Reasons Behind Android Battery Slow Charging

Today in this world, smart phones have taken a very special place. Every single of us use smart phones for different reasons but the main one among them is for the purpose of communication. Apart from that there are so many other features that are included in one small and slim smart phone. 

We use it as a camera, as an alarm clock, as calculator, as a PC and so much more. So we wish we had our phones always in our hands and we don’t want to spend a day without it. To use the phone with the full satisfaction, the battery life of the phone should stand long and the charging process should take place faster.

But we see so many people find it very difficult to charger their phone to the hundred percent as it has a slow android battery charging. When this happen the phone battery life will also gets lower very fast. This is one of the major problems that we see so many people are facing around and there are many reasons why your phone lags and slowdowns in the process of battery charging. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why this happen and thereby you will get a solution to bring back life into your phone in a normal way.

Android Battery Slow Charging

Weak power source

Most of the time, what we normally do is find an easy spot to charge our phones, so for that we plug in our phones using an usb cable to our computer or laptops. These are weak power sources which will slow down the process of the charging. Along with that wireless charger will also charger the battery in a very slow process.

So it is always advisable to charge your phone battery using the dedicated charger, which will do its works in a better way. Charge in other devices only when you are in an utter need and you don’t have your original charger around you. 

Background apps running continuously

We will have a lot of apps installed in our phones and most of these apps such as the social media app and other similar apps will always run on the background and this will consume a lot of battery life. So it is always better to turn off the background apps from running when you plug your phone to charge. As it might take a lot of time to charge along with all the apps that might keep killing the battery life.

Using bad charger or universal charging adapter

If you are using a universal charging adapter to charge your phone in a regular basis then that can harm your battery charging process and slow it down. As universal charging adapters are kept for emergency purposes and not for a daily usage. Always use an original charger, as local chargers or bad ones can harm your battery eventually. If you have lost or broken your original charger, buy one from the same company, as that is what will keep your battery healthy and charge faster.

Using a bad battery

If your battery charging process has slow down eventually, you have to also check for your battery and make sure if it is in a good condition. If your phone is new and still the battery takes longer time than usual to charge then that means that you have got a bad battery. Make sure you figure it out before late.

Using your phone when charging

We all have that behavior of using our phones even when it is on charge, as we can’t spare a moment without it. But this is one of the very bad act as it may slow down the process of charging and ruin the battery slowly, not only that it is a risky task too. So it is always advisable not to use the phones while it is on charge for a better and a faster process of charging.

WiFi/ Bluetooth/ mobile data turned on

Make sure you turn off the wifi, Bluetooth and the mobile data when you plug in your phone to charge, as this might slow down the battery charging process. As all these services consumes a lot of battery when it is running. So turn of all of them including the GPS to make your phone charge faster.

Damage in USB port

There can be time when you have tried and done all the above possible things to make your phone charge faster and still it is slow in charging then mostly your USB port should be damaged. So try repairing it and get a better charge in a quick time.

So that’s it, we have checked on some of reasons which will eventually slow down the battery charging process in your android smart phone. So check them up and solve the slow battery charging problem. You can also try switching off the phone when you plug the phone to charge to verify things out. Hope this would have help you out.