Make Photo Black and White with Some Colors in Android

We are all living in a colorful world which is filled with technology from every side. As we all have different devices in our hand, we don’t spare a day without going into the social media platform. We are literally addicted to them. As now we doesn’t need only a camera to take picture, we can take quality pictures using our android mobile and make it look professional using an edit app.

So this way, we see people posting pictures in facebook and instagram in a daily basis. Sometimes we might wonder how they actually edited that pic or how they managed to focus so perfectly. So today we are going to check out on how to do such a wonderful trick to your black and white photo and make it so professional.

It is very easy to turn a colorful picture into a black and white picture but have you ever wondered how to bring some light into the black and white picture? Have you seen any pictures which is black and white but one or two objects in the pic will have a beautiful color? To get this trick done, you will not need to know Photoshop like everyone say or you will not have to have a professional camera. You can perform the same edit task in your android in just a few clicks. Yes, that possible with the right app in your hand. So now let’s take a look at a few apps which will help you get this beautiful effect to your black and white photo with a little color here or there.

Best Android Apps for Color Splash

Color Splash Photo: This app gives to a wide range of features that will make your photo stand out with a unique feature in it. You can use any size of the brushes by adjusting them, can also blur your image, undo the brush strokes and also change the color of the objects.
When you select an image to edit, you will note that it is desaturated. You can choose for the original option which is at the bottom and start changing the color for the area or object you wish. The grey tool in the tool box is the eraser. So you can change things and undo when you wish.

Color Splash effect Photo Editor: This ‘color splash effect photo editor’ is another unique and outstanding app among all because it gives you various options to help you add a splash color to your black and white image.

It has 3 features in it: one is that you can yourself color the area that you want to make it stand out, the other feature is that this app provides you with some shapes which you can select to make a splash of color in that shape and the other is the reversal process of the above one, where you can add grey to the area inside the particular shape and color the area out with any colors you wish. You can do that by tapping on the area twice. You can also change the size of the selected shape by pinching it in and out.

Paletta - Smart Color Splash: This app is one of another wonderful app which uses artificial intelligence to detect the colors in your picture. All you have to do is tap on the color to make it on.

You can add many colors as you wish. If you think you want to change the automatic colorization then you can use the brush and eraser to change colors.

Color Splash EffectThis ‘color splash effect’ app is one the easiest app to use. It will help you do your works accurately with no errors. The best part about this app is that it offers Smart color mode. This app will detect the objects in the picture automatically and help add colors to them. So that you can easily splash a color to a black and white picture and make them look extra ordinary.

As I told you, it’s very easy to use. When you open the app it will straightly help you access the splash mode. If you want to edit the picture first before adding splash color, then you can do so in the same app. Ones you have completed the editing process you can press on the splash button to add a color. You can use the zoom icon to start using the pinch to zoom option. The photo will automatically turn black; you can use the tools to add color to it as you wish.

That’s it, now we have seen a few apps which will help you edit your picture in a split of a second and make it look one of the best among all the other with some unique feature that can go trending. So you can now select the app that you desire and make a change in your post. Hope you will enjoy using the splash apps.