Phone Raises Loud Alarm When Sim Card is Changed

This world is so advanced that today we see so many modern and technological things that has developed in a great deal. The technology provides answers for so many questions. Huge number of security related apps are being developed by various app developers for android smartphones. They help us also to get security from in and out.

So today I'm going to introduce another security related app for your android device. This can protect your phone by blocking the device when someone try to change the sim card. This is quite helpful in a situation where someone steals your phone, remove your sim card and then insert a new one. Here, the app act quickly and prevent the device from using with a new sim card.

Not only block the sim card, but also send the newly inserted sim card number to your any other phone through short message service which might be helpful to trace the thief and as well as send a mail to your email box with the new sim card number and the current location of the device in case if GPS service is available in your phone.

Yes..! This is possible with sim change alert app for android. This app works based on current sim card registered in the phone and when a new sim card is inserted, the device will require a password to unlock the device. Until you enter the right password configured earlier in your device, the device will keep ringing an alarm tone.

So lets have a look on how to setup your android phone to prevent the new sim card registration and raise alarm if someone inserts a new sim card without your knowledge.

How to Raise Alarm When Sim Card is Changed

You have to get the app named 'Sim change alert' directly from google play store to your android smart phone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to configure the settings to make the phone to raise alarm when the sim card is changed.
Firstly, start the app in your phone and make the following changes in settings before you use it.

Now you have to setup the pin code or pattern lock to stop the alarm sound when sim gets changed. So you're the only person who know the password to stop the alert sound once the sim gets changed.

After that you have to setup emergency email address and emergency SMS number in the app.

That's it. From now on, if someone inserts a new sim card, an alarm will raise to confirm whether it's you or not. You can get this app directly from google Playstore to your android phone by searching 'Sim change alert'.

This app is very useful to have in your phone to find the thief in case your phone is stolen and the sim card is changed by the thief.

Update (16/03/2019)

This application has been removed from google playstore. This might be removed by the developer or the playstore support team due to any particular reason. Since we don't own this app, we are not able to provide you the exact reason for the removal from google playstore.

Update - 2 (11/05/2020) - Content updated with alternative app

As the above mentioned app is no longer working, let me provide you with another alternative app which will help you do the same.

Anti-theft Alarm: This app will also do a great job in helping you by alerting when the sim card in your connected phone is being removed or changed. It will start to raise the alarm and will continue until the right password is entered. And the best part is, even if the app is stopped the alarm will still go on. So only the one who knows the password can stop it. Sounds great, isn’t it? Not only that but along with the alarm that would go on when the sim is changed, there are few other features to ponder onto, such as the alarm will go on even on silent mode and you can also set an alarm to start when someone else pick your phone or remove it from the charger.

This will help you to be precaution when you are not around your phone or in case someone try using your phone without your awareness and change your sim card.