Remove Hidden keyloggers from Android Device

Today, in this world of technology with so much to ponder onto, we are all into the very device; Smart phones. Every one of us have a smart phone and use it for different other reasons. From a one year old child to a seventy years old man everyone owns a mobile of different range. It has now started to become one of the priorities in our lives.

Imagining a life without a mobile today is very difficult. We do make things quiet easy using a smart phone as it has now got features to fulfill all the needs that a computer, calculator, camera, photo album and so many others did. But with all of them, we also should not forget how along with the increase in the usage of the smart phones how we also got some security risks such as hacking, spyware and key loggers. These security threats should be talked about and given measures to be aware of them. As today we see how some business men conduct their business through smart phones and will have saved a lot of important details in the phones. Not only that but we also see how most of us today do online shopping, online transactions and so on, for this we do use our user name, password, pin number and also provide our bank account number or credit card number.

In case someone notes them down, we will have to face issues related to them. That is what a key logger do, they get into your phones via spyware apps and record everything that you type using the keyboard of your phone. So today I am going to show you how to be aware and remove key loggers from your android smart phone.

Find Hidden Keyloggers in Android

Find the source

The very first thing that you should look onto is how the key logger spyware app got installed in your phone. two methods can take place, either someone who used your phone should have installed it in or any of the third party apps that you downloaded would have been a fake app with spyware.

So when you know how the spyware key logger got in, it would be easier for you to remove them off instantly. If you don’t know, then we should go do some other testing as given below.

Checking on unusual activities

Keep an eye on your phone and recognize if any unusual activities such as any numbers or symbols appearing on the screen without you knowing it or any scripts causing to reboot your phone once in a while. These types of suspicious activities can indicate that a key logger is in hold of your keyboard. 

Use anti-malware

The best way to get rid of any malware of keylogger is to install anti-virus app. Antivirus apps will help to scan and remove any types of malware or threats found in your phone and delete them off immediately. Then in case if there are any affected app due to the malware, then those apps will be using a lot of data even while running in the background or they might cause any defects to the phone. In that case, delete that app off and restart your device to clean out all the threats.

Check out for your downloads or file manager folder

Creep into your file manager and check each of the folders and files carefully, if you find any hidden files or suspicious files, delete them off. By doing so, you will be able to have a clear phone with no malware effects. Do not forget to check on your downloads folder to see if there are any infected apps installed in your phone. Uninstall any such apps.

That’s it; now by following these steps you can remove any type of a key logger from your smart phone. The steps given above are simple and easy to follow. By doing so you will not have to face any troubles or threats due to some malware issues that awaits to grab details and data from smart phones. Hope this would be useful for all the android users.