How to Create Colour Splash for Any Photo in Your Android

As we have the ability to browse the internet from wherever we are using our smartphones, we use some of the apps like Instagram and Facebook more frequently. These apps have in fact turned out to be addicts to some and that is why we keep thinking of what we can post and share with our friends and followers everyday. This is where taking beautiful photos come in line.

What we normally do after capturing a lovely photo is, we try to make it more perfect and unique by editing the particular picture. We try to use so many new strategies to create a trend and make our post look better in all ways. So only then we would get more likes, comments and shares in both Instagram and Facebook. Thereby to increase the engagement in our social media profiles we try creating new contents using a simple picture. Though we aren’t professionals in photoshopping and so, we do edit our pictures using certain mobile applications. Today we are going to checkout on an application which would help you go with the trend and create wonderful pictures with black and white filter or recoloring specific objects or space.

Yes, we are going to talk about the app named 'Color pop effects', which is one of the most popular Instagram colorize photo editor lab for color splash effect so far. This app contains a lot of new filters and features for you to customize your pictures into one Instagram worthy photo. The most talked about effect in this app is the 'Spiral' and 'Portrait' maker. You also have the neon boarders, spiral and wings feature to create a cartoon styled photo. If you are looking for an app to tell a lab story with images livening up any monochrome photo color spiral, then I would recommend you this app which is a pro in doing so. You can easily add a pic's art in a photo lab style within seconds. 

Not only can you create black and white pictures and recolor them but you will also have the ability to get lovely vintage effects for your photos now. Through this you can create a whole lovely and unique feed full of attractive pictures posted in your social media profile. Which will of course take your pictures and posts to another level of reach. There are few other options that you can deal out with in this app such as the possibility to gray out everyone in an image except for yourself, you can also re-color the clouds or the whole of the sky in the way you want and also with the colours you like. Not just that, if you wish to add lense to your eyes and change the colour into a lovely one then you can do that quiet easily too. Along with that you have the capability to add a splash of brightness to anything and include neon effects to your photos.

Getting all these done is not a matter of factor with our color pop effects app. You can work like a pro and create a picture that would look professional and attractive at the same time. Because you can take over to control the size of the brush, undo and redo editing, pan and zoom to work in detail. So for everyone who are passionate about your photographs, this will be the best option to choose on and try. As it is free to use and user friendly, anyone can start editing with no difficulties. So come let us take a detailed look at how to get the started.

Create Colour Splash for Any Photo

You have to get the app named 'Color pop effects' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us now move on to know how to add black and white filter to a photo and then add colors only to a specific area of the photo.
Firstly start the app in your device and select 'Color pop' from the main menu to make the color splash photo.

Next you have to select a photo from your phone gallery and wait for a few moment until it gets loaded in the app interface.

To make sure to save your time during the editing process, the app will automatically detect the background and change it into black and white by default. This advance feature helps you when you only wants the background to be in black and white and rest of the part to be in color.

If you want more changes to be made to your photo, you have to click on the 'Brush' tool from the bottom menu and select the brush size and pattern.

Then you can simply paint on the specific area of the photo that you wants to be in black and white effect. Make sure to select the smaller size brush, if you want to color a very small portion in the picture.

Once you are done coloring, you can simply click on 'Save' button from the top of interface and save the photo into phone storage. Other than color splash feature, the 'Color pop effects' application gives you a feature called 'Spiral', which can bring more attention to your photo. Simply go to the main interface and select 'Spiral' option and choose any photo from your phone gallery.

Now select any 'Spiral' template from the available list in the bottom menu and wait for a moment to create the magic.

That’s it, we have come across step by step guide of creating colour splash and spiral effect for any photo from your smartphone using 'Color pop effect' application. So you can download this app directly from Google playstore to your Android smart device by Clicking here.

Now making your pictures highlight the best part of it and bring in a magical touch to them is quite easy. You doesn’t have to spend hours and hours looking for tools and ways to get your Instagram worthy photos ready. With all the black and white and then a splash of colour will make memories more powerful and better. Hope you all would enjoy editing your pictures.
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