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Methods You Never Knew on How to Use Google Translate - Android

With technology, so many things have come into light in this world. We are now being able to communicate and live life in a place where we even don’t know what language they are talking. Technology has made so much of change that now we can learn things easily and know so much with just a click. The best part is the introduction of smart devices and the invention of google.

Google has solution for all the problems. Today let’s see how google is going to help us communicate in different language and translate anything into our language using the google translate on android.

Google translate is a multi-lingual translator service which works across the world. It provides us with the most accurate translation of any language to any language within seconds. Now you can download the app of google translate to your android and there are so many tricks and features that’s available in the app. But most of us aren’t aware of those features and doesn’t know how to use to get things translated accurately. So come, let’s take a look at how to get the maximum use out of the google translator app and accomplish your works done easily than before.

Google Translate Advanced Tips and Tricks

Translate Texts while Your Offline

We all know that google translate is based on the internet and it uses a huge database to translate between many languages. This sometimes can make things difficult for us, for example when you are in a hurry and you have no internet connection, you might not be able to translate anything offline.

Well then, in such a situation you can translate when you are offline using your android phone, though this comes with only a limited languages in general, you can download the whole translation packs completely beforehand. So that you will be able to get translated even when you have no access to the internet. 

Lets see how to get the offline package downloaded for your android.

Firstly you have to open up the Google translate app in your android device.
Then press on the three line icon on the left top corner.

Select the ‘offline translation’ from the options.
There you will have all the offline package languages available.

Tap on the download icon to download the language that you prefer to use when on offline.

Wait till the download finishes and then close the tab.

You should also make sure that you are connected to an wifi connection before you start downloading the languages to avoid excess data usage as you will be download the whole package of the language.

Images Translate in Real-time

We are all such a travel freaks that we even go to places that we know no language but we do manage using the google translator but what about when you are in a restaurant and you can’t read or even type down the language that’s written on the menu card? That is when you will want to use the real-time translation of texts on images. Now you can translate what’s written on a picture by simply clicking a photo and google will translate you that. Let’s see how:

Open the Google translate app in your android.

In the home page you will have a camera icon below the text box, click on it.

Grant the required permission and then face the camera to the picture of the image that you want to translate.

Now tap on the eye icon which is available on the right bottom corner to enable the real-time translation.

If it doesn’t work, then click on the capture button and then choose the language that you want to translate.

If you want to translate an image that you have already captured, then select the image from the gallery by tapping on the image icon on the camera translate window.

Ones the translation is done, you can save both the original and the translated images separately.

Save Translation to Phrasebook

Sometimes when you translate something you might like that phrase or you will want to save it for later use. So in that case the translated phrases or the queries in the phrasebook will sync into your google account and you can view them anytime you want.

All you have to do is, go to the translation history from the home page and tap on the star icon that available beside each translated phrase/sentence and save them to the phrasebook. Then it will be marked as favorite and will be saved in forever. When you want to view them, you can select the three lines icon on the left top corner and choose phrasebook.

Clear Translation History

You can delete off all the translation history like you does in other Google apps. To clear the history you have to go to Google translate > settings > clear history > confirm yes.

Now all the translation data that was stored will be deleted from the append also from your google account.

Download Languages Offline 

When we travel abroad and do not know the language of the particular country, we use the google translate which is quiet easy and reliable but there can be time when we won’t have an internet connected to out phone and so it will be a big problem to even ask something from someone without knowing the language when the google translate doesn’t work. Well, not to worry about that now as we can use offline translation in google.

All you have to do is go to the google translate app and from the side menu bar select the ‘offline translation’.

Then select the language that you want to download to use when on offline.

Next a popup message will appear and then you have to simply tap on the option ‘download’.

You can download as much as language you want to be used offline but also make sure to check on your phone storage beforehand to get a huge file downloaded in.

Share Translation

If you are in need to send the particular translated sentence or passage to someone via mail or any other messaging apps then you will not have to copy paste it now, as through the google translate app you can easily share the translated text by tapping on the three dot menu button and share it. You can select the app to which you want the text to be copies and enjoy sharing.

Write to Translate

Apart from the traditional method of typing down the sentence, now you have so many other options to choose from too. One such method is writing down the needed word or text. Along with the ability to understand the keystroke now the input methods also captures the touch and voice recognition too.

So even in Google translate app you can select the ‘Hand writing (pen icon)’ from the options and start writing it down and the app will translate it for you. If you find it hard to write down a big sentence, no worries as when you stop after a word, it will be translated and then it will be moved aside so that you can continue writing to male a full sentence.

Speak to Translate

When you find it hard to write the sentence or type it down to get it translated, you can easily speak to the google translate app. This will be useful, when you are around someone and you don’t understand what they are saying, then you can simply tap on the voice icon on the app and it will start to listen what you or the other person is speaking and will eventually translate it for you.

The best part is, you can tap on the hand icon and so the google app will let the other person know that you want to talk to them with the help of the google translate app.

Use it as Dictionary

We all know how we can use the google translate app to get any language translated into the language we want, did you all also know you can use it as a dictionary?

Yes, you can simply change it into a dictionary by selecting the ‘detect language’ as the language that you want to translate from and then choose ‘English’ as the language that you want it to get translated into. So then when you type in any word in English, it will provide you the definition of that particular word

How to use conversation mode

Incase you want to talk to someone and don’t know each others language then you can use the conversation mode of the google translate app.

All that you got to do is, tap on the ‘conversation icon’ to enter into the conversation mode and you can also tap on the hand icon to let the other person know that you are going to use the google translate app to talk to them.

When done you can close the popup message and start the conversation by tapping on the microphone icon which is available beside each language, you can take it in turns and start speaking and wait for the app to talk out loud the translation. The ‘auto microphone’ option can be used to simply talk and then the app will detect the language and help you with the translation.

That’s it, now we have seen a few steps that will help you do a better job in translating using your android device. Hope this would have helped all of you to know more about the google translator app and gain better.

How To Transfer Facebook Photos To Google Photos In Android

Social media is one of the most used platform in the world today. We see how everyone are so into the facebook that we eventually share everything there and this is made even better with the smartphone in our hands that we can easily browse and connect to anyone at any time and that is why it is a widely used device. 

Today I am going to connect you with two simple apps that the whole world uses for different needs, but you are going to see how you can connect both of them to gain an advantage out to store up memories for lifetime.

Wondering what I am talking about? Well, let me explain, we use facebook for different reasons, the main one among them is to share the world everything that you wish, including your pictures. But we know that the facebook is not a platform that is used as a long term storage solution for your pictures and videos. That is the saddest part, as most of us share our pictures instantly to our facebook profile and it also does a good job at reminding us with all of our past posts and when looking at those pictures we would remember all the other pictures and thereby go scrolling down to search all of them one by one. What if you can have a permanent storage facility where you can easily transfer your facebook pictures to it? Well, now you can do that and all you will need is the google photos.

We all know what google photos is and how it has turned out to be one of the obvious platform to store in pictures for always. The google photos automatically backup all the pictures and videos from our gallery into its server, which actually also helps us to save in storage space in our smartphone. 
Let me point out more about the google photos and the features that it has updated itself with. 

  • It helps organize the photos in a neat and smart way.
  • The google intuitive AI automatically catch-up with all the photos and enhances it by creating albums, movies, collages, animations, panaroma and even photo books.
  • The powerful built-in editor will let you manually tweak your photos.
  • It has a robust search feature.
  • Can search, scan, translate and identify things using google lens.
  • Also allow to share and collaborate with other who are trusted.
  • You will get unlimited backup feature over all.

This concept is known by most of us and what’s new here is that we can also now transfer facebook photos to google photos. Thereby now you will have an easy option to keep all your facebook photos safe under a better roof. You will also not have to manually upload one by one from facebook to google photos, the option is now made better. The process is simple and when you set it up for the first time then you will not have to do it over and over again.

How to Transfer FB Photos to Google Photos

This new trick on transferring all your facebook photos to the google photos is going out viral as no one wants to lose any of their beautiful memories. So thereby even when you deactivate your facebook account or something goes wrong with it, you will not have to worry as all the photos will be saved for you safely forever in the google photos and nothing will happen unless you delete them up.
Let me not waste your time, let’s go directly into checking out how to get this done in a step by step method.

Firstly, you have to open the facebook application in your android smartphone.

Then in your facebook page you have to click on the three lines option which is available on the top of the navigation bar. There you have to select the ‘settings and privacy’ option and then tap on the ‘settings’ option.

Next, select the option ‘download your information’.

There you have to deselect all the other options and select only the ‘photos and videos’.

Now scroll down and then select the ‘create files’.

Here you have to wait for about five minutes or so until the ‘download’ button appears next to the ‘file’. When it appears, tap on it to download the file.

When done, extract the file by using a zip app. Extracted files would look like shown below.

Then open the google photos and tap on the three lines at the top left of the screen and there select the ‘device folders’ option.

There you will see all the facebook photos.

That’s it, now this way all of your facebook photos can be transferred into your google photos which will help you to store them there forever permanently. The steps shown above are simple and easy. 
Now let us also check upon another alternative method for this. 

Using Photo Transfer Tool

- Take into consideration that the facebook transfer tool is currently available in limited countries.

To startup with, you have to move on to the Facebook settings > settings> privacy.

Next select your Facebook Information tab.

There press on the option ‘Transfer a copy of your photos or videos’

Now you will have to enter your Facebook password in the appearing windows

Then from the ‘choose destination’ drop down menu you have to select the google photos.

In the next option you have to choose whether you want to send photos or videos and tap ‘next’.

Then enter the google account password when asked for.

Thereafter you will receive a notification in facebook and in mail when the transfer is completed. So this is also a very simple method to carry on the process with.

That's it, now you will not have to worry about losing all the pictures that are in your facebook when you either deactivate the account or do what so ever. I hope this guide would have been helpful for all of you out there as we are all facebook addicts.

Google Playstore Errors/ Problems and Solutions

Are there any problems with your Google playstore? Is it not loading, responding or not downloading any apps? If you have this persisting problem, you can reinstall the app or check for other ways to fix the errors. Let's take a look.

Google play store doesn't work sometimes when the app crashes. When this happens it stops responding and shows an error code. These codes can be found on the internet which will be very helpful but most of the time it isn't needed. Let's take a look at 5 basic tips on how to fix this play store problems.

Fixing Google play store problems

Play store errors can be repaired using the five fixes given below. To fix the errors try the first solution given, if it doesn't work try the next. You don't have to try all the fixes if the first one works then that's all you need.

First quit the app and clear all the cache and data. Check if it works. If it doesn't go to the next point.

If you are using a data connection turn it off and use a WiFi connection.

In the play store uninstall the app updates then again update it.

Google account should be refreshed.

Have you registered your account in Google? If not, do it now.

The above methods would fix most of the persisting problems you face with your play store. Have you tried all the fixes but still it doesn't work? Let's take a look at why these common error codes occur in case we can't resolve this issue.

Modifying the device causes Google play store errors

Are you using a rooted device or a device which functions on a custom ROM? If so this procedure changes the system files of your Android which result in extra other files to detect. This can clearly stop the play store from working properly.

This is one of the reasons why you shouldn't be installing custom ROM or backup using a custom recovery as they will put a stop to your play store from working fine. If you want to restore apps with data use 'Titanium backup' app  or something similar. This is very much advisable.

There are also many reasons to have a custom ROM in your device but unfortunately this would interfere with some of the features in your device. Troubleshooting becomes necessary when something goes wrong with your device. As your device goes through some errors once in a while, troubleshooting needs to be working fine with great effort which is not the case in an unmodified device.

Wipe app cache and data

While you are clearing the play store you should also do the same with all the Google play services and Google service configurations as Google play store depends on other functions that are running in the background silently. In the beginning it's better to look closely at the updating Google play services as it can interfere too. And you might also possibly want to delete the data from the download manager.

Once you do both the above said methods after clearing the data, you have to restart your phone to reinstall and update the play store again. You might want to enter your logging details once more. Let's take a look at the step by step guide below.

Please note that the steps might vary from device to devices as of which Android phone you are using.

Head to 'Settings ' then tap the 'Apps' where you will find the tab for 'All'. If your device is an Android 9 pie follow 'Apps & notifications > see all X apps'.

Then hit 'Google play store'. Tap 'Force stop'. This will close all the processing apps. Next tap 'Storage' this will show you more options.

On the screen you will find 'Clear cache', tap it. This will remove all unwanted temp data in your device which will resolve the issue.

If the problem still persists then you can also try 'Clear data'. Clearing the data will also help but the apps will be reset to it's usual state as it was in the beginning so you will have to look back again to configure the preferences once more.

Now that you have done the above methods, but are you still having issues with the Google play store? Then you have to do the same method as above with Google services framework, Google play services and download manager. To see the two recent entries tap the three dots menu at the top right of the 'All app' screen and you will find 'Show system' you have to toggle it.

Now you know what to do when you get an error message which says "Unfortunately Google play service has stopped".

Switch to WiFi

Sometimes your mobile data wouldn't be reliable. Many apps won't get installed if you are using an untrustworthy internet connection. So it's better to switch to WiFi from mobile data.
Here's how you switch to WiFi from data. To find the quick settings, drag down your screen with swiping your finger downward from top. To open the WiFi setting press and hold the WiFi icon. Once you do press and hold it will show all the available WiFi networks. You can choose a suitable network that works. If you don't find a suitable one you can get back home to use the home WiFi.

Sometimes the problem would be the other way around where you have trouble installing an app using your WiFi connection. In this case switch your WiFi to data and try to install it over the data network. Now did it work? If it did then you might have an issue with your WiFi network which needs to be diagnosed.

Are you using a VPN? If you are using one it's advisable to turn it off so it won't interfere with your play store downloads.

Uninstall playstore app and reinstall again

You can uninstall and reinstall playstore app one more time on a rooted device. Do you know that you can also do the same on a device which is not rooted. You can try the below to resolve the problem.

Let's move to the settings. First head to 'Settings > App & notifications > See all X apps'. Now you will get a list. From the list tap 'Google play store',  on that page you will see the three dots menu. Tap the three dots menu and choose 'Install updates'. Doing this will help the play store to go back to its former version.

After you are done with the above settings, now let's move on to see how you can update to the newest version of the play store.

Launch play store and you will see a left side out menu setting. Now scroll down and click the play store version. After clicking you can check for updates.

Refresh Google account

Removing and adding back your Google account is called refreshing. Doing this is not so hard. Be mindful because you might loose all your messages, contacts, photos etc.. from your device because this will remove your data from your device which is synced with your Google account.

Move on to 'Settings > Accounts'. Now tap the specific Google app which is making the issue. If there are more than one app which is making problems then you can remove all of them. If you have a device which runs on Android pie then you can hit 'Remove account' to clear it. Incase you have the older version then click the three dots menu button and tap 'Remove account'.

Now it's time for you to add your account back from the account menu. It would be much better to restart your device after adding back your account.

Register the device with Google

Do you know that there are phones and tablets which have no name since they haven't made the licensing fees for the Android operating system. These no name devices were clamped down in 2018. In most of these devices Google entirely quit play store from functioning. In few of the devices Google branded apps like Gmail or Google map won't be available.

You can detect an unlicensed device easily. It will be showing an alert error code 501 or giving a warning signal. In some instances you won't be detecting a warning or any error signs. Luckily now Google permits unlicensed devices access to play stores but the tricky part is, the device needs to get registered with Google. Let's take a look at this easy process.

Register your Android device with Google

To easily access your device information you have to download the app 'Device ID' and install it. If the play store is not accessible you have to use any other third party app stores. After installation is done, you have to get the Google service frame number by copying it.

As you have already copied the number, it will be saved on your clipboard. Now go to Google's service registration site. Next step you have to log into your Google account. After logging in, long press the text inbox box for Google services framework Android ID. In the text box paste the code that you copied earlier. Finally tap the 'Register' button.

As you are done you have to restart the device. Then your device will start rebooting. After reboot you will be able to download apps again as normally or update your Google play store.

Google play store error codes and fixes

Here we will look at some other play store errors. One interesting fact is that once one XDA user collected a huge list of play store error codes which had approximately 20 similar problems. Most of the issues could be fixed using the above mentioned clear cache or other methods. But few of them don't have to adhere to this rule.

These exceptions are:

Error 498: If you get this error message it means your device cache is full. Using your phone's recovery mode clear out the cache partitions.

Error 919: 'Free up space on your device' to continue. This error will give you the warning that your phone storage is almost full.

Error 403: In case if you have opened two Google accounts in one device. You should be removing one account which you think is not necessary and keep the one you need the most.

Error 927: You don't have to troubleshoot an issue if the play store is already updating. So in this case you have to stay patient for sometime until it gets updated.

Error 101: If you have too many apps installed you will have to remove some unnecessary apps that you no longer use.

Error 919: Reconfiguring your device and receiving the correct APN settings is necessary in this case as your access point name settings are not accurate.

App to diagnose play store issues

'Error code & fixes' app is one of the great resources to fix app issues. This sort out the Android error codes which incorporates the knowledge of AndroidPIT's users and editors. This app comes with both Android error code and play store error code which is made as a reference utility. By inputting the code you will see that the app display fixes potentially.

Resolving Google play store issues

You should first find the basic troubleshoot fixes like clearing the cache and data. It won't be possible to fix the play store problem if you don't fix the above.

In case if you relocate to another place you will come across certain play store problems like blocked apps. To curb this issue first you have to update the country/region setting Google play store which will resolve the issue.

How to Remove Virus from Android Without Factory Reset

Is it possible to clean your phone from a virus without a factory reset? Let's take a look at how to remove viruses from your device. We think that desktops are the only devices that catch a virus but that's completely false as our phones can pick up malware too although it's not a common occurrence.

When your phone is attacked by a virus you have to do a factory reset on your phone but doing that would erase all your important data. If you haven't backed up your device then all the photos, messages, games and other data will be lost forever. So keep in mind that doing a factory reset should be the very last option.

Let's find out how to get rid of the virus on your phone without doing a factory reset. Here's how.

Does your Android phone have any virus?

A virus in your phone can be malleable unlike what people think of it. If you can't download apps from Google playstore or if your phone crashes every time you start it up, these activities are not caused by a virus. So you don't have to worry. You have to check out for the common Android issues. If you still couldn't find a fix then check out the below question.

Did this happen to your phone after downloading a certain app?

Did you download any app from third-party sites other than the playstore?

When you are browsing did you by mistake tap on to any ads that downloaded a file or app to your device?

Do you come across this problem when you run a certain app?

If you find any of the above questions right then there are chances that your phone system is attacked by malware. Fortunately you can curb this issue without having to do a factory reset on your device.

How to keep Android phone safe from viruses

Have you come across an app called Google play protect in your device? It is an Android built-in security system which helps you scan the apps on your device to detect any dangerous viruses. Play protect always looks through all the apps that you download no matter from where you install them. Now you know that your Android device is already coming with an antivirus that's built into the device.

You don't have to fret about picking up a virus if you are installing apps directly from the Google playstore as the chances are very less. some can slip through after a scan but it's very rare to pick-up a virus from the play store because all the added playstore apps are scanned for any maleficent apps and removes the malefactor.

However installing from other sites is entirely a different story. Malware picks up quickly when you download apps from random websites such as cracked apps (paid apps given for free on offer illegally). You have to trust the location you download the app from if you sideload the apps from unknown sites.

Keep in mind that not all the apps you download from the Google playstore are useful. You have to be careful from many free apps as they can steal your data by abusing the permission that you give and also some scam apps will take your money and leave you with nothing. But these are not Android virus related issues so let's put it aside.

A little bit of common sense is needed to help you from Android virus. You have to be cautious while allowing permissions from the apps. You shouldn't download anything from shady apps and be mindful of tapping on ads.

Cleaning apps to remove virus from Android

There are many virus removing apps available in the playstore but most of them are delayed because they want you to pay an amount for the features that are not needed. There are also apps that are worth it. Let's take a look at them below.

It's a good idea to download one of the apps given below and do a scan if you suspect your phone is being attacked by a malware. We hope you got what we said about using the common sense above, so you don't need to keep the app around when you are done scanning.


Malwarebytes is one of the trusted desktop security systems. Do you know that Malwarebytes is also available as an Android app.

This app has a free version which allows you to scan your device for malware and if any threats are available then it will remove it instantly. This app doesn't have any ads and also keeps track of what each app has in access.

This app has a premium version for $12 a month. It has real time detection and some other features in the premium version that is not necessary. This is one of the best apps to scan viruses and removes apps that aren't necessary in your Android device.

Bitdefender Antivirus

This lightweight app is another well-grounded virus removal app. This app doesn't annoy you with extra features and obtains cloud scanning so it doesn't have much impact on your device.

This is a good and quick Android virus scanning app. This app contains ads so if you wish you can upgrade for the premium version but you can simply ignore them.

Avoid these Android antivirus apps

You can consider the two Android virus apps that we mentioned above but all the other apps are useless. Even the ones that are offered by major companies like Norton, Avast, Avira and other similar apps. These apps are very heavy on your system as they are loaded with all the unwanted stuff.
It's pointless to have those packs such as RAM boosters and clearing tools in an antivirus because most of the features in them are already built in your device. Google find my phone option will help you locate your device and also the Google chrome will stop and block all unwanted, suspicious websites. You can manage all app permissions on your own.

There are certain companies which allow you to download these apps for free and then nag you to upgrade for the premium version. These premium versions contain features that you really don't need. It's not necessary to pay for an antivirus in your Android.

Remove malware manually using Android safe mode

The features in your Android device should hopefully find and remove the malware. In case if it doesn't do this for you then you have to do it manually step by step.

Android has a safe mode similar to Windows. You have to utilize it if your system contains any virus. Running third-party apps will be disabled by the safe mode loading the OS. This helps you to remove those apps which cause problems safely.

Booting your phone normally is essential if you are entering into safe mode:

Till you see the power menu you have to press and hold the power button.

To 'Reboot to safe mode' tap and hold the 'Power off' button.

Next click 'Ok'.

Now you have to wait until your phone is reboot. You will see a 'Safe mode' watermark in the bottom left corner.

In case if you phone doesn't boot normally because of a malfunction then try the below steps to power off phone to safe mode:

First you have to press and hold the power, volume up and volume down buttons.

Let go of the 'Power' while you see the phone's logo appear on the screen but you have to keep holding the power button.

When your device boots up you will come across a safe mode watermark in the bottom left.

These steps wouldn't work for every device as the hardware manufacture differs. If both the tricks didn't work then you will have to find the specific steps for your device in Google search.

After entering the safe mode. Head to 'Settings > Apps > Downloaded'. If you are using Android Oreo or the newer version then move to 'Settings > App & notifications > See all X apps'.

Now you can go through the list of your apps and detect if there's any harmful apps. Sometimes it gets hard to find out but you can go back to when the problem started on your device so you can remove the apps you downloaded at that specific time. You can also check if there are any apps that you didn't download appear in the list so that you can remove them.

Let's see how to uninstall an app. In the list you have to tap the name of the app and go to the info page. Here you will have to tap 'Uninstall'. If the app was removable then you can perform a normal reboot so that the virus will be demolished.

If the uninstalling was not successful then the virus has access to device administrator. Here's how you remove it if you couldn't uninstall it:

Head to 'Settings > Security > Device > Administrators (in Oreos not new med version settings > Security & location > Device admin apps).

Tap the check box while locating the app.

When promoted click 'Deactivate'.

Head back to the list of apps now and uninstall it by following this method.

Android phone virus aftermath: Cleaning up

Cleaning up your device is necessary after you have uninstalled those malicious apps. To make sure your device is working, you have to clear the cache, clear the history, clean up the startup process and the basic steps.

But it's very unfortunate as Android cleaning apps are just annoying junks and ads. You can follow certain guides from the internet to get the guide for cleaning your device. To remove unwanted files from your device with ease download the app called Ccleaner. This is a one tap solution to clean up your apps.

If you haven't backed up your data then it's time for you to do it after you have already cleaned up your phone. If you do it then you won't have to worry if you get this issue again in the future because you can recover quickly.

Last attempt to remove virus from Android device

If your device is going through the worst malware dysfunction and none of the above methods work then you will have to fix the issue by factory resetting your device. So as you know if you reset your device you will lose all your important data but why not do it if it is compromising your device. It's best to factory reset your phone if your phone is attacked by a special type of malware called stalkerware which is very difficult to detect.

There can also be a problem in your OS or hardware if your problem is in the safe mode. You would have either knowingly granted permission for the malicious apps or you have installed a malware app previously.

How to Hide Text Messages in Android

As in today, the world is all about technology. We are all stuck with them in some other way. Smart devices have grabbed most of our attentions and now we are all into it almost all the time. We are now able to not only message and call but also, browse internet, take pictures and videos, use it as alarm clock and watch, take notes and do so much more using a smart phone. 

Most importantly what we always do is message others. We do have a way to stay connected with every one of our loved ones by messaging them. Today we are above to see a trick related to the text messages on your android phone. In our phone we will send messages to many of our contacts and we might have so many personal matters sent and received in, and we will never want others to read or come through such messages. So for the safety we delete such messages.

In case when you forget to delete any messages and one of your friend or your sister/brother takes your phone, you will suddenly feel the fear of them going through those messages. This situation can actually turn out to be worst when you start forgetting to delete messages or when you get tired of deleting messages one by one. Sometimes you will not want to delete some messages that are close to your heart or messages that are very important t o you, but you don’t want others to read it too. What can actually you do about it? Actually, to overcome this problem you have the option of hiding messages.

But how can you hide some particular messages? Well, there are a few ways in which you can do this and today let’s discuss them all in brief. Come now let’s get into the process.

Methods to Hide Text Messages in Android

For those who wish not to delete the text messages permanently and have those SMS for later reference, here you are with a few things that can be done in your android phone.
  • Archive text messages.
  • Hide message pop-up notification and message preview on lock screen.
Now let’s take a look at them in detail.

Archive Text Messages

If you think that you don’t want to use any other apps to hide your text messages then the best option that you can follow is to archive you messages. When you archive the message it won’t show among the list of other messages.

To archive messages;

  • Open the ‘messages’ app in your android smart phone.
  • Long press the conversation that you want to hide, then you will notice a list of options come up.
  • There you have to click on the first icon that’s available in the row that indicates an arrow pointing downwards.
Now the conversation will be hidden and be archived.

View the archived messages;

In the messages app you have to click on the three dots icon that’s available on the top corner of the screen and select ‘archived messages’. There you will have all the messages that you hid from the default conversation window.

Un-archive messages;

Go to the archive section from the three dots icon and select the conversation that you want to unhide. Then tap on the unarchive icon with a folder with an upwards pointing arrow. Now the messages will be moved to the default.

Hide Message Pop-up Notification and Preview on Lock Screen

We always see how messages popup in the lock screen and thereby everyone will be able to read t he message easily. So to avoid people from reading the messages from the notification bar you have to hide pop up notifications and preview messages on screen.

Hide text messages on android lock screen;

  • Firstly you have to open your android settings.
  • And then go to the ‘privacy’.
  • There click on the ‘on screen lock’ and there select ‘hide sensitive content’.
  • If your phone is still running on the previous android version, then go to ‘settings’ and ‘security and location’ option.
  • Under ‘device security’ section, select the ‘lock screen preferences’.
  • Here click on the ‘on lock screen’ option and select ‘hide sensitive content’.
  • Now no messages will be previewed from the lock screen.

Disable pop-up notification on screen;

  • In your android, open the ‘settings’ option and go to ‘Apps and notifications’.
  • Now tap on the ‘see all apps’ option.
  • Then select the messaging app that you would want to stop the pop up messaging notification.
  • Now click open the app.
  • Next, you will be automatically redirected to the ‘App info’ page, there tap on the ‘notifications’.
  • Here you will have to tap on the gear icon which is available beside every notification category.
  • Then, you have to flick the ‘pop on screen’ slider to disable pop-up notification on screen.
Now no messages will pop-up on your screen.

So these are few steps that you can follow to hide messages or stop others from reading your embarrassing messages. These are inbuilt features in which you will not need any other third party apps. Also there are many third party apps available in google playstore to hide text messages. Now let us take a look at few best apps that will help you with it.

How to hide SMS with third party apps

As you all know there are plenty of third party apps that would allow you to hide SMS from your phone, but first let us take a look at how to hide SMS using the app named ‘Message locker’.

Firstly you have to get the app named ‘Message Locker’ directly from the google playstore to your android smartphone.

Then open the app and you will have to create a pin or a pattern lock which you have to use every time when you want to unlock the app and access the hidden SMS messages.

Next you have to also provide the recovery options, which would be useful to get access to the app in case you forget your password.

Now select all the apps that you desire you hide, here you can select your stock messaging app or any other messaging apps that you want to hide.

Along with this, there are some other features that you can witness too from the menu bar. There you can select the options to lock photos, clear junk or even upgrade the app.

That’s it, simple as that and now using this method you can easily get your personal messaging app hidden from the interface.

Using Go SMS Pro

GO Pro SMS is an application that is used widely by many users for all the amazing features that it provides with and making the messaging purposes easier and better. It has got itself customized and changed it’s interface to make it better for the users. The best feature of this application is that it allows the users to hide SMS.

You can set up a pin lock for your private messaging box. So when you have a private box, you can add all the contacts that you want to maintain a privacy from to this box, so they will be separated from all the other messages. Not only that, the private message box icon can be hidden from the interface, thereby no one will know that you have hidden something.

Using Vault-hide SMS, pics and videos

This application is a vault hider that allows you to hide all your pictures, videos, contacts and also SMS messages. As it hides both the contacts and messages for you, now you can maintain your privacy in a great level.

All you have to do in this vault is import all the contacts and messages that you want to hide and then those messages and contacts will no longer be available in the stock messaging app or the phonebook. You have to add in a pin lock to safeguard the app and also if you prefer to use vault to any other apps and create a shield of protection then you can do so and add a pin to those apps too. 

The private message box is an IM app and also it can be used to hide messages. Just like all the other IM apps, this app also allows two users to talk to each other within the app and also send audios, videos, recordings or any other media files.

To hide messages, you have to first save those messages as ‘private contact’ and then onwards all the messages you get from those contacts will eventually go into the password protected secret folder. Along with that there is another feature in this app which would allow you to set a timer for the app to automatically close on its own. And remember the default code of the app is 1234 which should be provided first and also you have to register the app with your phone number when you start the app.

Using Calculator Pro + Private message

Calculator Pro+ is one of the best apps that can be used to hide SMS messages in your android smartphone. The app’s interface will look exactly like a calculator but when you type in the pin to open the hidden vault inside it.

So in that case, it will look like a normal calculator for others who browse your phone but you will have all your privacy hidden deep within it. you can hide SMS and also call logs. It is a very secured and a great app that can be used as an alternative option to hide the private SMS.
That's it, now using the above mentioned method you can easily hide all your precious and confidential text messages in your android device. I hope this will be useful for you to keep your private messages private for all time.

Turn Off Notifications for Various Social Media Networks - Android

Today with the development in the technological world, we see so many things coming up. One of the widely trending factor in the technological world is the social media, which i think no one will deny about. We all for sure will definitely be active in at least two social media apps, where we all have turned out to be addicted to the social media in this society.

Social Medias are used for various purposes; some use it to gain or share information, some for time pass and some for business and official purpose. And so for the frequent usage we download these social media apps in our smart phones. So that we will be able to stay updated all the time.

Using these social media apps in our phone, we will continuously get notifications every time to get alerted to a message or to any new updates. WhatsApp alerts us with notifications for messages, facebook alerts with any new tags, posts or memories that popup in the notification bar and twitter does the same. So there are plenty other apps that keeps sending notifications’, which is useful in some instance and sometimes it starts to annoys or disturb us. Notification pop ups in Smart phones can turn on the screen light and sometimes this can also not be as good as we think.

When we are in work and if we constantly get notification from our social media apps, we will get diverted from our work or sometimes get annoyed. Not only in work but in instance where we are in a crowded bus or train and if our phone starts to give sounds of the notification alerts, it can be not so pleasing and safety in a crowded places like that. So we will always wish to get notification only from important apps and not from all of them. But just because we are irritated because of the notifications, we can’t delete those apps because we need them. So to overcome such instances it’s always better to turn off notifications alerts for the apps we desire not to.

Now to get off the trouble let’s have a check at how to disable notification alerts in some social networks. These methods are quite simple and save the day. All you got to do is read the step by step explanation given below with methods to disable notification in android smart phone. Lets take a look at it now.

Turn Off Notifications for Various Social Networks


To completely stop notification popups in WhatsApp, we have to disable it by going to Notification settings in WhatsApp. 

Go to Settings > Notification option > Conversation tones. Now you have to un-tick the box beside the Conversation tones. When done, you will not get any notification, neither personal message notification nor even groups message notifications.


To disable notification in facebook, go to settings option and click on the notification settings. In this option you will see all the different notifications that you will be notified with. You can simply chose for the notification you wish to keep and the once that you want to disable. So by doing so, you will be able to disable the category of notification as per you desire.


To turn off notification in snapchat. Go to the snapchat app and press on the profile icon and then tap the three dots which is available in the top corner of the screen.
Then there you will see a page in which you have to scroll down and find for the settings in which you will be able to push notification options to disable it. You can chose the option in which you want to disable the notification and or even stop it completely.


To disable notification in twitter, go to the twitter settings > notification tab > cog wheel icon. In the cog wheel which is placed in the bottom of the screen in the right side and in that press the carious advanced filter section and from there you will be able to turn off the notification for the categories you wish not to have. You can choose it according to your priority as comments, shares or tag notifications.

Disable heads-up notifications

To disable heads-up notification now it’s also possible to get it done easily with the feature that’s available in the OS of the Androids. Androids come up with an inbuilt feature in which you can choose the apps and disable notification easily from the setting of the Android. Let’s take a look at how to get it done.

Firstly, go to the settings tab in the Android and press the ‘Apps’.

Then, your phone will display a list of all the apps that are installed in the Android.

There, you have to simply select the app that you want to disable the heads-up notification from in your Android.

Now, tap the ‘notification manager’ from there.

Next, turn off the ‘Allow notification’ to turn off all the notification of that particular app.

That’s it. Now using the above method, you can turn off notification in all the apps the same way mentioned above. Not only that but you now simply disabled the head-up notification of you social media apps using the Android setting without any other third party apps installed.

We have discussed how to disable notifications in social apps using the app settings and also how to disable head-up notifications using the default Android settings in a brief and a step to step explained method. You can follow the steps provided above and get a relief from all the annoying unwanted notification alerts. Hope this was beneficial for you.