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Get Alert If Someone Tries To Pick-Pocket Your Android Phone

Having a smartphone makes things quiet easier and better. We can literally do so many tasks in one sitting using a smartphone. There were days when people had to carry loads of things when going to the office, or imagine when we wanted to take pictures we had to carry big cameras to get better and high quality photographs. But now that is not the case, as we can do all of them using the small device . In that case, we should also not forget to keep it safe and secured.

We all know that when we start using a phone, we would take necessary measures to protect the smartphones from viruses and malware because today we see how thefts and threats are rising devastatingly to spread negativity around the society. So in that way, we all get antivirus software and applications in our phones, but what are the measures that you have taken to prevent your phone from being stolen? How have you planned to safeguard your smart devices from theft?

This is one tricky thing and not an easy way to get things done on your own. We can not always keep our phones on our hands and keep a watch at it every time, because that is not going to happen. And there are times when we place our phones inside our handbags or pockets and go on a public vehicle or go through a crowded place, in such moments many situations such as thefts can take place. There will be people who would be waiting eagerly to steal whatever they can and the easiest one is the smartphones for them. They will without any notice slowly open our bags and take the phones out, in a split of a time and we will never know until we look for it. But now with the help of the technology, we can create a shield of protection for our phones.

Yes, I am going to introduce you all to one of the safest application named ‘Anti- theft alarm’ that you all can have in you android smartphones to safeguard your phone from being stolen. What it does is, it will raise an alarm when someone tries to take your phone out of your pockets or bags. There are a few modes such as the charger detector mode, motion detection mode, proximity detection and sim detection mode. So when you set it up with what ever detector mode, it will raise the alarm accordingly.

Along with it you can also set it up to ring when someone removes it from the charger using the charger detection mode and the sim detection will give an alert sms or mail to the provided id or number, the motion detection would work by giving a loud alarm when the phone is moved or given a sudden motion and then comes the proximity detection mode which is the best one that we all have been talking about. It will raise an alarm when the phone is trying to be taken out of the purse, bag or pockets. So the ring will go on until the correct password or passcode is provided to stop it. So in that way, you will always have an alert whenever someone tries to take your phone without your knowledge. In this way you can always have a preventive method updated in your android. Come let us check on how to get it done.

Protect Your Phone From Pick Pocket

You have to get the app named ‘Anti theft alarm’ directly from the google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to protect your phone being used by others at home or even at your working places and also safeguard from thefts and pick pocket.
Firstly, start the app in your android device and get in to the app using your mobile number email address or facebook account.

Then you have to choose 'Proximity detection mode' or 'Motion detection mode' from the main interface of the application. The selection is depend on your requirement. If you are travelling in a bus or train and you want to protect your phone from being stolen from the pant pocket, then you have to select the proximity mode. I'll go with proximity mode to show demo.

Next the app will request you to configure the password or pattern lock which will be used to stop the alarm tone when the anti theft mode is activated.

So in that way, when someone tries to remove the phone from your bag it will not stop ringing until the password is provided.

Once you configure the password setup, click on proximity mode and you will have 5 seconds to lock the screen and keep the phone inside your pocket.

That's it. Now the app is activated to protect your phone from being stolen in a crowded public transport. The time period for the security alarm, alarm tone, motion sensitivity can be adjusted from the settings tab.

Now this way you will be able to protect your phones from everyone around you and especially from thefts from stealing it. So you can download 'Anti theft alarm' app directly from the google playstore to your android smartphones by Clicking here.

So this would definitely be a great option for all to take preventive measures in advance to keep your phones secured in all kind of ways. This is the perfect solution and the easiest one for us to maintain. I hope this guide would have been a great help for you.

How To Find Lost Or Stolen Android Phone

Smartphone are a part of us now, we have everything stored in it including all our personal details to our official data. Thereby losing our smartphones would be the worst nightmare ever we could have. That is why the operating systems comes along with so many security features included from which leads to the ability to have the data secured and at the same time it also has the features to find the phone’s location when you misplace it or lose it somewhere. That is why having the tracking system of our smartphone settings activated is very important.

Even without your conscious you might keep your phone somewhere and start searching for it. Even if it’s around your house or room and you still can’t figure it out where, then you will need the help of the android’s inbuilt system of helping you out. In that case you have the ability to get to your laptop and go to the find my phone app and literally give a ring or find the location from it. Most importantly just as how you have to have your phone set up earlier with the tracking system, you should also have the imei number and the android’s serial number noted.

Only so if you are unable to find the phone by yourself, you can lodge a complaint in the police station and for that you will need both the imei and serial numbers. Imei number is a unique identifier, which the phone uses to register to the cell towers. You can easily find your imei number by dialing *#06# in your mobile. You will also have these numbers on your phone box.

To find your serial number go to ‘settings’ > ‘about phone’ and you will find it there.

To get your phone tracked you will also need the help of other apps or browsers. If you aren’t aware of how to do it and wants to be prepared for any such situations, then no worries. Today in this guide I am going to provide you all with a few methods that can be followed when you miss or lose your phone, even if it is stolen, you can try and figure out the location and find it. So come let us take a look at them in brief.

How To Find Lost Android Phone

Locate Your Phone Using Google

In your android smartphone, the google in it had the inbuilt ability to help figure out the location of your phone. When you set up your phone, eventually you will be signed into the ‘Find my device’.

If incase you don’t find it automatically did this procedure, then simply go to the playstore and get the ‘Find my device’ app installed and then sign in with your google account. And afterwards, it will stay active the rest of the time and using this you can fond your phone when lost.

To find the lost android, you have to login to your google account from another phone or laptop and in a web browser type in ‘’, then you have to enter your email id and password if you have not signed into that account from the particular device.

In the find my device, you have three options to choose.

Play a sound: Through this option you can play a sound and make a noise in your lost android, if you think your phone is hiding somewhere around. This will work even if the phone is in silent mode.

Secure your device: If incase you believe your phone is stolen and you haven’t activated any security system such as passwords or passcode, the you can do it through this which will make the finder not access your homescreen.

Erase: This option will allow you to erase all the data manually from the find my device app.

If you can’t figure out the location of the phone using this app, then mostly your device doesn’t have available network or wifi isn’t connected. So keep trying, when the phone gets the network it will be visible on the map.

Locate The Phone In Your House Using Google Home

The worst thing to happen on a busy day is losing the phone somewhere around your house. It can be either inside the sofa edges. Under you pillow cases or anywhere in the kitchen but when you start looking for it will not be visible. So in that case you can find it easily if you have a Google home speaker, from which the google assistant would help you find it.

The speaker would help if you have logged both the speaker and the phone using the same google account and linked your google account and voice to your google home through the home app. So if your phone has the internet connection and find my phone is turned on then all you have to say is ‘ok google, find my phone’ and it will turn on the ringer in your phone even if it is on silent mode. Simple as that.

Using Google Photos

We all know about the google photos app as an application that would allow us to sync in photos and other medias and store as much as we want in it but have you ever heard of how it can help you find your lost phone?

In case that you have miss placed your phone and think that it is stolen, then you van get the help of the google photos as it can help you with the feature backup and sync option. How it works is, when you have activated the sync option in the Google photos then what ever photos that is taken from the phone will be automatically uploaded the google photos account and the best part is that along with the image the location from where the picture was captured will also be uploaded. So in that way, you can login to your google account in another device and watch out for new images popping up. For this to work in your phone the internet connection should be connected and the backup and sync should be enabled. So in case you find new photos uploaded in the google photos, you have to, 

  • visit the and login to the same google account that you have logged into in the lost phone.
  • Look if any new images has been uploaded afterwards. 
  • If so, click on the image and select the info icon which is on the top right corner of the screen.
  • In that appearing sidebar, you will be able to see the image’s information along with the location from where it was clicked from.

Alternative Third Party Apps

Well, apart from the google’s inbuilt features, you can also use some of the third party apps that are available in the google play for you to install. It will also help you find where your phone is by locating its location or in other possible ways. So let us see some alternative apps that can be used to find your lost android smartphone.

Life360 family locator: This is an app that uses the GPS tracker to find your phone. The best feature of this app is that it can be used by the whole family with multiple phones where you become a circle. The app forms a group with whom you wish to have your phones tracked in real time. So with this option you can always check where the other members are and see the location. You can chat or even broadcast a meeting time and location with the circle members that you have connected with.

So with that feature if you find your phone lost, then you can locate it through others phones and track it on the map.

Prey anti theft: This prey anti theft will help you have three different devices protected through just one app. With this app you can raise an alarm in your phone when you think it is lost, take screenshots when it is in use and also you can simply lock down the device.

It is a free app with some great features, when you download it to your android phone, it will provide you some tutorials to show how to run the device. It is simple and useful.

Lost android: This app will allow you to have remote access to the lost phone through the website that you login. Thereby you will be able to delete all the sensitive information from your phone when you think it is lost or even send messages to the phone.

The best part is, you can also forward any calls or messages to another number and have a record of any calls, messages or even the photos taken from your lost phone.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

1. Can I still find my lost phone if it’s turned off/ in airplane mode/ the battery is dead.

This is a very common question asked by many and you have to know that to find out the location of where is phone is, it should be turned on and have an active internet connection. If not for them then there very less possibility to find out. You can also try using the phone’s location history to check where the phone was last found before the connection got lost. But even for this, the location history should have been activated.

2. I changed my Google account password, can i still locate my phone?

Well, changing the password of the accounts when you find out that the phone is lost is a good thing to do, as we will not want a stranger to peep into our accounts. And you will still be able to locate and will nit lose the ability to track the device.

3. Can I track my lost phone, if someone made a factory reset?

Well, in this case we will not be able to do so, as factory reset indicates that the phone removes or erases everything and brings it to the factory settings. So the connection to the google accounts won’t be there any longer.

So that’s it, we have now checked on a few methods that can be used to find the android smartphones that seems to be lost or missing. You can follow any of the possible ways and get your phone located, which will help the best to get the phone back to you. So I hope this guide would have helped you in a great way to be precaution before facing any such crisis.

How To Transfer Music From iTunes To Android Device

Smartphones are a device that is being widely used today. We see many new models and companies inventing smartphones with different uniqueness every now and then. Two most famous operating system among all the smartphones are the apple iPhone and the android versions. These two operating systems have their own ways of attracting people towards them by providing the best in different ways. One such important feature to talk about is the music, both android and apple has a different style to make its users play music.

We all know that in android phones, we can easily download, transfer or even share music from one device to another. We doesn’t need any special apps or systems to do that. But the way in the apple iPhone is different and not everyone like the method. We have a special system known as iTunes to get music to our phones and play from it. Unlike in android phones we can’t directly download or share music from one phone to another. It is a bit complicated to use iTunes until you get familiar with it. With these, we have to point out the problem that both android music player and iTunes can’t connect together. So in case if you want to share a song from android to iTunes or the vice versa you will not be able to do so, as there is no supporting system in between them that would allow to do so.

I was once in such a situation where I got a new android smartphone and wanted to transfer all the song I have got in my iTunes to the android, but trying doing it was so hard that I was left hopeless. It is obvious that iPhone's don’t interact with other devices specially androids. But still I wanted to get all the music to my new phone as I had thousands of songs saved in. I had nothing to do, so I thought I’d download the songs again one by one in the android phone. Though it was a very tough job to do and would talk a very long time to finish it, I still started doing it. Later after about half an hour my friend came and saw what I was doing and started to laugh at me. That is when he told me on how easily we can transfer our music from iTunes to our android smartphones.

Those steps was quiet easy and I felt dumb to not know of that simple tasks for so long. I found those two simple methods from him and it saved my day. Thereby I thought I should share this method with all of you, so that it would help people out there like me. If you are also someone who has got a new phone or is willing to transfer some good songs from your friend’s iTunes to your android then here you are at the right place. Thereby let’s go directly to check how to get it done without wasting time.

Transfer Music From iTunes to Android Phone

Transfer Using iTunes Window

Firstly, you have to get the iTunes application in your windows 10 computer or laptop.

Let's move on to know how to transfer all your favorite music from iTunes to android smartphone easily.

Open the iTunes in your computer and press the option ‘edit’ and then select ‘preferences’.

Then under the General tab, you will have to check for the checkbox ‘iCloud music library’.

Thereafter, you have to move to ‘file’ and then select the option ‘library’ and next ‘update iCloud music library’.

When done, you have to open the ‘Apple music app’ on your android smartphone.

There you have to press the ‘library’ and there you will have the entire music library saved in.

That’s it, now this way you can easily transfer all your music from iTunes to your android smartphone without any complications. So you can download iTunes latest version from it's official website by Clicking here.

Following the above mentioned method can help you get all the music without missing anything out. Now let’s move on to see another method on how to transfer music from iTunes to android smartphone manually.

If you think that the above mentioned step are bit long and feel like you doesn’t want any extra steps to be followed, then the below mentioned method will be much easier for you, as we can do it manually with just a USB cable that connects your phone to your PC. So come let’s check it out.

Manual Transfer

Firstly, you have to plug in your USB cable to your phone and then connect it to the PC.

Next, in your windows 10 you have to go to the ‘C:\Users\ (your user name)\music\iTunes\iTunes Media. Note that you have to change the ‘your user name’ space with your PC’s admxdin name.

Then you have to copy the music files that you wish to transfer from the iTunes to android.

Now paste the music files in your Phone’s storage.

Thereafter you can use any third party music player apps such as google play music or any such to sync all the music folder that you copy pasted in your phone. Let's see how to do it.

Sync iTunes With Google Play Music

Using the google play music app you can easily sync the entire iTunes library to the cloud and thereby you can listen to all the music from anywhere at anytime. To set this up, you will require an Internet Connection and it would be very easy to get it done.

Firstly, get the 'Google play music manager' app to your PC.

Then install it and run the program.

Next in the process, you will have an option as ‘Upload songs to Google play’.

There select the iTunes and finish up the setup.

That’s it, 
now this way too you can transfer the music easily from iTunes. This is also not a complicated method which doesn’t need any extra steps or methods to be followed. 

Stream iTunes On Android With Apple Music

Another very convenient method to get all the music from your iTunes to android is the Apple music app. You can access the entire library within a few seconds using this app. You can stream nearly 50 million songs using this app. Let’s see how to get it done.

You have to open up the iTunes in your PC and move on to the ‘Preferences’.

Then in the ‘general’ tab turn on the iCloud music library and press ‘OK’.

Now you have to get the Apple Music app in your android smartphone.

Then sign into the app using your Apple id and there you will have all your iTunes music stored in.

So now in this guide you have checked on few simple methods on how to transfer music from iTunes to android smartphone, thereby I hope that this would benefit all the iPhone users and at the same time the android users.

Voice Change App for Audio Calls in Android

Living a short life, we all want companions through out our journey in this world. We come passing many people in our life and some stays longer or forever with us such as friends and family. When we are all together with our gang, there are a lot of things that we do. It would be fun hanging out with a group of interesting people with interesting things to do.

When it comes to gatherings and function, all of us comes with a lot of new ideas to have fun, and if you are also someone who is looking for a way to catch up with a hilarious all time awesome fun to take, then you are in the right place for that. You can now try out the pranking game with gang. If there is someone missing among that group and you want to tease them and make fun out of them to see how they are going to react to the prank calls they get from strangers. But wondering how to get that done as they might know your voice and easily find out who the person is even before you start your game. If you are not good at mimic and has no talent at talking like someone else, then no one of you will ever try pranking any of you r friends and will never know the fun. no worries in such cases, even if you or anyone around you don't know to mimic or even wills to try it, you still can do the same prank without any problems and without getting caught.

There is a perfect app that is innovated especially to prank your friends by providing the opportunity to change you voice into a totally different voice. Yes, the app named 'Magiccall' will help you with this. It is a perfect app that contains varieties of voices to select such as male voice, female, baby, robot, cartoon, and kid voice. Where you will be able to chose a voice and call your friend or family using the app and it will automatically change your voice into the voice that you selected from the list. Thereby when you call someone, even the one who knows you very well will not be able to recognize you in any cost until you reveal them. I have personally gone through a few apps that promises to provide a quality voice changing call experience but always fails to keep up there promise as no app changed the voice to the quality where your loved ones will not be bale to find out, but this app the Magiccall is a perfect bomb. It not only changes the voice totally but also gives a great quality of calling experience. The best part is that it also provides some background sounds, so that when you talk to them it will play a background sound which will sound as you are somewhere else, like a concert, in a traffic, airport sounds or even a romantic sound can be played. So that even if someone shouts or talks from behind, it will not be heard along with the sound.

For our goodness the app has updated itself with new features where it provides us some more extra voices and background sounds. Thereby now you will have a lot of voice and background sound options to choose from as per your wish. So why wasting time? Come let's take a look at how to get it done and start pranking friends and family.

How to Change Voice When Speaking Calls

You have to get the app named 'Magiccall' directly from the google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Lets move on to know how to change your voice during phone calls into a total stranger with anyone.

Firstly launch the app in your phone and then use your mobile number to register with it.

Then you will come across the list of voices that can be used to change your voice into a different character during calls.

There you can select any voice that you want to use and test it before making a call to check the quality.

Next you can also check on the background sounds by selecting the 'background' tab which is available in the settings menu of the app.

This app also gives you the opportunity to record phone calls. You can check the feature out from the settings tab.

You can also listen to all the recorded calls by going to the 'My recording tab' which is available in the main menu.

That's it, we have gone through the basic methods of configuring the magiccall application. From now you can use this app to have a total fun conversation with friends and family. So you can download this app directly from google playstore to your android smartphone by searching 'Magiccall'

Hope this guide will be helpful for all of you who wish to have fun with a gang of friends or family members. But note that this is only for the purpose of fun and not for other illegal activities.

How to Disable Location Tracking in Websites

All the internet users should be well aware of all the unauthorized and illegal activities that take place in the internet. There are plenty of cyber crimes that are wide spread these days. As this generation is all up to the world of internet, we should be careful of the things that can take place. We sometimes provide information and access for the criminals to easily enter into our PC and make our device a part of the crime. As how viruses and malware are sent to the PC, there are also ways to track a PC and make as many things that’s possible.

One thing among them all is giving access to track our location. There are sites designed in a method to get your locations easily. Sometimes without our awareness we help them give access to track our location. To maintain our privacy and to be safe from any kinds of cyber crimes, it’s always better to disable websites from tracking the location.

This is one of the important things every one of us should consider about. Now it’s all about the internet and the crimes takes place there, than the outer world. For that, we should prepare our device from not letting any agencies or spy from tracking our location. But wondering how to disable this? Simple! We will help you hide your location or you can even use a fake location in the websites, so that you will be safe from any kind of spy agencies and cyber crimes. There are a few simple methods, 
you can select any of the method and try hiding your location. Come let’s see each of them in a step by step procedure.

Disable Location Tracking in Websites

Use Internal Settings to Disallow Location Tracking

Firstly, get the latest version of 'Google Chrome' browser in your PC.

Now, launch the browser and then click the three lines button on the right corner of the browser to open the settings.

Next, scroll to choose the ‘show advanced settings’.

There click ‘content setting’ which is below the ‘privacy’.

Then, scroll further down and in the location field, click on the ‘Do not allow any site to track your physical location’ and then press ‘done’.

That’s it, now you have disabled the browser from allowing to show your location to any websites. Once the above mentioned settings are enabled in your google chrome web browser, none of the websites will be able to find your location.

This will be helpful to avoid the geo based promotions from the websites. Now lets move on to take a look at how to create a fake location as your preferences.

How to Fake Location in Google Chrome

Get the 'Change GeoLocation' extention in your google chrome browser.

Next, install the app and then click on the pin icon that will be appeared in the right top corner of the google chrome browser. There you will be able to set the values of location that you prefer to set.

That’s it. Now you can use this method and use a fake location in your browser so that no one will be able to track your real location for any purpose.

Fake Your Location Using Console

Open google chrome browser and press F12 or right click and go to the option ‘inspect’.

Now, chose the console tab and press the three dots, there press ‘customize and control Dev tools’.

Next, click on ‘more tools’ and then press ‘sensors’.

Here, you have to enable ‘Emulate Geolocation Coordinates’ and use any longitude and latitude of your desire.

That’s it, now you can fake your location to all the websites that try to track locations.

Disable Location History Tracking in Google Chrome

Open the google's ‘activity control page’.

Then disable the location history by going the option ‘location history’.

Next, to check which location history Google saved, click ‘manage activity’ and check there.

That’s it. Now you have disabled location sharing with the websites. 
All the steps mentioned above works perfectly and are simple methods to stop sharing locations. 

This will now help secure your privacy and stay safe. No need to fear about any kind of cyber crimes or even about the spy. Hope you gained something advantageous from this.

How to Disable Location Tracking in Firefox

You can completely disable the location tracking from the hidden experimental settings in the firefox.

So to access the hidden settings you have to type ‘about:config’ in the address bar of firefox and press ‘enter’.

Then in the next page you have to click on ‘I accept the risk!’ option and it will provide you a big list of tweakable features.

Next, to stop the location tracking prompts,type ‘geo.enabled’ in the prevailing search bar and then double click on ‘geo.enabled’ option to revert it to ‘False’.

Now this will help the website from prompting you to enable location tracking.

But, firefox won't give any options to manage or allow the features for any websites, when you disable the features you will not be able to get them back. 

How to Disable Location Tracking in Opera

First of all, you have to click on the ‘menu’ button which is at the top left corner and then select the ‘settings’ or tap ‘alt+p’.

Then choose the websites from the menu and select the option 'location' and then press on 'notifications' section.

Next to disable the location, select the 'Do not allow any site to track my physical location' from the location section.

How to Disable Location Tracking in Internet Explorer

The internet explorer does not support notification by its default, but still we will see location tracking prompts.

So to disable it, click on the 'gear' icon from the website top right corner and select 'internet options'.

Then move on to the privacy tab and then you have to tick on the checkbox which is next to the 'Never allow websites to request your physical location'.

Now this will stop websites from showing location tracking prompts.

How to Disable Location Tracking in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft will allow the location tracking, so let’s see how to disable it.
To get this done, you have to go to the ‘settings’ from the ‘start menu’ and select the ‘privacy’ option.

Then you have to tap on the 'location' section which is available on the left side menu and then when you scroll down, you will have all the windows universal apps listed below.

Now you have to click on the toggle button which is beside the 'Microsoft edge' to turn it off.

This will bow stop the location tracking prompt from all the websites and in edge.

How to Disable Location Tracking in Safari

Just like the Opera and Chrome, safari too makes it easy to disable the location tracking.

First go to the menu of the safari and select the 'preferences' and go to the 'privacy' tab.

Then you have to select the option 'delay without prompting' which is in the 'website use of location services' and it will stop the further location tracking.

That's it, now we have checked on a few possible ways on how we can disable location tracking in websites using different tricks. This will help you be safe and not worry about how websites can track locations. All the methods mentioned above are simple and effective. I hope they will be helpful for you to maintain a secured device.

Best Instagram Tricks That You Must Know

Instagram is one of the most trending social media among the society today. We see not only the youngsters but also adults and kids too browse the internet to check on their instagram and facebook profiles. When we talk about Instagram, it is a platform to share pictures and mini clips of videos with people from all around the world. Also this platform get us a chance to portray new abilities.

Though the feature options in instagram is lesser than other social medias, 90% of the social media users use instagram either for a time pass or to promote their business. Either way, it is instagram is today a route to create new ideas.

Today, business promotions and sales are done widely through instagram and to make it a success, we have to maintain the profile in a great level. It is always important to have a big number of followers and get enough likes and share in the first place. Not only the ones who have a business profile looks for likes and shares but also the users who are having a personal account will also want their pictures to go viral and get a lot of interactions. We also see how many people nowadays come up with their creativity and earn good rewards in instagram.

Not only that, there are also bloggers who are arising with their talents and conducts. I have seen how some people think on how only their profile doesn't get enough reach, whereas a normal inactive account that turns out to be active ones in a while gets more likes and followers. To make the best out of your profile you have to follow some simple steps and then look on how your profile grows. So here i have got some best instagram tricks and tips for you to make your profile trending. Come lets discuss on those tricks.

Best Instagram Tricks You Must Follow

Adding Hashtag: One of the most important element to consider in instagram while sharing a picture is the #hashtag section.With the right hashtag in your picture, it will reach the right people and the number of interactions with your picture and profile will increase. For this, you have to get the 'Top Tags for Likes' app, where it will automatically create the relevant hashtags for your picture.

Share the instagram pic on Facebook: Just as the instagram, facebook is also a social media which helps promote and run business. In that case, sharing the same picture in both the apps will definitely let your picture reach a lot of people at the same time. Thereby on both the platforms your content will get a lot of reach than you expected.
Instagram has the feature to broadcast the photos to facebook. To get it done, all you have to do is to link your facebook account to the instagram, thereafter you can share pictures directly at a glance at both the instagram and facebook timeline.

Schedule instagram photos: While using the instagram, you would have noticed that there is a specific time when your pictures get a lot of interactions and in some due time, they get less likes. In that case, you can schedule your picture to be posted at a relevant time using a third party app named 'Lattergramme'. Using this you can upload and do all the needed step and then schedule a time for the post.

Instagram Layout: The layout in the instagram is very important as when your profile looks colorful or beautifully arranged, people will start interacting with it more. So thereby creating a piece of picture in a most unique way is essential. You can get the app 'Layout from Instagram' app to create collages from your pictures and create a lovely picture out.

Android instagram browser: The instagram browser is common to all, but of you are looking for a different instagram interface with a lot more features linked in, then you can try out the 'Grab the instagram' app to you android smartphone and use the instagram UI in a different way. Thereby browsing the instagram will be with a lot of new features.

Ask for questions in the caption

When you add in some questions in the caption that strikes your audience, then they will spend time in posting a comment in your post. This way you get more interactions and that way, when you get 10 or 15 comments within an hour then you can make big difference in your post as it will get you post to the explore page and that way, you can get more likes and followers.

Story polling feature

In our instagram story section, we have the ability to add polls and engagement bars. You can ask a question and make your audience answer it or tap on a poll, which will increase the engagement with your posts and thereby boost the visibility of your post.

Instagram check out the engagement of the stories through a few factors and that will take your account for a better reach, more views and impressions.

Make sure to post regularly

This is a very important point to ponder onto. If you want a good reach and is looking for a better engagement in your instagram account then you have to post frequently. Post atleast a post a day and then eventually increase the numbers. This will help you have a good growth and reach higher.

When you post, you have to make sure that you post it at the right time when most of your audience are online. Check it out from the analytics.

Share your feed post in the story soon after posting it

When you post a picture or a video in your feed post, then make sure to share in immediately in the story too. So that your audience will know that you have posted something and reach out for your account soon enough. Getting likes, comments and shares soon after posting a post will increase your account impression and reach more people faster.

Know that more people tend to watch the stories more than the feed and that way you can get to your target by sharing your post to your story. When they click on the picture that you shared in the story, it will direct them to your feed and that way, if they like the post you will get more hearts, comments or they might even save the post. All these will literally increase the engagement and impressions of your post and account.

Write down an interesting caption

When your caption is eye catching, your audience will want to like the post and even comment on it. Which will reach out for a higher engagement. So write down an interesting caption and make people comment down something. Ask questions, share feelings or about any trending news. When people spend more time reading and commenting on your post, the instagram gets it to a good reach. One important point is when people find your caption interesting but have no time reading it, they will save the post which is a plus point.

Replying on all the comments that you get

When people comment on your post, like the comment and reply to it, you can literally increase the engagement by starting up a conversation in the comment section, this will event boost up the post. Remember comments are a very important factor in instagram, it will likely take your account for a better reach. The longer the comments are the better the reach will be.

So make sure you reply to all the comments and get people back to your account and comment more. Make it a habit. Comment on other influencers posts too. Make it a regular habit so people notice you more often and check out for your account.

Conduct instagram contests

There are enough giveaways that takes place in instagram. Having such contest will not just increase your likes and followers but get your account to a reach where people will get to know an account like this exists. So that will be a good point for your account. 

When you give your audience the best products so let them know that they can win something through your account, they will eventually get into an engagement and start following all the rules that you provide with.

Create an interesting promo image, and post it in your feed and story. Explain what the giveaway or the contest is all about and add in the right hashtags.

Type the rules clears as shown below-

#1. Like the post and tag 3 or more friends....

#2. Follow the account...

#3. Share the post in their stories...

This will pave the way for your audience to have more interaction will your account and help with more engagement.

That's it, now we have taken a look at a few tips and tricks on how to maintain a best instagram profile. you can follow these methods, even if you are using a business profile or a normal personal use profile. These tips will help you increase your followers and get more likes to the photo that you share. You can maintain a profile in a professional way. It is all about a 'click', click a picture and then make your followers click alike and the ones who do not follow you click on the follow button. Hope this guide will be useful for all the instagram users out there looking for a way to promote the page with no cost.