Best Instagram Tricks That You Must Know

Instagram is one of the most trending social media among the society today. We see not only the youngsters but also adults and kids too browse the internet to check on their instagram and facebook profiles. When we talk about Instagram, it is a platform to share pictures and mini clips of videos with people from all around the world. Also this platform get us a chance to portray new abilities. 

Though the feature options in instagram is lesser than other social medias, 90% of the soical media users use instagram either for a time pass or to promote their business. Either way it is, instagram is today a route to create new ideas.

Today, business promotions and sales are done widely through instagram and to make it a success, we have to maintain the profile in a great level. It is always important to have a big number of followers and get enough likes and share in the first place. Not only the ones who have a business profile looks for likes and shares but also the users who are having a personal account will also want their pictures to go viral and get a lot of interactions. We also see how many people nowadays come up with their creativity and earn good rewards in instagram.

Not only that, there are also bloggers who are arising with their talents and conducts. I have seen how some people think on how only their profile doesn't get enough reach, whereas a normal inactive account that turns out to be active ones in a while gets more likes and followers. To make the best out of your profile you have to follow some simple steps and then look on how your profile grows. So here i have got some best instagram tricks and tips for you to make your profile trending. Come lets discuss on those tricks.

Best Instagram Tricks

Adding Hashtag: One of the most important element to consider in instagram while sharing a picture is the #hashtag section.
With the right hashtag in your picture, it will reach the right people and the number of interactions with your picture and profile will increase. For this, you have to get the 'Top Tags for Likes' app, where it will automatically create the relevant hashtags for your picture.

Share the instagram pic on Facebook: Just as the instagram, facebook is also a social media which helps promote and run business. In that case, sharing the same picture in both the apps will definitely let your picture reach a lot of people at the same time. Thereby on both the platforms your content will get a lot of reach than you expected.
Instagram has the feature to broadcast the photos to facebook. To get it done, all you have to do is to link your facebook account to the instagram, thereafter you can share pictures directly at a glance at both the instagram and facebook timeline.

Schedule instagram photos: While using the instagram, you would have noticed that there is a specific time when your pictures get a lot of interactions and in some due time, they get less likes. In that case, you can schedule your picture to be posted at a relevant time using a third party app named 'Lattergramme'. Using this you can upload and do all the needed step and then schedule a time for the post.

Instagram Layout: The layout in the instagram is very important as when your profile looks colorful or beautifully arranged, people will start interacting with it more. So thereby creating a piece of picture in a most unique way is essential. You can get the app 'Layout from Instagram' app to create collages from your pictures and create a lovely picture out.

Android instagram browser: The instagram browser is common to all, but of you are looking for a different instagram interface with a lot more features linked in, then you can try out the 'Grab the instagram' app to you android smartphone and use the instagram UI in a different way. Thereby browsing the instagram will be with a lot of new features.

That's it, now we have taken a look at a few tips and tricks on how to maintain a best instagram profile. you can follow these methods, even if you are using a business profile or a normal personal use profile. These tips will help you increase your followers and get more likes to the photo that you share. You can maintain a profile in a professional way. It is all about a 'click', click a picture and then make your followers click a like and the ones who do not follow you click on the follow button. Hope this guide will be useful for all the instagram users out there looking for a way to promote the page with no cost.