How to Locate Your Family Members Location in Android

We are all living in a world where we should look for the safety and security of each and every family and friends of ours. We see a lot of crimes and accidents taking place in this busy city. Due to that very reason, so many lives are lost and so  many injuries takes place. All these happens when we travel, which is why fear starts to cross the minds of the loved ones always.

So that is the reason for the parents worry of their kids when they go out until they reach home safely, wives keep waiting for their husbands to return home on time after work, likewise we are all bond to each other where we seek for the protection and safety of one another. Calling and messaging the ones who are out is what we were all doing and sometimes when their phone has no battery or the phone is in silent mode or even when the other person is busy to pick up the phone or send a message, the ones back at home might get tensed and worried of what have happened to them and will start to panic about the situation. 

To overcome this problem in a smart way there are apps that will help you. We have already seen some guides on how to always keep an eye on your family and friends location and know more about their security without disturbing them at all. So today too let’s see a new way in which we will be able to see the live location of our loved ones.

In today’s guide you are going to see how another wonderful app name ‘Family locator by fameelee’ which will help you out from many of the security problems with a lot of amazing features in it. The best feature that all of us need is the ability to track out the location and keep a check at the live location of your circle members. Now all you will have to do to check out the location of others is, invite them using your app and add them to your circle and thereby you will get the permission to check out all your circle members’ location and they will be able to do the same with you. You can add as many as members to your circle and that’s the plus point. Thereby no matter how far your loved one is, you will still be able to check out where they are and where they are moving towards too. So now you can forget about the endless worries and misunderstanding that will cause due to unanswered calls and getting delayed to reach home. You can also have sweet chats with your circle members inquiring about their well being and about their day. This chat can be done using the same app too and it will actually cost you nothing. You will also be able to receive or send instant alerts to your circle members when you need help or when you are in trouble. So that they will be there for you in the next minute, at any emergency moments.

These are some of the feature that the family locator app has got. It will take you and your family to stay connected in less than a minute time. You will feel relaxed and safe with your family members and friends always staying connected. But you will also be able have a little privacy at any time when you feel that you want to have some time alone, in that situation you can temporarily switch off the gps location and turn it on when you want. It’s very easy to get this app and start using it for the security of the whole family. So come let’s see on how to get the app started.

How to Locate Your Loved Ones Location

You have to get the app named ‘Family locator by fameelee’ directly from google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Let’s move on to know how to find your friends or family member’s location in a private family map through android phone.
Firstly start the app and register it with necessary details such as name and email address. Once done you will be taken to main interface of the app.

Now you have to configure the family locator app to connect with your loved ones and enjoy the features.

From the main interface, click on right bottom icon to create your family circle.

Next click on invite friends button and send an invitation to the people whom you want to add into private map.

Once all the people has been added to the private family map, you can enjoy real time location sharing, group messaging, favorite place arrival notification, help alert and much more features.


So this is the basic way to configure the family locator application to connect with your loved ones. You can download this app directly from google playstore to your android smartphone by Clicking here.

So this way you will now be able to stay connected with anyone while watching at their live location using your private map and make them feel secured. This is one of the best way to maintain a security with no worries or fear.
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