a key logger is in hold of your keyboard. 

Use anti-malware

The best way to get rid of any malware of keylogger is to install anti-virus app. Antivirus apps will help to scan and remove any types of malware or threats found in your phone and delete them off immediately. Then in case if there are any affected app due to the malware, then those apps will be using a lot of data even while running in the background or they might cause any defects to the phone. In that case, delete that app off and restart your device to clean out all the threats.

Check out for your downloads or file manager folder

Creep into your file manager and check each of the folders and files carefully, if you find any hidden files or suspicious files, delete them off. By doing so, you will be able to have a clear phone with no malware effects. Do not forget to check on your downloads folder to see if there are any infected apps installed in your phone. Uninstall any such apps.

That’s it; now by following these steps you can remove any type of a key logger from your smart phone. The steps given above are simple and easy to follow. By doing so you will not have to face any troubles or threats due to some malware issues that awaits to grab details and data from smart phones. Hope this would be useful for all the android users.