How to Remove Unwanted Object From a Photo

Today as we are moving towards the modernized world where everything is mostly depended upon the internet and thereby we never resist to login whenever possible. Among all photo editing is one of the most important skill to develop if you're a social media addict. When it comes to social media, Facebook and Instagram are the leading networks among the social media users.

So if you're using these social networks, you might upload many photos on a regular basis. When we see something beautiful, when we travel or even when we go out to have our meals we eventually click so many pics and will want to upload them to our social media account, either Instagram or Facebook, sometimes even both. But as we see today there everyone who posts a picture makes sure that the click is perfect. To make the pic look better we use so many different techniques. Only then we feel like we might get a lot of likes, shares and comments. The more likes we get, the more pictures we post. So this routine is continued by the process of photo editing. 

While uploading any photos to these sites, usually we add some filters or effects to make it look more awesome among our friends and family. So today's article is about a photo editing app. When we say clicking a picture, we look for so many other different factors like the lighting and background and that is when the quality of the pictures would look better. We all would have experienced situations where we would have clicked a few pictures with so much of enthusiasm but later when we see one by one, we might notice that the picture might have not turned out to be as we wanted it to be. One big problem we face most of the time while clicking a picture is the photobombs. There can be people crossing from the background which would ruin the picture, or there can be any unwanted objects that would do so. So in that case the entire effort might go useless. I had to go through so many such situations and my savior has been a friend who does photo editing.

Most of us depend on our Photoshop skilled friend to make our photo look more attractive or if we want to remove any unwanted parts from the photo. Recently when I was in a foreign country, I took some cool snaps of the nature. Unfortunately some of the photos were captured with few unwanted stuffs around, which ruined the beauty of those pics.

So I asked my "Photoshop buddy" whether it's possible to remove few things from my photos and make it look awesome. He said Ok and started working with my photos on Photoshop software through laptop and it took more than 1 hour to remove those few things from my photos like I wanted it to be.

Once we finish the photo editing work, one of our friend visited us and asked what are we are doing. I explained him and he told me that I can simply use TouchRetouch app to do this in less than a minute. Then he showed me the app in his phone with a sample editing. And he almost finished editing the picture within seconds using the app, which took us more than an hour. So I thought I should share it with all of you too. Without wasting time, come let’s move on to check on how to get it done.

Remove Unwanted Object from a Photo

You have to get the app named 'Touch retouch' directly from google play store to your android smart phone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to remove all the unwanted objects from any of your photo in android smartphone.
Firstly, start the app in your phone and load a photo from gallery or even you can capture a photo right from there to remove unwanted objects.

Then, you have to click on brush icon from bottom of the app and color the object which you want to remove from the photo.

Once you finish the process, simply click on Start button which can be found in bottom of this app interface.

That's it. Now the object gets removed from the photo and you can save the photo to the gallery or you can share it directly with your friends via email / social media or bluetooth.

So you can download this app directly from google playstore to your android smart device by searching 'Touchretouch'.

Now in the picture shown below you can see a mailbox highlighted in green. That is the image I want to remove from the picture ones and for all.

This is the after the edit picture, here you will notice how the mailbox is permanently removed and have no trace of where it was before. The magic of removing objects from different pictures can be clearly seen by the before and after picture.

This is one of the amazing app to remove unwanted objects from the photo with very easy steps. This app might be very useful for us where we don't need any technical skills to use.

Now without any photoshop skills you can remove all the unwanted objects from the photo and make it look like a perfect click within a few seconds.