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How to Transfer Facebook Photos to Google Photos in Android

Social media is one of the most used platform in the world today. We see how everyone are so into the facebook that we eventually share everything there and this is made even better with the smartphone in our hands that we can easily browse and connect to anyone at any time and that is why it is a widely used device. 

Today I am going to connect you with two simple apps that the whole world uses for different needs, but you are going to see how you can connect both of them to gain an advantage out to store up memories for lifetime.

Wondering what I am talking about? Well, let me explain, we use facebook for different reasons, the main one among them is to share the world everything that you wish, including your pictures. But we know that the facebook is not a platform that is used as a long term storage solution for your pictures and videos. That is the saddest part, as most of us share our pictures instantly to our facebook profile and it also does a good job at reminding us with all of our past posts and when looking at those pictures we would remember all the other pictures and thereby go scrolling down to search all of them one by one. What if you can have a permanent storage facility where you can easily transfer your facebook pictures to it? Well, now you can do that and all you will need is the google photos.

We all know what google photos is and how it has turned out to be one of the obvious platform to store in pictures for always. The google photos automatically backup all the pictures and videos from our gallery into its server, which actually also helps us to save in storage space in our smartphone. This concept is known and everyone does it, and what’s new here is that we can also now transfer facebook photos to google photos. Thereby now you will have an easy option to keep all your facebook photos safe under a better roof. You will also not have to manually upload one by one from facebook to google photos, the option is now made better. The process is simple and when you set it up for the first time then you will not have to do it over and over again.

How to Transfer FB Photos to Google Photos

This new trick on transferring all your facebook photos to the google photos is going out viral as no one wants to lose any of their beautiful memories.
So thereby even when you deactivate your facebook account or something goes wrong with it, you will not have to worry as all the photos will be saved for you safely forever in the google photos and nothing will happen unless you delete them up. Let me not waste your time, let’s go directly into checking out how to get this done in a step by step method.

Firstly, you have to open the facebook application in your android smartphone.

Then in your facebook page you have to click on the three lines option which is available on the top of the navigation bar. There you have to select the ‘settings and privacy’ option and then tap on the ‘settings’ option.

Next, select the option ‘download your information’.

There you have to deselect all the other options and select only the ‘photos and videos’.

Now scroll down and then select the ‘create files’.

Here you have to wait for about five minutes or so until the ‘download’ button appears next to the ‘file’. When it appears, tap on it to download the file.

When done, extract the file by using a zip app. Extracted files would look like shown below.

Then open the google photos and tap on the three lines at the top left of the screen and there select the ‘device folders’ option.

There you will see all the facebook photos.

That’s it, now this way all of your facebook photos can be transferred into your google photos which will help you to store them there forever permanently. The steps shown above are simple and easy. 

Now you will not have to worry about losing all the pictures that are in your facebook when you either deactivate the account or do what so ever. I hope this guide would have been helpful for all of you out there as we are all facebook addicts.

How to Uninstall Multiple Apps in Android at Once

Smartphones are one device that is showing rapid growth in the usage process over the years. We see how every single person around us is a smartphone user. When smartphones were introduced with plenty of features in it, everyone eventually started to take advantage out of it. With this we see there are many operating systems that have implemented their new models of smartphones. That is when the iPhones and the android smartphones started to shine brighter out of all. When we talk about iPhones, we see so many new updates are being released once in a while to make it better.

All the new updates gives us new features. We use the google playstore to install new applications and the same playstore is used to update the apps. That way the playstore is also an important element found in the android smartphone. It provides the users with new materialistic designs and is capable to ensure the users to customize the android smart devices with new apps to change things the way they want without complications, which improves the user’s experiences. When we go to talk about all the works that can be done using the google playstore, we will have plenty of things lining up as a huge list but today I am here to show the android users’ a new trick that can be done using the playstore in a much easier way.

Imagine your phone storage is full and you can’t work on it properly or your phone isn’t processing right because of the storage problem. Sometimes having a lot of apps can make your phone lag and be a hindrance to you. Thereby you will want to delete some of the apps that you don’t use much from your android smartphone to clear up some space. How would you actually do this? Would you want to sit and delete one by one and then wait for it to completely delete off from your phone or will you want a better option than that? What if you can delete multiple applications at once from your android smartphone? Yes, now you can do that. To do this you doesn’t have to have any extra apps or install any new third party apps which will fill up your storage again, but all you will want is the google playstore. Where it will eventually get all of the apps and games that you have installed in your android smartphone deleted in a click. Just like how it helps you install apps, it also helps you uninstall them with ease.

Android users will not have to spend their valuable time wasting it now, as you all can get this done easily from the stable version of the google playstore and doesn’t even need to have the latest beta version or join any beta program to get this done, and that is why it is one of the simplest form to uninstall multiple apps at a glance.

Uninstall Multiple Apps in Android

So today in this guide I am going to give you a brief explanation on how to uninstall multiple apps in android phones at once using the google playstore in a step by step method.
Firstly you have to open your android’s app drawer in your android smartphone. There you have to select the ‘Google playstore’ app to proceed.

Now from the google playstore, you have to swipe right to open the ‘menu’ of the playstore and then from the list you have to select the ‘My Apps and Games’ option.

Next, you will see a screen like shown below.

Here you have to press the ‘installed’ options and then again select the option ‘storage’.

There you have to select all the apps and the games that you wish to uninstall from your android smartphone. And then after the selection is done, you can press on the ‘free up’ option which is available in the bottom of the screen along with the amount of storage space of the selected apps.

Thereafter you will get a popup message box for the confirmation process. You have to tap on the ‘free up’ to clear them all up.

That’s it, now this way you can uninstall as many app as you want together from the google playstore without any difficulties. Also you will be able to check on how much free space you are going to get by uninstalling these apps. Thereby you can now uninstall multiple apps directly from the Google playstore.

I hope this is going to be a useful guide for all the android users, as many of you might have not known of such an option that is available in your android smartphone. Everyone can now easily get rid of unused apps with a few clicks.

Solve Android Notification Not Showing

Android phones are one of the most talked about phones in the market. As they are user friendly device, we see many people preferably purchase androids for their daily use. Not just only for the different features they contain in them but also for how easily any app in the playstore supports androids. Thereby, we can literally solve or adjust any problems we see in the setup with no complications. Today, we are going to focus on one of such problem many go through in their android smartphones.

Normally, when we use a smartphone, we will always want it to show up us the important notifications. Every android phones comes with the option of notification popup ability manually. But there are occasions where we sometimes miss a lot important emails, messages or even missed calls from important people. When looking at how we missed it, we will see that we got no such notifications. Literally, the notifications have not popped up and you will not be able to know about it until you open up the app to see messages and calls. This is a very casual problem most of the android users face.

As today most the of the generation does their works online or by using their PC, smartphones or tab. Such devices are very important to get notified of messages. So missing out such notification can really cause big problems. The notification not showing problem can be caused due to several minor reasons like bugs and glitches present in the operating system but as we are android users, there is definitely ways and solutions for this problems too. Anyone can easily solve the notification not showing problem in a very less time. There are a few methods to get this done, so come lets take a look at how to solve this very problem.

Methods to Solve Notification Not Showing Issue

Check the app notification: If you notice that you don't get notification only from some particular apps and the other apps are working perfectly, then you have to check on the setting to see if you have granted the permission for the app to access the notification. 

In that case, if the notification access is not provided then no notifications will pop up.
You can check for this by clicking on the 'Settings' > 'Apps' and there you have to select the app from which you aren't receiving any notifications. Under the particular app, tap on the 'notification' > 'enable notification'.  Now you will receive the notifications. 

Restarting the device: Restarting your mobile is one of the initial and the basic step to initiate when you face such problems of notification not showing. When you do restart the phone, it will easily terminate all the background processes that might be working as a hindrance to the app to send notifications. In most of the case, simply restarting the android ones will stop all the problems and give you a clear out but in case if the problem still exists then follow the next step.

Turn off power saving mode: If you have turned on the power saving mode to save battery life from draining in the android, then better turn it off. Power saving mode will not stop any notifications but it do disable the sync and internet connection. Thereby you have to disable the 'adaptive battery' option from the stock android. To do so, you have to go to the 'settings' >'Battery'.  Then to stop the battery optimization, you have to go to the 'settings' > 'Apps and notifications' > '(The particular app)' > 'advanced' > 'battery optimization'.

Disable do not disturb option: If you still do not get the notifications, then you have to check on the 'Do not disturb' option. If this is turned on or enabled, then you will not receive any notifications. You can go to the 'settings' > 'sounds and notifications'  and search for the 'Do not disturb' option and disable it if its enabled.

Enabling background data: If in your android phone you have disabled background data, then that can also be a reason for the notifications for not showing up. You can enabled the background data by going to the 'Settings' > 'apps' > '(select the particular app)' > 'Data usage' > 'enable data usage' and then you might get the notifications thereafter.

That's it, now we have checked on a few methods on how to solve the notifications not showing problem. Thereby now you might have finally got a way to solve the issue. You can try these method as mentioned above to see what has caused the problem in your android. All the solutions provided above are simple and easy to progress and get a result. I hope this guide would have given you the right solution.

How to Hide Text Messages in Android

As in today, the world is all about technology. We are all stuck with them in some other way. Smart devices have grabbed most of our attentions and now we are all into it almost all the time. We are now able to not only message and call but also, browse internet, take pictures and videos, use it as alarm clock and watch, take notes and do so much more using a smart phone. 

Most importantly what we always do is message others. We do have a way to stay connected with every one of our loved ones by messaging them. Today we are above to see a trick related to the text messages on your android phone. In our phone we will send messages to many of our contacts and we might have so many personal matters sent and received in, and we will never want others to read or come through such messages. So for the safety we delete such messages.

In case when you forget to delete any messages and one of your friend or your sister/brother takes your phone, you will suddenly feel the fear of them going through those messages. This situation can actually turn out to be worst when you start forgetting to delete messages or when you get tired of deleting messages one by one. Sometimes you will not want to delete some messages that are close to your heart or messages that are very important t o you, but you don’t want others to read it too. What can actually you do about it? Actually, to overcome this problem you have the option of hiding messages.

But how can you hide some particular messages? Well, there are a few ways in which you can do this and today let’s discuss them all in brief. Come now let’s get into the process.

Hide Text Messages in Android

For those who wish not to delete the text messages permanently and have those SMS for later reference, here you are with a few things that can be done in your android phone.

  • Archive text messages.
  • Hide message pop-up notification and message preview on lock screen.
Now let’s take a look at them in detail.

Archive Text Messages

If you think that you don’t want to use any other apps to hide your text messages then the best option that you can follow is to archive you messages. When you archive the message it won’t show among the list of other messages.

To archive messages;

  • Open the ‘messages’ app in your android smart phone.
  • Long press the conversation that you want to hide, then you will notice a list of options come up.
  • There you have to click on the first icon that’s available in the row that indicates an arrow pointing downwards.
Now the conversation will be hidden and be archived.

View the archived messages;

In the messages app you have to click on the three dots icon that’s available on the top corner of the screen and select ‘archived messages’. There you will have all the messages that you hid from the default conversation window.

Un-archive messages;

Go to the archive section from the three dots icon and select the conversation that you want to unhide. Then tap on the unarchive icon with a folder with an upwards pointing arrow. Now the messages will be moved to the default.

Hide Message Pop-up Notification and Preview on Lock Screen 

We always see how messages popup in the lock screen and thereby everyone will be able to read t he message easily. So to avoid people from reading the messages from the notification bar you have to hide pop up notifications and preview messages on screen.

Hide text messages on android lock screen;

  • Firstly you have to open your android settings.
  • And then go to the ‘privacy’.
  • There click on the ‘on screen lock’ and there select ‘hide sensitive content’.
  • If your phone is still running on the previous android version, then go to ‘settings’ and ‘security and location’ option.
  • Under ‘device security’ section, select the ‘lock screen preferences’.
  • Here click on the ‘on lock screen’ option and select ‘hide sensitive content’.
  • Now no messages will be previewed from the lock screen.

Disable pop-up notification on screen;

  • In your android, open the ‘settings’ option and go to ‘Apps and notifications’.
  • Now tap on the ‘see all apps’ option.
  • Then select the messaging app that you would want to stop the pop up messaging notification.
  • Now click open the app.
  • Next, you will be automatically redirected to the ‘App info’ page, there tap on the ‘notifications’.
  • Here you will have to tap on the gear icon which is available beside every notification category.
  • Then, you have to flick the ‘pop on screen’ slider to disable pop-up notification on screen.
Now no messages will pop-up on your screen.

So these are few steps that you can follow to hide messages or stop others from reading your embarrassing messages. These are inbuilt features in which you will not need any other third party apps. So I hope this will be useful for you to keep your private messages private for all time.

How to Fix Cellular Data Not Working in Android

Living in an advanced technological world, we are all bond to seek through the smart devices very often. All the technological devices are playing a major role in the history of today’s world. It’s very rare to see a human being without a smart phone in his hand. From a little baby to a grown up man everyone uses a smart phone with or without any actual need. 

That is the amount of how much the smart devices are into the lives of the generation currently living in this world. So as the smart phone has become one essential factor, there is another element which the smart phones need to access the whole world: the mobile data or a wifi connection.

We all connect our phones to a wifi connection when we are home, but when we go out we use the mobile data. Sometimes using a cellular data can cause a few problems and suddenly stops working without any issues at all. What actually do you do when your mobile data stops working suddenly? You retry and try doing so many things until you get the connection back. But most of the time we won’t be able to find out what actually has happened for the connection to stop working. There can actually be a lot of manual reasons for this cause. So let’s focus on those reasons and see how to fix the cellular data not working problem on your android smart phone.

Fix Cellular Data Not Working Issue

Restarting the phone

Mobile data not working error can normally cause in new android phones. As when you insert a new sim card, the sim operator automatically sends the APN settings which might ask for the restart. When we skip or ignore the message and doesn’t restart the phone, we might later get such data problems. So restarting the phone will solve such problems if this is the cause.

Check on the mobile data limit

In the android smart phones, we have the option to set a limit to the data usage to save excess data wastage. So in case if you have a limit set to your data usage, then the mobile will automatically stop the data from working when your limit finishes.

So check on the limit that has been given to the phone settings by moving onto ‘settings’ and then ‘mobile data/ data usage’ and remove the data limit if its enabled or increase the limit.

Turn on Airplane mode

If it’s a small server problem, then turning on the ‘airplane mode’ in your mobile for sometimes and then turning it off can help correct the problem. This will help your mobile from disconnecting from the mobile network server for sometimes and then connect back from the beginning from the servers.

Reinsert your sim card

In case if the above methods did not help you connect back to your mobile data, then it’s better to try removing your sim card and the reinserting it again. As reinserting the sim can actually solve many problems related to the sim card including incorrect APN issues. So remove the sim and wait for around 30-40 seconds and then insert the sim and turn on your mobile. This will correct all the settings and connect you to the internet.

Resetting the APN’s of the network

‘Access Points Name’ known as APN is a mode that the telecom operator connects the android to the mobile network. So any changes done to the APN can cause your internet connection to drop or stop working by losing the connection. So resetting the APN can solve the problem of cellular data not connecting.

Switch the network generations

If your phone data stopped working after updating your android, then the reason can be that before the update your phone might have had a lower coverage network. So updating to the right coverage network afterwards can make it work. For example from 3G to 4G. to change this, go to the ‘setting’ > ‘mobile data’ > ‘network mode’ and select the right network mode out from the options.

Finally factory reset 

In case if any of t eh above didn’t work, you have to finally try the factory reset option. But know that accomplishing factory reset can delete off all the data from your phone’s internal completely. So make sure to backup all the important data from your phone before you proceed with the factory reset option.

That’s it, now we have seen a few steps on how we can fix the mobile data not working on android suddenly problem. These steps will definitely give you a solution and get back your connection to you. Hope this was helpful for all of you to fix the problem in your android smart phone.

Methods You Never Knew on How to Use Google Translate - Android

With technology, so many things have come into light in this world. We are now being able to communicate and live life in a place where we even don’t know what language they are talking. Technology has made so much of change that now we can learn things easily and know so much with just a click. The best part is the introduction of smart devices and the invention of google.

Google has solution for all the problems. Today let’s see how google is going to help us communicate in different language and translate anything into our language using the google translate on android.

Google translate is a multi-lingual translator service which works across the world. It provides us with the most accurate translation of any language to any language within seconds. Now you can download the app of google translate to your android and there are so many tricks and features that’s available in the app. But most of us aren’t aware of those features and doesn’t know how to use to get things translated accurately. So come, let’s take a look at how to get the maximum use out of the google translator app and accomplish your works done easily than before.

Translate Texts while Your Offline

We all know that google translate is based on the internet and it uses a huge database to translate between many languages. This sometimes can make things difficult for us, for example when you are in a hurry and you have no internet connection, you might not be able to translate anything offline.

Well then, in such a situation you can translate when you are offline using your android phone, though this comes with only a limited languages in general, you can download the whole translation packs completely beforehand. So that you will be able to get translated even when you have no access to the internet. 

Lets see how to get the offline package downloaded for your android.

Firstly you have to open up the Google translate app in your android device.
Then press on the three line icon on the left top corner.

Select the ‘offline translation’ from the options.
There you will have all the offline package languages available.

Tap on the download icon to download the language that you prefer to use when on offline.

Wait till the download finishes and then close the tab.

You should also make sure that you are connected to an wifi connection before you start downloading the languages to avoid excess data usage as you will be download the whole package of the language.

Images Translate in Real-time

We are all such a travel freaks that we even go to places that we know no language but we do manage using the google translator but what about when you are in a restaurant and you can’t read or even type down the language that’s written on the menu card? That is when you will want to use the real-time translation of texts on images. Now you can translate what’s written on a picture by simply clicking a photo and google will translate you that. Let’s see how:

Open the Google translate app in your android.

In the home page you will have a camera icon below the text box, click on it.

Grant the required permission and then face the camera to the picture of the image that you want to translate.

Now tap on the eye icon which is available on the right bottom corner to enable the real-time translation.

If it doesn’t work, then click on the capture button and then choose the language that you want to translate.

If you want to translate an image that you have already captured, then select the image from the gallery by tapping on the image icon on the camera translate window.

Ones the translation is done, you can save both the original and the translated images separately.

Save Translation to Phrasebook

Sometimes when you translate something you might like that phrase or you will want to save it for later use. So in that case the translated phrases or the queries in the phrasebook will sync into your google account and you can view them anytime you want.

All you have to do is, go to the translation history from the home page and tap on the star icon that available beside each translated phrase/sentence and save them to the phrasebook. Then it will be marked as favorite and will be saved in forever. When you want to view them, you can select the three lines icon on the left top corner and choose phrasebook.

Clear Translation History

You can delete off all the translation history like you does in other Google apps. To clear the history you have to go to Google translate > settings > clear history > confirm yes.

Now all the translation data that was stored will be deleted from the append also from your google account.

That’s it, now we have seen a few steps that will help you do a better job in translating using your android device. Hope this would have helped all of you to know more about the google translator app and gain better.

Remove Hidden keyloggers from Android Device

Today, in this world of technology with so much to ponder onto, we are all into the very device; Smart phones. Every one of us have a smart phone and use it for different other reasons. From a one year old child to a seventy years old man everyone owns a mobile of different range. It has now started to become one of the priorities in our lives.

Imagining a life without a mobile today is very difficult. We do make things quiet easy using a smart phone as it has now got features to fulfill all the needs that a computer, calculator, camera, photo album and so many others did. But with all of them, we also should not forget how along with the increase in the usage of the smart phones how we also got some security risks such as hacking, spyware and key loggers. These security threats should be talked about and given measures to be aware of them. As today we see how some business men conduct their business through smart phones and will have saved a lot of important details in the phones. Not only that but we also see how most of us today do online shopping, online transactions and so on, for this we do use our user name, password, pin number and also provide our bank account number or credit card number.

In case someone notes them down, we will have to face issues related to them. That is what a key logger do, they get into your phones via spyware apps and record everything that you type using the keyboard of your phone. So today I am going to show you how to be aware and remove key loggers from your android smart phone.

Find Hidden Keyloggers in Android

Find the source

The very first thing that you should look onto is how the key logger spyware app got installed in your phone. two methods can take place, either someone who used your phone should have installed it in or any of the third party apps that you downloaded would have been a fake app with spyware.

So when you know how the spyware key logger got in, it would be easier for you to remove them off instantly. If you don’t know, then we should go do some other testing as given below.

Checking on unusual activities

Keep an eye on your phone and recognize if any unusual activities such as any numbers or symbols appearing on the screen without you knowing it or any scripts causing to reboot your phone once in a while. These types of suspicious activities can indicate that a key logger is in hold of your keyboard. 

Use anti-malware

The best way to get rid of any malware of keylogger is to install anti-virus app. Antivirus apps will help to scan and remove any types of malware or threats found in your phone and delete them off immediately. Then in case if there are any affected app due to the malware, then those apps will be using a lot of data even while running in the background or they might cause any defects to the phone. In that case, delete that app off and restart your device to clean out all the threats.

Check out for your downloads or file manager folder

Creep into your file manager and check each of the folders and files carefully, if you find any hidden files or suspicious files, delete them off. By doing so, you will be able to have a clear phone with no malware effects. Do not forget to check on your downloads folder to see if there are any infected apps installed in your phone. Uninstall any such apps.

That’s it; now by following these steps you can remove any type of a key logger from your smart phone. The steps given above are simple and easy to follow. By doing so you will not have to face any troubles or threats due to some malware issues that awaits to grab details and data from smart phones. Hope this would be useful for all the android users.

Reasons Behind Android Battery Slow Charging

Today in this world, smart phones have taken a very special place. Every single of us use smart phones for different reasons but the main one among them is for the purpose of communication. Apart from that there are so many other features that are included in one small and slim smart phone. 

We use it as a camera, as an alarm clock, as calculator, as a PC and so much more. So we wish we had our phones always in our hands and we don’t want to spend a day without it. To use the phone with the full satisfaction, the battery life of the phone should stand long and the charging process should take place faster.

But we see so many people find it very difficult to charger their phone to the hundred percent as it has a slow android battery charging. When this happen the phone battery life will also gets lower very fast. This is one of the major problems that we see so many people are facing around and there are many reasons why your phone lags and slowdowns in the process of battery charging. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why this happen and thereby you will get a solution to bring back life into your phone in a normal way.

Android Battery Slow Charging

Weak power source

Most of the time, what we normally do is find an easy spot to charge our phones, so for that we plug in our phones using an usb cable to our computer or laptops. These are weak power sources which will slow down the process of the charging. Along with that wireless charger will also charger the battery in a very slow process.
So it is always advisable to charge your phone battery using the dedicated charger, which will do its works in a better way. Charge in other devices only when you are in an utter need and you don’t have your original charger around you.

Background apps running continuously

We will have a lot of apps installed in our phones and most of these apps such as the social media app and other similar apps will always run on the background and this will consume a lot of battery life. So it is always better to turn off the background apps from running when you plug your phone to charge. As it might take a lot of time to charge along with all the apps that might keep killing the battery life.

Using bad charger or universal charging adapter

If you are using a universal charging adapter to charge your phone in a regular basis then that can harm your battery charging process and slow it down. As universal charging adapters are kept for emergency purposes and not for a daily usage. Always use an original charger, as local chargers or bad ones can harm your battery eventually. If you have lost or broken your original charger, buy one from the same company, as that is what will keep your battery healthy and charge faster.

Using a bad battery

If your battery charging process has slow down eventually, you have to also check for your battery and make sure if it is in a good condition. If your phone is new and still the battery takes longer time than usual to charge then that means that you have got a bad battery. Make sure you figure it out before late.

Using your phone when charging

We all have that behavior of using our phones even when it is on charge, as we can’t spare a moment without it. But this is one of the very bad act as it may slow down the process of charging and ruin the battery slowly, not only that it is a risky task too. So it is always advisable not to use the phones while it is on charge for a better and a faster process of charging.

WiFi/ Bluetooth/ mobile data turned on

Make sure you turn off the wifi, Bluetooth and the mobile data when you plug in your phone to charge, as this might slow down the battery charging process. As all these services consumes a lot of battery when it is running. So turn of all of them including the GPS to make your phone charge faster.

Damage in USB port

There can be time when you have tried and done all the above possible things to make your phone charge faster and still it is slow in charging then mostly your USB port should be damaged. So try repairing it and get a better charge in a quick time.

So that’s it, we have checked on some of reasons which will eventually slow down the battery charging process in your android smart phone. So check them up and solve the slow battery charging problem. You can also try switching off the phone when you plug the phone to charge to verify things out. Hope this would have help you out.

How to Protect Android Device From Virus

In an advanced world, we are all bond to live life with the technology. So many new things are being introduced every now and then and among all of those devices smart phones took a lead and still capture a big place in the market. There are so many types and models in smart phone and among them Android is well known to be the user friendly device of all time. 

Android smart phones are made with the capability for everyone to use it without any difficulties. So today in this guide we are going to see how to protect the Android devices.

As the android OS is open to all and free to use, there are so many innovators who develop new apps and software to it and thereby make users to easily get them to use. This is a good result as we will be able to get solutions for so many problems using such apps and software but at the same time we should also consider about the effects that it might cause.

When such free apps can be inserted in Google playstore by anyone, then viruses, malware and such treats can also be added along with the apps. When someone downloads the wrong or the fake app, your android phone will eventually get virus attack without your knowledge. This can cause so many problems to you and your phone. Either your phone will stop working or slow down or such malware inside your phone can grab important details of you. So we should always be precaution and take possible steps to prevent virus from entering into our android device. There are so many easy and protective ways to safeguard our phones and come let’s take a brief look at each.

How to Protect Android Device From Virus

Do not enable ‘unknown sources’ command

When we consider about protecting our phones from malware and virus, we should always make sure what we allow to enter into our phones. Sometime we might tend to download apps or any files from unknown sources and when we do so, we don’t know if they are safe or not and in this case, some android phones ask for commands to either permit or deny the download process and you have to decide what to do. Most of the cases we simply allow them to go along with the procedure. When you have given permission and the file is downloaded from unknown sources you can’t go back and turn over the process, the virus might have already entered in.

So the best ways to prevent such malware from entering in is to avoid enabling the command. So that, no virus attacks will find way to enter in with your permission.

Check out for the app permissions before hand

We are always in a hurry when we want to download something that we don’t through any of the information that’s provided in. In almost all the app in Google playstore they will have a set of app permissions that it will want to get from your phone ones you download the app, reading this properly will itself save half of our problems.

When we go through we will know whether the app is only getting the needed info or is it all ready to get our permission to spread up destruction in the phone. So read for all the requirements that it asks for and decide before simply allowing the app to download.

Think before you download every application 

There are thousands of free apps available to download in playstore and most of the time when we come across any of a new app, we don’t think if we actually need it or nit but we simply download them for no real reason. That’s how the app developers have made it look, so that everyone will download them, but there is something you should know, as there are many apps that are safe to use there are also apps that will carry malware and virus. These threat filled apps will be independent or might even look like a pirated version of an original app. It will be an exact copy of the original app also with extra features to attract the users.

To overcome this problem and to choose the right app, Google has made some possible ways for to point out between the real and the fake. In the original app you will find a shield mark which indicates a verified play protective app. Also check for the rating and decide.

Install an anti virus protection

Having an anti virus protection in your android will help you be safe from threats. They will scan for all the downloading files and alert you in case of a threat found. It will also help clean your phone from threats that have already entered in. it will have an enhanced firewall and file protection system and helps your phone from being protected.

So now we have seen some possible ways to protect your android device from virus attacks. If you follow the steps given above accurately you will not have to worry about your phone or your personal data saved in your android. Hope the above given details would have helped you in protection your phones.

WiFi Connected But No Internet - How to Fix this in Android

Today in a world full of people who are moving towards the advancement of technology, we see no one who doesn’t use a mobile phone. Mobiles have started to become one of the most used and popular device among the users. As technology is in a creep of moving upwards without a drop every single day, we see how all the new things takes its place.

Among all of the technological devices, smartphone has taken a very special place and android devices has been named as the most user friendly device that’s available in the time being. So when we use such Smartphone, we need internet connection and so we connect our phone to wifi connections. But sometimes we see some issues with the wifi connection. So today let’s talk about such an issue.

When we connect our android with the wifi connection, sometimes we get an issue where the wifi will get connected but there will no internet. So in such cases we will not be able to use the internet. This will not be a problem when we use mobile data but in wifi connection such problems arise frequently. So to overcome this problem, we have a few steps that you can follow. When you follow the below given steps, you will know where the problem is and will be able to get the solution for it. So come let’s take a look at all of those steps briefly.

WiFi Connected But No Internet Issue Solutions

Check connectivity: Firstly, when you notice that your internet is not working, then before we move on for any other method we should first check it with the connectivity. Check if your router is working perfectly without any errors. If it has no issues then we should proceed for the next step.

Check with another device: When your phone is connected to wifi and still it doesn’t work, then you better connect the wifi to another device and check if it works in that. Also you should know that some websites will not support with the wifi connection because of some restriction that it might have. So you have to also check browsing different applications or websites for the confirmation process.

Turn off mobile data: We should know that mostly android devices give more priority to the mobile data connection over the wifi connection. So if you have turned on both mobile data and wifi in your android Smartphone, then turn off the mobile data and check if the wifi gets connected and starts working. Sometimes, the IPS asks users to login to their network using their username and password which will connect to the wifi but no internet message will appear. So turn off the mobile data before you connect to your wifi.

Disable and enable wifi: Due to the incorrect DNS service, you might get the message wifi connected but no internet. So to fix this error you can disable the wifi and then enable it again. This is not easy as in the PC, to disable the wifi in the android Smartphone you have to access to the hidden settings panel. To do this you have to

  • Open you android dialer pad and type *#*#4636#*#*

  • In the next page that appears you have to go to the wifi information > wifi API

  • There select ‘disable network’
  • Then again in the same page you have to click on the ‘enable network’.
That’s it. now this way you can check you internet connection and most probably it will fix all the problem and you connection will work accordingly.

Forget and reconnect: When your internet doesn’t still work, then you can forget the connection and then reconnect again. By doing this, you will get a new IP address and it will help connect to the wifi connection automatically. To do this you have to follow the steps given below:
  • Open the app drawer and go to the ‘settings’ option.

  • Click on the wifi and there tap on your selected wifi connection and press ‘forget’.

  • Then again select the same wifi connection and press ‘connect’.

Now your connection will connect freshly and the internet will start working.

That’s it, now we have seen a few methods and steps on how we can find what’s gone wrong with the internet connection and try connection it with the wifi connection. You can follow them and by doing so you will obviously get the internet working without any errors. Hope this will be useful for all the android users who have connected their phones to the wifi connections.