How to Increase Smartphone Battery Life

This smart world is moving so fast towards its own designed direction. We are also made to follow the steps of the same smart world. So many innovations, so many new updates and the world is being so technological. Among all of them, we know how a smartphone has made its own place in the hands of its users. We feel that there is something missing when we forget our phones back and the difference is understood so very soon. We accomplish so many things using our phones, not only to communicate or take pictures but even to earn from it and learn from it.

So this way a smart phone has turned out to be very important in every one of our lives, so as much as having a smart phone in our hand, we should also consider the fact about our phone battery life. If there is no battery life in the phones then that phone has no use in it. As we will be using so many apps and we also use our phone ones in a while, we will notice how fast the battery life drains in our phone. Battery getting dead soon is a very big problem and thereby we always wish we had ways to save our battery life in our androids for a longer time. Well, so today let’s see a few ways on how to save the battery life in your smart phone.

Tips to Increase Battery Life of Smartphones

Do not wait till the battery is dead

When we use our phones, we forget to check out for the battery level and thereby sometimes we even use it until it turns off with battery dead. This is something we should avoid doing. All of us should maintain a battery level of an average of at least above 40%. When you do maintain it this way, the battery will not tend to go down soon. And also you should remove your charger once it hits 100% charge, do not over charger, and also avoid charging the phone over night. This can literally damage your phone battery and it will also lead to the future battery level going down soon.

Turn on air-plane mode

If you want your phone to quickly charge then you better turn on the ‘air-plane mode’, which will literally cut down all the network connections along with radio signals, Bluetooth connections, wifi, calls, messages or emails.
So that it will have no connections to interfere with your phones charging process. You can easily turn on the ‘air-plane mode’ from the short cut tab or even by going to the settings.

In case you can’t activate the air-plane mode if you are waiting for any important calls, then you can disconnect the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection, GPS or any such background running apps individually. So this will make your phone charge in a way quicker time other than the normal days.

Update the apps

We will initially see some new updates releasing in our OS or in the apps that we have downloaded, these updates will upgrade with new ways to optimize phone memory and the battery life along with it. So it is always better to have our phones updated with every new updates. When these updates fix the bugs of the phone it will also help maintain the battery life of our device.

Make sure to clean your phones from the unnecessary apps or files from it. If you have something that you are not using for a long time then you should delete them off as too many apps running in your phone can literally kill the battery life.

Use dark wallpapers

Having wallpapers that are animated or more like a video can actually kill your battery life without any use. And also using dark or black wallpaper can save battery life, as they will not need a brighter reflection. Normally the screen will use only energy to illuminate the colored pixels, so black wallpaper will require less pixel and power to maintain the picture.

Dim the screen light

We know it is harmful to see very bright lights which can damage our eyes, at the same time, when we have a bright screen it will kill the battery life too. You can adjust the brightness of your screen as per the lighting from around you and know what is more comfortable to you and thereby reduce your brightness accordingly.

Disable the location service

Sometimes most of the apps will require the location service for it, but this will use a lot of the battery life. When the location service is on without any reason then make sure you turn it down to protect the battery level from going down soon. You can literally go to the settings and disable the location service provided to some apps, so that the location won’t automatically on when you use that app.

So here we are, we saw some important tips and methods on how to save the battery life on your smart phone. Following these methods will help you have a phone which will consume less battery life and make your phone stay on power for a longer time. So hope this will work with all of you.