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Which is Best App to Find Unknown Caller - Eyecon or SyncME

The problem of getting continuous calls from unknown numbers is a real problem. Those calls can ruin our minds and bring so much of tension in. The caller might sometime talk nonsense where you will be unable to do nothing. There are also times when you think that someone is trying to pull your legs by pranking you from an unknown number or their new number.

So in such moments all you will want to do is to find out the person and now doing that is pretty easy. I have two best solution that I am going to talk about today, those are 'Eyecon' and 'Sync.ME' apps for your android device. Both these apps does a very good job in finding out the unknown caller by revealing us the id of them. While the eyecon application provides it's users with the unique features of revealing the name along with the picture of the unknown caller by detecting the number in the social media platform such as facebook, it also saves you from spams and scam calls by blocking them automatically.

The best part about this app is that you will be able to check if the person you are going to call is free at the moment or is on another call. So this app is just a click away, where you can at a glance find out the unknown caller using the eyecon app.

At the same time, the Sync.ME app also does the best in finding out the unknown caller with their name and photo using the social media profile. It will identify spam calls and detect robocalls. Just as the eyecon application, this is also one recognized app among its users to find out the unknown caller and get rid of the continuous calls.

As we have two applications in our hands, we can chose any app as per our wish and use it to find out the unknown caller, but if you are confused with what to use, then let me help you find the right one. Let us first have a brief look at how to use both the apps and then it will make you easy to select the best among the two. Why wasting time, lets go check it out.

How to Find Unknown Caller Name and Photo

You have to get the app named 'Eyecon' directly from google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to trace out the unknown person including his picture which they have used in social media account.
Firstly launch the app in your phone and enter your mobile number to register to find unknown callers.

Then start the app in your phone. Go to home tab and click on search bar. Now type the mobile number with the country code that you wants to find out who the caller is.

Wait for a second. Boom..! Now the app will reveal the unknown caller with their name, photo and social media profile links.

So this way you can find the anonymous caller details through eyecon app in easy way. Now let's see how to find the unknown caller using application.

How to Find Unknown Caller Using Sync.Me

You have get the 'Sync.Me' application directly from google playstore to your android device.

Next type your mobile number and sign up with the application to continue.

Then start the app in your phone and go to home screen. There click on search tab and type the mobile number that you wants to find out who it is.

Within few seconds, app will show you the anonymous caller's name, their photo from various social media profiles, email address and much more details.

That's it, this is how you can use app to find the unknown caller details. 

So you can download 'Eyecon' app and 'Sync.ME' app directly from google playstore to your android device from the links given below.

Which App is Best to Find Unknown Callers

As per the features available in both the apps, we can see both the apps are best in their respective duty to find out the unknown caller along with their name and photo. So I suggest you to have both the apps in your android device because in case if any of one app failed to find the unknown caller, you can search them in the other.

I hope this guide might helped you to find the unknown caller with their name and photo.

Voice Change App for Audio Calls in Android

Living a short life, we all want companions through out our journey in this world. We come passing many people in our life and some stays longer or forever with us such as friends and family. When we are all together with our gang, there are a lot of things that we do. It would be fun hanging out with a group of interesting people with interesting things to do.

When it comes to gatherings and function, all of us comes with a lot of new ideas to have fun, and if you are also someone who is looking for a way to catch up with a hilarious all time awesome fun to take, then you are in the right place for that. You can now try out the pranking game with gang. If there is someone missing among that group and you want to tease them and make fun out of them to see how they are going to react to the prank calls they get from strangers. But wondering how to get that done as they might know your voice and easily find out who the person is even before you start your game. If you are not good at mimic and has no talent at talking like someone else, then no one of you will ever try pranking any of you r friends and will never know the fun. no worries in such cases, even if you or anyone around you don't know to mimic or even wills to try it, you still can do the same prank without any problems and without getting caught.

There is a perfect app that is innovated especially to prank your friends by providing the opportunity to change you voice into a totally different voice. Yes, the app named 'Magiccall' will help you with this. It is a perfect app that contains varieties of voices to select such as male voice, female, baby, robot, cartoon, and kid voice. Where you will be able to chose a voice and call your friend or family using the app and it will automatically change your voice into the voice that you selected from the list. Thereby when you call someone, even the one who knows you very well will not be able to recognize you in any cost until you reveal them. I have personally gone through a few apps that promises to provide a quality voice changing call experience but always fails to keep up there promise as no app changed the voice to the quality where your loved ones will not be bale to find out, but this app the Magiccall is a perfect bomb. It not only changes the voice totally but also gives a great quality of calling experience. The best part is that it also provides some background sounds, so that when you talk to them it will play a background sound which will sound as you are somewhere else, like a concert, in a traffic, airport sounds or even a romantic sound can be played. So that even if someone shouts or talks from behind, it will not be heard along with the sound.

For our goodness the app has updated itself with new features where it provides us some more extra voices and background sounds. Thereby now you will have a lot of voice and background sound options to choose from as per your wish. So why wasting time? Come let's take a look at how to get it done and start pranking friends and family.

How to Change Voice When Speaking Calls

You have to get the app named 'Magiccall' directly from the google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Lets move on to know how to change your voice during phone calls into a total stranger with anyone.

Firstly launch the app in your phone and then use your mobile number to register with it.

Then you will come across the list of voices that can be used to change your voice into a different character during calls.

There you can select any voice that you want to use and test it before making a call to check the quality.

Next you can also check on the background sounds by selecting the 'background' tab which is available in the settings menu of the app.

This app also gives you the opportunity to record phone calls. You can check the feature out from the settings tab.

You can also listen to all the recorded calls by going to the 'My recording tab' which is available in the main menu.

That's it, we have gone through the basic methods of configuring the magiccall application. From now you can use this app to have a total fun conversation with friends and family. So you can download this app directly from google playstore to your android smartphone by searching 'Magiccall'

Hope this guide will be helpful for all of you who wish to have fun with a gang of friends or family members. But note that this is only for the purpose of fun and not for other illegal activities.

Audio Editing Apps for Android

We are literally seeing so many new innovations that are being introduced. Out of all those, smartphones are one best device that is used by everyone today. From the adults to very young kids are using smartphones for various other purposes. As the smartphone comes with a wide range of features in it, it has turned out to be the most essential things to own.

We all well know of all the features that the smartphone carries along with it. At the same time it is light weight and easy to handle. In that case when we compare all the smart phones, Androids are the most user friendly among all. So here we are going to check on some best audio editing app for android.

As we are using the android smart phones for different uses, we see it comes with the availability to support a huge range of applications in the google playstore. We might have come across photo editing and video editing apps, but if you are not aware of the audio editing apps or doesn't know which one is the best to choose, then you are at the right place. Audio editing is also used by a majority of the people to create a beautiful piece of audio to upload for the social media or for other official or personal use. So come lets take a look at a few audio editing apps that works perfectly with different features included in each one of them.

Audio Editing Apps for Android

MP3 Cutter: If you are someone who is looking for a easy and better way to cut and edit audios of your choice in a fun way, then this 'MP3 cutter' will be the best solution for you. This application will help you with the merging of the audio files too. It is designed in such a way that all the features in it will be easily handled by anyone who use it.

Media Converter: This application helps the users to convert any kinds of media formats, such as mp3, mp4, ogg, avi, mpeg and so much more. The other features such as chop, clip or even extract the audio is available. Thereby you will also be able to create ringtones as per your wish. You can change or edit audios in a wide range using this application.

AndroSound Audio Editor: This application has a huge range of features for audio editing in it. The users will be able to trim audio files, use fade in/out effect, do audio looping, extract audio from video files, add echo and so much more. If you are someone looking for a profession touch in your audio editing, then this will be a perfect choice for you. You can also directly share your audio files and also assign ringtone to your mates. The best part is, you can produce ringtones, alarm tones, notifications and create song clips.

WavePad Audio Editor: If you are looking for a editor that allows you to record audios and edit on the go, then here you are. This is specially designed for with the formula or record, edit, add effects and then send the audio. 

In an audio you will be able to add effects and at the same time clean up unnecessary background sounds and create a high quality audio recording.
It also supports with a multiple audio formats and helps you cut, paste or edit as per your wish. This app will be a smart choice if you are looking to edit an audio in a professional way.

Music Maker Jam: This is one of the ultimate music mix app. This application lets it's users to combine as many musics effects or clips together and bring a new audio out to the world. You can create a wide genre of music using this app, such as jazz, trap, hiphop, rock, pop and more. You can either select a clip from any music to edit or even create your own clips and make your track yourself. If you are interested in creating a piece of audio of your own choice this will work for you.

Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter: This application literally comes with a lot of features in it. You will have all what you want in here. You can trim audio, merge two or more files together, mix audio clips and change metadata fields. Users can also convert files from one format to another easily. So using the features you can create ringtones, notification tones and also alarm tones as per your choice.  Cutting and editing is simple in this app. It also contain an inbuilt MP3 player in it, where as you can record any audios and start editing directly. It works super fast in editing and rendering.

That's it, now we have checked on a few best audio editing apps for android. These apps are some of the best trending apps used among the android users. 

You can chose any of the above mentioned apps of your choice as per your need and start editing your audio in just a few clicks. You can now create your own ringtone or any piece of audio and enjoy it by sharing it with your contacts and friends.

How to Schedule Text Messages in Android

As we are all living in a very busy world, we miss a lot of important things. With the works at office, school and home we forget the dates and thereby miss out a lot of birthdays, functions or many such events. To remember such things we usually do set reminders but how many of us get time to check out the phones when we are loaded with works? 

We sometimes don’t even get a chance to take the phone out of our bags or pockets. What comes to be worse in such a situation is when you forget to send any messages to someone and it turns out to be a disaster. We will definitely fall in a trouble when we don’t send a birthday wish at 12 to our loved ones. Though you might remember the birthday but then with other works you get delayed to message or sometimes you might even fall asleep.

So for these you will have no excuse. Not only that, but because of busy schedule you might forget to send any important official messages too. To overcome this problem you can’t send the message earlier but you can schedule a text message to send on the time you want by typing them earlier and setting the time. One of the best and easiest ways to accomplish the work on time by sending the message without a delay.

There are so many applications which will help you with this problem and get you saved in many ways from your boy/girl friend or your manager in office. So come let’s take a look at how to get this done from a few applications that works the best.

Schedule Text Messages - Android

Textra: This app is mostly used by the users to customize and make your messaging app look creative.

At the same time the amazing feature of scheduling the text messages is also available so that you can easily accomplish your texts in your free time and start up with your other works without waiting for the right time.
All you got to do to schedule a time for your composed message is click on the plus (+) button which is available at the center of the screen and tap on the clock icon to set the time. 

That it, now ones the date and the time is set , the scheduled messages will be shown using a green clock icon.

Pulse SMS: This app got so many features that are linked to the messaging in different creative ways, but the most needed feature among them is the possibility to schedule a time for the text messages. To get it done is also way too simple and that’s why we see so many users using this app.

You have to simply type in a message and then tap on the three dots that available on the top right corner of the app’s screen. Then there you have to select the ‘schedule a message’ and there set the date and the time in which you want o message to be sent and then press ‘send’.

All the scheduled messages will be stored in a different folder. To check out those messages you can click on the ‘hamburger menu > Scheduled messages’. There you can see the messages that are scheduled.

Do It Later: This is one of the best app as it as it allows you to not only schedule messages but also mails, calls and also tweets. So this app comes with a lot such amazing features. If you wish to not send scheduled messages automatically and you want to get reminders, then this app has also got that feature for you. It is also very easy to use.

To schedule the messages you can simply tap on the ‘+’ button and there you will have to select the message and select the contact/s for whom you want the message to be sent. Then compose the message and select the time or insert your own time and get it set. If you wish the app to ask permission before the app sends the message. Then you can get that done too.

Schedule SMS: This app will perfectly help you send the messages that you schedule without any errors or delays. To get a message scheduled, you have to tap on the ‘+’ plus button and type in a message. Then set the date and time for the message to be sent. And that’s all, it’s a very simple process to do.

In-built Message Scheduling Feature

Some of the androids such as Samsung, LG and Xiaomi have this feature inbuilt at their handset but not all phones have this feature. You can check if your phone has this feature in it by opening the native message tab and click on a message. There click on the three dots option which is available on the top right corner of the screen. If your handset supports this feature then you will have the option as ‘schedule message’. This option is available on the Samsung S8 and you can check out on your phones for the availability.

This method will not need any third party apps to schedule a message. On the Xiaomi phone, to check the feature, you have to tap on the ‘+’ button in the compose message screen. And there you have to select the ‘timed’ option to schedule a message.

That’s it, we have now seen a few ways on how to schedule messages to be sent later on time without any difficulty. These methods will help you out from many difficult situations. So hope this will help you all out and save your time.

How to Make Reverse Video in Android

Today in this modernized world, we all know how the social media is playing a vital role among all. From the morning until we fall asleep we use our phones and what we browse is our social media apps, such as facebook, instagram and so on. For in the meantime we also upload what we feel, we post pictures and videos and wait to see how many people reacts to our posts. It’s just a happy feeling that we get when we get a lot of likes, shares and positive comments. 

For that very purpose we try a lot of tricks and tips to make our post more creative and unique. So keeping that in mind, today I am going to share you a way in which you can create a lovely reverse video by yourself.

As we are all addicted to the technological world, we wish to always create something creative daily. Today we doesn’t need a camera to take pictures or shoot videos, we can do the same using our smart phone and it will also let us easily edit things and post them in social medias directly. So as for that we record videos of everything that’s beautiful and also sometime we make weird poses and record a video. But simply having a normal video is out of trend now, so we do some editing to them, the best on trend edit is the reversal video edit. It makes the video repeat many times and makes it look funny at the same time so cute. So wish we can do the same with so many video. There are so many social media apps that allow you to create such videos as boomerang and so on but you can’t create a lengthy video in them and the other problem is you have to share it in the same media. Sometimes some apps won’t support all of your video clips, so you have to cut and chop them off to get a video done.

But why worry so much when you have other ways to accomplish the same task in a way better method. Now you can easily make a change in your video by making it a reverse video using your android smart phone in a few seconds. So why waste time here, come let’s have a look at how to get it done in a quick explanation.

How to Make Reverse Video in Android

You have to get the app named ‘Reverse movie FX’ directly from the google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Let’s move on to know how to record a video and turn it into reverse in your android device.

Firstly launch the app and click on the ‘start reverse’ icon from the main interface.

Next you have to select one of the options out of ‘choose movie’ or ‘record movie’. When you select the ‘choose movie’ you will be directed to the gallery. Selecting the ‘record movie’ will open up your camera.

Now tap on the ‘red circular shutter button’ to start recording a video and when you want to stop recording press the same ‘red shutter button’.

Then the video you recorded will be available, you can check on the video and then press the ‘tick’ icon to continue.

Thereafter you will be able to trim the video by adjusting the frame points of the timer.

Then you can do any settings changes in the ‘reversing options’ and ones done press on the ‘start reversing’ option. If you want to create a loop video version then you can choose the ‘reversed + original’ or ‘original + reversed’ options given below. The video might take a few moments to complete the processing task depending on the size of your video.

Next, you can also add any filters from the drop down menu that’s given and add any other music or sound clips if you wish or you can also proceed with the original audio of the video and when done, you have to tap on the option ‘ok’ to save the changes.

That’s it. Now your video will be reversed and edited for a better quality and look. The reversed video will be automatically saved in your gallery under the folder named ‘reversed’.

Now you can easily share them in any social media platform and have fun. So you can download 'reverse movie fx' app directly from google playstore to your android smartphone by Clicking here.

This will be useful for all the active social media persons who share videos in a daily routine. Hope you will be able to make fun filled reverse videos in no time using your android device.

How to Find Unknown Caller - Eyecon Alternative

We are living in an era where there are unimaginable innovations placed right in front of our eyes. so much of modernization and technological developments. the whole society is changed into a state where we can literally connect to someone who is miles and miles away from us, we can see them, talk to them and spend hours or even the whole day with them through the smart devices. 

We gain a lot of advantages due to these innovations at the same time, people use it the other way around too. getting anonymous phone calls are one such thing that we need to talk about. Thereby today lets us take a look at how to find the unknown callers with their name and photo. When we get wrong calls or unknown calls continuously, it will start to be an annoyance. Finding who is doing all these crap is the way to put a full stop to all the annoyance. To find out the details of the anonymous caller we have a perfect application name 'Eyecon'.

Eyecon is one of the best solution provider for this problem, as it not only finds us the name of the unknown caller using his/her mobile number but also it detects their phone number and scan for the social media apps that has the number linked in and provide us the profile picture of the account owner. Whereas we will be able to take a look at the picture and find out the person easily. When we know who is troubling us with wrong calls and messages, we can take a step back and solve the problem.

As we are pretty sure on how perfect the 'Eyecon' application is, we are still going to talk about a list of other alternative applications for Eyecon. It will be better if we have a few options to solve the problem in a glance. Just as the app eyecon, there are few other applications which works accordingly to provide you with the solutions to find out the unknown caller in different and unique ways. Each applications has their own ways and methods. Thereby before moving to the alternatives, lets take a quick view at how to use the application 'Eyecon'.

How to Find Unknown Caller with Photo

You have to get the 'Eyecon' application directly from google playstore to your android smartphone.

Let's move on to have a quick look on how to find out unknown caller with their photo which they are using in their social media profile.
Firstly start the app in your android device and it will ask you a mobile number to register in it.

Once the registration process is completed, go to the home screen in the app and click on 'search bar'.

Next type the mobile number including the country code to find the unknown caller details.

That's it, now eyecon app will reveal the anonymous caller's name, photo and details from their facebook profile.

This is how you can find unknown caller with their name and photo using eyecon. So you can download this application directly from google playstore to your android device by Clicking here.

Alternative apps for Eyecon

Hiya: This application has a lot of features to provide you with to find the unknown caller, such as spam call blocker, find out the name of the caller and also spam call alerts. Through this you can easily detect the number and either block them or do as you wish.

Showcaller: This app comes with so much of benefits. It helps you identify the truecaller id name along with the region. At the same time it also will avoid spam, scam or telemarketing calls automatically and help you block numbers and also record calls.

Whoscall: One of the recognized phone app with the ability to identify unknown numbers and reveal you the name of the person from whom you are getting unknown calls and messages. This also will let you block calls with no tension.

Drupe: This application got the ability of smart caller ID tracker and blocker to find out unknown numbers. Along with it you also get a smart dialer and a call blocking option along with the missed call manager and contact based reminder as an extra feature.

That's it, now we have taken a look at list of alternative apps for 'eyecon' which will help us find out the unknown caller and solve the problem of continuous calls. Hope this will be helpful for everyone out there.

How to Hide Any Apps in Android

Today, living in this world that’s filled with technology, we are being able to witness new things in a daily basis. Sometimes things can get complicated in the modern world with all the modern equipment, but still we always wish to mingle with the technology as it makes things quiet easy. 

We see how today we are able to do things in a split of a second which took nearly months or years in the past. One good example can be sending messages or communicating with the ones who are out of the country. So in that way, we started to use all the modern equipment and devices to make things easier.

Smart phones are one among the most used device. So today we are going to see one easy trick that we can do in a smart phone. We use a mobile phone for various reasons. Today we see very less people who don’t use a smart device. When we use our mobiles, we will do various things with it. It’s not just about contacting another person but via a smart phone we can accomplish so many works, in basic we can earn using our smart phone. So for this purpose we will have downloaded a lot of apps that we need. Sometimes those apps can be a little confidential and you will not wish to share them with anyone else. You will not even want others knowing what apps you are using.

But there can be instances where your colleagues, friends or even anyone from your family might take your phone and use it or check it. So in that case, the apps that you are secretly using will be revealed, which you will not want to use. So how can you actually protect your secret apps from coming into light of others eyes? 

Well, you can maintain the privacy of your apps only if you can hide it somewhere where others can’t see. But how can that be done in a smart phone? We all know that Android smart phones come with so many features and make it a user friendly device. We are in a state to do changes and download as many apps as we want in an Android device. So for sure, this problem can be solved in your android too, as it supports with so many apps and also there are plenty of inbuilt feature that you have to find out. You can actually now hide the apps behind a security bar, where no one else will be able to see or even will they know that you have hid something. Only you will be able to open that app and make it visible in the screen with the security code/password. So come let’s see how to get this done in two ways.

In-build Feature of Android 5.0+

Firstly long tap in your android smart phone go to the setting tab.

There you have to scroll down and select the option names ‘Protected app’.

Next, you have to provide a pattern lock to use as your security protection to hide the apps.

Thereafter, you will get a list of all the apps that are available in your android smart phone. All you have to do is select the app that you want to hide.

Then, press save and your apps will be hidden and won’t be visible in the phone’s home screen. To open the app you have to go to the ‘protected app’ option and provide the security pattern and unlock it.

That’s it. This is how you can use the inbuilt feature that’s available in the android phone without using any third party apps.

Use Go Launcher to Hide Apps 

You have to get the app named ‘Go launcher’ directly from google playstore to your android smartphone.

Let’s move on to know how to hide any apps from your home screen in a android device and protect your privacy.

Firstly you have to launch the app in your android phone and then press on the option ‘Enjoy’ to continue.

Next, you have to open the main menu and long press on any of the app that you wish to hide. Then in the top right corner of the screen you will see an option ‘hide’ with an eye icon. Simply drag the app to the ‘hide’ option.

Then you have to set a pattern lock to hide your app with security and with the simple steps asked your app will be hidden from the home screen. 

To open the hidden app, you have to go to the ‘tools’ option and select the app named ‘hide app’.

Thereafter it will ask you for the pattern lock, provide it.

There you will see your hidden apps.

That’s it. Now this way you can easily hide any of the apps that you wish to keep hidden due to your personal reasons. It’s very simple and works perfectly. So now you can select any of the 1 method mentioned above out of the two. Hope this will be useful for all the android users.