How to Backup Android Game Data to Computer

Today as the world is getting developed towards the technological side, we see a lot of changes and new things that are erupting. Among all smart phones has taken over so many things including the outdoor games. When we have a smart phone, we will not have to spend a lot of money on buying an alarm clock, calendar, calculator, camera and even PC. 

We have them all in the smartphone and these are actually worth it as it helps save money but this mobile also helps save physical energy. Wondering how? It has turned the outdoor games into the indoor games in mobiles. That’s funny in a case but that’s the ongoing generation is all up to. No outdoor games, as all the games are being downloaded into the small device.

That’s one easy entertainment procedure for all. And not to blame the generation because that’s what the society is made like. We adapt ourselves accordingly. Nowadays we see everyone sit with their phone either browsing the internet or playing games. Not just the kids but also adults play games in their androids when they sit bored. We see a lot of Android game addicts around. When we play a game interestingly, we will want to finish up all the levels. All of these levels will be saved automatically to our android in the game data folder. And that is what helps us to continue from where we stopped. But the data will be erased when we delete the game.

We will sometimes have to delete a game when we have a storage problem but will download it again afterwards later. Not only that but when we reset or even by mistake the game can vanish away and we will have to install it again. But in such cases the game data will be deleted and we will have to start playing all over from the beginning again. That will be a terrible problem for the game addicts. But what if there is a way to save the game data safely until you reset your phone or until you buy extra storage space.

Yes, here we are to help you to backup Android game data to your PC/external memory storage without rooting. Now with this method you can easily save your game data in your computer until you wish and then get it back and start using it from the place you stopped. The method is pretty simple, that it helps save all the game data to your SD card or your external storage device. Sounds good, isn’t it? let’s see how to get it done.

Backup Android Game Data to PC

You have to get the app named Helium-App sync and Backup directly from the playstore to your android smartphone or tablet and t
hen get the Helium software for the PC too.

Let's move on to know how to backup android game data to your Windows computer.
Firstly, launch the app in your android smartphone and the interface will look like below.

Next, you will have to enable USB Debugging.

Now to backup the data the Helium application in your PC will detect your android smart phone, wait until it does.

Then, your android smart phone’s helium app should detect the connected computer. Once it detects, you will see a screen like shown below on your PC screen.

Next, click on the data backup button and then tick on the backup app data and select the type of data you are backing up.

Now, you can place the backup folder anywhere in your PC from the Helium folder of your file manager.

That’s it, now you have nothing to fear of losing your games data. So you can download 
Helium-App for your android smartphone directly from google playstore by Clicking here.

With this app, you can start where you stopped and enjoy your favorite games. This simple procedure will help you save as many games data in case if you want to reset your smartphone or you moved to a new smartphone.