Photo Editing: List of Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

PicsArt Photo Editor is the best as it is an all in one app where you can not only edit pictures but you can also edit videos and make collages as you wish. The features that it comes with will let you create amazing edits using your smartphones in a professional level. There are so many trendy photo filters and effects available for the users to choose from. You also have the option to remove unwanted objects and get photo retouch feature. The best part is, it also contains the beautifying tools where you can change your skin tone, hair color and even get eye lenses.

Powerful Photo Editor for Android with Animation Effects

Photography has taken a huge place in the world from the black and white photography era to now. It always has been something very special. As the evolvement of technology smart devices has become an essential tool in our lives. Photography and video capturing have become very convenient with the use of smartphones as you can carry them anywhere.

With the smartphone in our hand we are able to capture the moment and save it in our devices for future references. Although photography has become an easy task there are so many perspective and notions behind it. People not only capture pictures for their memories but also for work related stuffs and for business need. People rely on social media nowadays as it has taken a great toll in all our work-related purposes. This digital space is where we showcase our photography talents and share professional related photographs.

Social media like Instagram is a great platform for digital content creators, influencers, personal bloggers and for people who constantly share picture. Talents are being showcased using these modern platforms and people are so eager to share their pictures online. People have got the opportunity to bring their pictures forward to the world and make big impacts. Its kind of very important that we edit our picture and make it look more professional or add a bit of a magic before sharing them in Facebook or any other social media. All what we need is a good editing app to bring our picture to the spot light.

There are so many photo editing apps available in the market for downloading. Some apps can also be downloaded for free and some are paid versions. With the availability of thousand of app we find it hard to pick an app that suits our needs. Not all the apps come with all the important features so here I am to help you out with spotting a wonderful app with all the features in one. The app we are talking about is called 'Photo director- photo editor'. This app contains all the necessary features such as filters, effects and other editing options. Editing stories has become very easy using this app. You can brighten your images and a powerful animation tool could be used to animate your photo which will give live movement by giving it life. This app has so many animation effects such as sky replacements, decorations, overlays, dispersion etc. Another interesting feature is, you can remove unwanted object from a picture. The color and the lighting can be adjusted with precision editing tool. Your picture can also be cropped and transform the picture with a simple touch feature which will enhance and change every detail of it.

Other interesting features like face shaping tool can make natural and precise changes to your face. Magic brush tool, gradient tool, collage tool, sticker maker, blur photo editor, light ray effects are all some of the amazing features available within this app. Wonderful isn’t it? But don’t forget that it also includes the basic tools such as crop, rotate, highlight, shadow, contrast brightness, saturate and warmth adjustments.

All you Instagram users, here’s an exciting news for you. Along with the features told above you also have an extra feature called 'Instafill' which is very useful for Instagram posting. Now do you believe that this app is an allrounder with all the features included. Without further delay we will dive right into how to put this app into work.

Edit Your Photos with Animation Effects

You have to get the app named 'PhotoDirector photo editor' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to make your picture looks colourful by using effects, filters, animations, animated decors and many other photo editing options.
First launch your app and tap 'Edit' to add picture from your device gallery or you can also directly capture a photo by tapping the 'Camera' option.

In this article we have selected a picture from our gallery. After choosing the picture it will be shown in the app with editing tool bar.

Now its up to you to edit your image as per your need with the huge number of tool available to select. You can use style, blur tool, effects etc... to enhance your pictures.

The next option you can try is 'Overlay' tool which you will find in the menu bar. Here you can tap the sub tool called 'Blender' to add some lovely filters to your picture.

Do you know that this app also allows you to add text in your photo with different types of fonts, styles and colors. Double color filter effect also can be added to your picture with the help of the tool called 'Gradient'. This will make your text look attractive.

This app contains more editing features and options within it. Now you know how to do the basic photo editing with the app and you will get familiar with the other advanced tools once you started to use them. When you are done with all the editing you can download it to your gallery by tapping the 'Download' option which you will find on top of the apps interface.

That's it, now we have come to the end of this article. Hopefully you are now familiar with the basics of this 'PhotoDirector photo editor' app as we have mentioned the important instructions above. So you can download this app directly from Google playstore 
to your Android smart device by Clicking here.

Photo editing apps have become so convenient because we can edit our picture in a short period of time with ease. We highly recommend you to use this app to edit your pictures before posting it to your Instagram or any other social media sites. With the help of 'PhotoDirector photo editor' app your social media profile is going to shine with some amazingly edited pictures and with creative contents for sure. Enjoy editing.

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