Find Who Stole Your Smartphone With Their Photo

As we are all living in a world where the technology takes a lead, we are supposed to go along the flow to know better of whats happening.Today I'm coming up with another important matter related to your Android smartphone's security. As we all know, the current situation is not very safe when we travel or go somewhere as there can many thefts happening.

Many of our friends or family members lose their smartphone somewhere in a crowd, or somebody steals without their knowledge. We might miss place it somewhere when we go out, or even you might have witnessed how your colleagues place there phone on the work table and later find it lost. Thereby so many such situations can actually happen at anytime to anyone.

So it is our responsibility to protect our smartphone from the thief. Or at least we must have some backup plans to catch the thief after our smartphone was stolen unluckily. We can’t actually always make sure that we protect our phones all the times. There can be situations where we will have to place our phones somewhere and go out for work or meetings. In that moments we will have to risk it. The best thing is to have things pre-planned. If you can still find out who took your phone even after it being stolen, it would be a great help. It will help you find it back.

Therefore in this post, I'm going to introduce an Android app which can catch the smartphone thief if it was stolen. This is a pretty cool app which let us know who is the thief by capturing a photo (selfie) once the stolen phone is connected to the internet.

The app act like; If someone fails to unlock the phone after some attempts, the app will take a selfie without them knowing and send us their photo to our email ID. This app might work very useful in case someone steals your Android smartphone. So let's see how to use this app to catch the smartphone thief.

Find Who Stole the Smartphone With Their Photo

You have to get the app named Crookcatcher directly from google play store to your android smart phone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to find the smartphone thief with their photo.
Firstly launch the app and activate it in your phone. Then go to settings tab and set after how many wrong unlock attempts the app should capture the victim's photo.

After that set your email notification and click on the active button. That it..! from now onwards, even if you fail to unlock your phone after certain attempts, the app will capture a selfie and send the photo to the respective email address.

You can download Crookcatcher app directly from google play store to your android smartphone by Clicking here.

This application is highly recommended to have in your android smartphone, since its helpful to find your smartphone if it was stolen by someone or it will be helpful to check who else has tried to unlock your phone without your conscious.