Best Photo Recovery App for Android

Android smartphones became one of the best phones to use in the market. We see how easy it is to handle and maintain and that is why is it named to be the user friendly device. As smartphones have literally turned out to be our best friend, in which we maintain all our secrets, personal data, pictures and everything else. So in that way we always wish to have our android smartphone safe. As we all treasure our pictures, we will never want it to get vanished in any form of a way. But what happens if they get deleted? That is what we are up to check today.

There can be many situations where with or without our conscious some pictures from the gallery can get deleted. It can be either due to malware or virus attack, which can cause severe damage to the phone or maybe even mistakenly with a miss click you might delete all your picture and if that happens, it will be gone and no possible way to get them back as the android smartphones has no option like the recycle bin in a PC. In such a moment what will you actually do? Sit and worry over what happened and forget it after a while or keep worrying whenever you look at your phone? Because photos are some of the most beautiful form of memories stored in. How to recover all the photos back in to your android?

During such time, recovering the deleted file from the mobile can be a headache for you. But from now onwards, you don’t need to worry when your photos get deleted in your android mistakenly or knowingly. Because today I'm going to provide you a solution for this very problem by introducing you to an amazing application named 'DiskDigger' to your android smartphone to help you recover all the deleted files.

If you go through Google play store, you will find several recovery application for android, but all those apps will not be a great solution as they might have other issues but DiskDigger isn’t like that. This app is a very smart recovery solution to have in your android.

You can use this app in both root and non-rooted devices. But if your phone is not rooted, this application will perform a limited scan. If your phone is rooted, this app can perform a deep scan to identify all the deleted files. Also you can scan for deleted videos in your phone when the phone is rooted.

How to Recover Deleted Photos & Videos

You have to get the app named 'Diskdigger' directly from google play store to your android smart phone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to recover deleted files, photos and videos successfully from your android smartphone.
Firstly, start the app in your phone and select the file type to scan for recovery.

There you will find an option to scan for deleted photos. Click on scan and it will take few minutes to complete the scan.

This application can recover the lost photos/ images from your internal memory as well as SD card.

Once the files are recovered, you can directly upload all the files to Google drive, drop box or you can send through email. Also you can save the recovered files in a different folder directly from the application. So you can download 'DiskDigger' app directly from google playstore to your android smartphone by Clicking here.

This is one of the best data recovery application for android smart phones which can easily get back all your lost data in few minutes. Also this app can perform well if the device is rooted. Now let us move on to check on a few other alternative applications that can be used to recover deleted images.

Alternative Apps

Dr.Fone: This is also a great app found in the google playstore which would help with the recovering all the deleted files, especially the photos and let you store them back in your android. It also allows you to transfer data from your PC to your smartphone easily without any form of hindrance using the web browser interface. If you have your phone rooted, then this app will help you do a full and deep recovery of all the deleted contents.

Restore image: This is a totally free app and you can use it easily. Using this app you can restore both the deleted pictures and videos back to your android smartphones and feel free and relaxed having all your best data back. It is a simple app with basic features and it would only let you restore the media files and not documents. So it is best for the images restoration purpose.

DigDeep image recovery: This is another best alternative app to consider about. You doesn’t have to have your phone rooted for the purpose of restoring images in this app. Anyone can easily get back their recently deleted images with a few clicks using the DigDeep image recovery app. 
It will allow you to recover image file formats like jpg, png and all the popular image formats that is available today. Very easy to use and will get all your images back to your phone within a few minutes taking into consideration the size of the files. It is free to use and has no any problems using it.

You have nothing to fear about in case you lost or deleted your important photo, now you can recover the photos easily without any errors using any of the apps mentioned in this guide.