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How to Add Voice Effects in iOS While Calling Someone

Smartphones have always been one of the priorities. We are all addicted to all the features of a smartphone that we cannot go a day without using our phones. There are many models and operating systems found today and among them the iOS captures a very important place in the hearts of the youths and young generation.

That is why iphones are always on trend. It comes with a lot of fantastic features inbuilt, but have you ever wanted to have an extra feature that it doesn’t have in it? Well, i wanted to. All i wished to have in my iOS phone is voice changing ability while on a phone call. You all might wonder why someone need that feature. To be honest, I like having fun around and creating beautiful memories with my friends and family. The best trick that I always wanted to do was to prank them but unfortunately the prank always goes wrong.

I am not a magician or a mimicking artist so I was bad at it. That is when I came across a video of someone pranking their friends talking to them over the phone using different voices and the beat part was, they were just using an app and that was all. That was so cool and I wanted to try it. It worked so damn good and everyone literally thought some stranger was talking to them, knowing all their details. Sounds great right?

I found an awesome app that helped me to change my voice from normal to cartoon and many other voice effects were available such as the robot, baby, old man and so on. The effects were so real that no one would be able to identify my real voice. The effects were just perfect. That is why I thought I should share this with everyone else, if you are also looking for a way to talk to your sister or your brother like someone else and want to piss them off, then you should have the app I am talking about in your iphone. Not only for that but you can also sometime annoy your friends or even your family members. All these will definitely create lovely memories to sit and laugh at later.

Okay, let me not drag, I will tell you what you should look for. There are so many applications that says to give the best voice changing feature but as far as I know most of them don’t corporate or help us get the best. So after trying with a few I came across a some apps that were good enlightenment. I go deep with one of the best app first and it is the app ‘Funny call- Prank calls with voice changer’. So this app will provide you a great service without lagging or any such hindrance. It has got many effects that the user can test and select before making a call. So come on, let us look at the step by step setup procedures.

How to Add Voice Effects During Phone Call

You have to get the app named ‘Funny call- Prank calls with voice changer’ directly from the iOS app store to your iphone or ipad.

Let's move on to check how to add various voice effects while talking to your loved ones over the phone to prank them out.
Firstly, launch the app in your phone and click on the 'start the fun' icon, which is available on the main screen and then select your country from the list provided.

Then enter your mobile number in the given space and it will eventually send you an OTP code via sms. Next add the code and tap on the ‘continue’ option.

Thereafter you will have to plugin your headphones, for that tap ‘Ok’ and continue the process. Then select the contact number from the phonebook or enter the number of the person you want to prank call to. Now it will provide you all the available voices, you can select the effect that you wish to use and tap ‘call’.

That is all, now your phone call will start and you can have your conversation using a different voice and prank the other person as you wish. So you can download this app directly from the iOS app store to your iphone by searching ‘Funny call- Prank calls with voice changer’.

But along with this app there is an alternative application which would work the same as this. So if you think you want to check on another app, then you can try the below mentioned app.

Call voice changer

This application works great too, it has got plenty of voices to select from such as the cartoon voice, alien, robot, male, female and so on. You can select any of them as you wish.

Firstly you have to get the app named ‘Call voice changer- IntCall’ directly from your iOS app store to your iPhone.

Then you have to launch the app and type the phone number along with the country code that you want to call.

Before you start to make a call, you cab press on the 'demo' button and test on the voices that you want to select.

You can also choose to set the tone of your voice effect from low, high, lowest or highest.

After selecting the voice, you can make the call by dialing the number and press on the ‘call button’.

That’s it, now using this app you can make calls to prank on others and have fun. We have checked on two amazing apps and you can choose one of the apps that you wish.

I hope you will now be able to have a wonderful conversation with your loved ones using any voice that you want from the list of the effects that is available. I wish this guide would have been helpful for you.

Make Photo Black and White with Some Colors in Android

We are all living in a colorful world which is filled with technology from every side. As we all have different devices in our hand, we don’t spare a day without going into the social media platform. We are literally addicted to them. As now we doesn’t need only a camera to take picture, we can take quality pictures using our android mobile and make it look professional using an edit app.

So this way, we see people posting pictures in facebook and instagram in a daily basis. Sometimes we might wonder how they actually edited that pic or how they managed to focus so perfectly. So today we are going to check out on how to do such a wonderful trick to your black and white photo and make it so professional.

It is very easy to turn a colorful picture into a black and white picture but have you ever wondered how to bring some light into the black and white picture? Have you seen any pictures which is black and white but one or two objects in the pic will have a beautiful color? To get this trick done, you will not need to know Photoshop like everyone say or you will not have to have a professional camera. You can perform the same edit task in your android in just a few clicks. Yes, that possible with the right app in your hand. So now let’s take a look at a few apps which will help you get this beautiful effect to your black and white photo with a little color here or there.

Best Android Apps for Color Splash

Color Splash Photo; This app gives to a wide range of features that will make your photo stand out with a unique feature in it. You can use any size of the brushes by adjusting them, can also blur your image, undo the brush strokes and also change the color of the objects.

Firstly you have to get the app named 'Color splash photo' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to add color in between somewhere in a black and white photo and make it more attractive.
Start the Color splash app in your phone and select the option 'Gallary' to choose any existing picture from your phone memory.

Now the photo will be loaded in the app and you can crop or orient the photo before starting the color splash process. Once you finish cropping, click on the option ‘Done' from the top left corner of the screen.

Next you will be taken to the main interface of the app where you can edit the black and white photo with colors.

Then from the top menu bar, you can see the 'Brush' tool. Click on it and adjust the size of the brush  to color the photo.

Now just paint the area where you want to bring colors in the photo. Once done painting, click on 'Share' button to save the photo into your phone memory.

That's it, now the photo will be saved in your phone gallary and you will have the creative photo ready to upload in your social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram.

This is the basic methods of adding some colors to a black and white picture. Apart from this feature, the 'Color splash photo' app has some unique features which can be found in the main interface of the app. So you can download this application directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

Alternative Apps

Paletta Smart Color Splash: This app is one of another wonderful app which uses artificial intelligence to detect the colors in your picture. All you have to do is tap on the color to make it on.

You can add many colors as you wish. If you think you want to change the automatic colorization then you can use the brush and eraser to change colors.

Color Splash EffectThis ‘color splash effect’ app is one the easiest app to use. It will help you do your works accurately with no errors. The best part about this app is that it offers Smart color mode. This app will detect the objects in the picture automatically and help add colors to them. So that you can easily splash a color to a black and white picture and make them look extra ordinary.

As I told you, it’s very easy to use. When you open the app it will straightly help you access the splash mode. If you want to edit the picture first before adding splash color, then you can do so in the same app. Ones you have completed the editing process you can press on the splash button to add a color. You can use the zoom icon to start using the pinch to zoom option. The photo will automatically turn black; you can use the tools to add color to it as you wish.

That’s it, now we have seen a few apps which will help you edit your picture in a split of a second and make it look one of the best among all the other with some unique feature that can go trending. So you can now select the app that you desire and make a change in your post. Hope you will enjoy using the splash apps.

How to Monitor a Room Remotely Using Phone Camera

The world is moving faster towards the direction of the technology and so here we see how smart phone has taken over our generation to the next level. With so much to ponder about all what we do in our spare time is use our smart phones everyday. You would all know that there are so many features available in the smartphone and we can literally accomplish all the works that we do in a PC easily using our android smartphone. 

The smartphone can be turned into a camera, calculator, media player and even a playboy to play games. But did you know that you can turn your phone into something that can work like a CCTV camera? This can be done using the applications that is available in the playstore. 

So today I'm going to review a smartphone application which allow us to monitor a phone remotely through a master phone. This might be useful to monitor your home or office location via remotely through the phone when you're far away. For example, say you left your kid in a room and working in a kitchen. You have no clue whats happening in the room and what's your kid doing right now. In such a situation, you can monitor your kid's activity through your phone remotely. Not only that but if you are running a small business and doesn’t want to spend too much on the CCTV set, then you can easily fix up your android and check out at that space through your other phone.

To do all these you will need two smartphones and Trackview application installed in both the smartphone. This situation is like you're monitoring a certain area in CCTV. But here both the camera and monitoring device are smartphones and one phone act as a camera while the other phone as a monitoring device.

And here, features and facilities are not limited like CCTV video monitoring. You can monitor the client phone's current location through GPS as well as you can check the travelling route. Also you can setup motion detection and sound detection for client phone from the master phone. So whenever phone gets moved, you will get alert in your phone, likewise you will get alert when someone speak or any sound detected from client phone's speaker. 

More than this, the app let us to ring client phone remotely through master phone even if the phone is in silent mode. This amazing feature is very useful in a situation where you lose the client phone. So let's see how to use this app and monitor a phone remotely.

How to View Phone Camera Remotely

If you own an iPhone you have to get the app named 'trackview - find my phone' and if you're an android you have to get 'surveillance & security' directly from google playstore.

Let's move on to know how to monitor a room or office place remotely using your mobile camera.
Firstly, launch the app in your phone and enter a name for your device.

And then sign-in to the app with your gmail from your phone.

Now install client app in the phone which you want to monitor and sign-in with the same email id (given in master phone) in client phone.

That's it. Now you will be able to monitor the client phone from your phone when the internet is available in client phone.

As I mentioned above, you can setup motion / sound detection and route tracking by select setting tab of client device.

So you can download this app from its official site as well as directly from app store and google play store with following links.

iPhone - Find my phone
Android - Surveillance & security

This amazing app let you to monitor a specific room or area in your home/office from your mobile with high technology such as motion detection and sound detection and much more.

How to Raise an Alarm When Someone Try to Steal Your Phone

Today as we are living in a modern world, were the smartphone has became an essential thing for everyone. Not a single day do we spare without heading into our smartphones and doing one thing or another, either for a need or just for time pass. We do use smartphone for various purpose, from listening to music to order food. This way technology went to a peak eventually.

Just as how we use our smartphones for various other reasons, we know that in this world the smart devices have turned out to be an essential factor to own. Literally everyone owns a smartphone and use it to make their works easier and better. That is why we have to be careful when we use our phones as now we come across a lot of thefts. It is easy for thieves to slowly steal our phones without our conscious even when we have the phones in our pockets or handbags. Now we have to be very careful about where we keep our phones but is it actually possible to always keep an eye on your phones? Well, it will get quite complicated and it is actually not an easy task to do. Especially when we are out in a public place or public transport, our focus will actually not solely be on our smartphones. 

So that is why in this article I'm going to introduce you a very useful application which can save your valuable smartphone from being stolen. Losing a phone is not only about the device but also about everything that it contains inside it. We save in so many important data along with our personal pictures and videos, thereby it's very important to keep our phones secured. Smartphone security applications have become a must since we hear and do read lots of phone theft stories everyday in the internet. These applications can protect your smartphone from thieves in public places or public transport like train and buses.

We all search for antivirus applications to protect the phone data from being misused by unknowns or in fear of our important personal data being stolen by the hackers. Like how we take measures to save our phones from virus and so on, we should also take a step ahead in protecting our phone from being stolen without our conscious in public or crowded places. 

That is why I would recommend to use the best app to keep your phones protected. The app that I came across with all the needed features included in it is the app named 'Anti Theft Alarm'. It is an Android application available free at Google playstore for all the android operating system devices. This application can be the best security app, if you want to secure your device from theft and unauthorized access.

This application offer you variety of security features by raising an alarm when your phone gets moved from somewhere, when someone try to take your phone from your pocket without your knowledge, if someone remove the phone from the charger and much more. So lets have a detailed look on how to configure this application to secure your phone in a public place from thieves.

How to Protect Your Phone From Thieves

You have to get the app named 'Anti theft alarm' directly from google play store to your android smartphone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to setup your android phone to raise alarm if someone try to steal it.
Firstly, launch the app in your phone and there you will have a list of configuration settings to raise alarm such as motion, charger or proximity.

Once you start the application, it will require you to setup a password for the application. This password is required every time you make changes in app.

Now select any of the following security protection feature as per your requirement. If you are in a public place, select proximity option which raise the alarm when someone pick the phone from your bag or pocket without your knowledge.

Then you have to customize the particular settings as per your requirement. You can set alarm raising time interval, sensitivity gap and much more.

You can setup other settings such as ringtone for alarm, wrong password attempt limit or flash light on/off during alarm by going to settings page.

That's it. You have successfully configured the app to raise alarm when someone try to steal without your knowledge. So you can download this anti theft protection app for your android smartphone or tablet directly from google playstore by Clicking here.

Now you will not have to fear of your phone being stolen in a public or crowded place, you have nothing to worry about even at your own home or working place. The alarm will always keep your phone secured. Hope this guide would be useful for all the android users who wants to protect their phones from thieves.