PUBG Mobile Tricks You Must Know

As we see so many things rising up along with the technology in this evolutionary world, there are some particular factors that makes a stage for it at any cost. Some of the devices such as smartphone and PC has its own trend. So that way, we find something interesting to do in our free time.One of the most addictive factor among them is games.

We see so many games that comes up and holds on a very special place in the minds of the youngsters and sometimes even in the adults. One of the most such addictive game that we see now is the PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, also known in short as the pubg. This was first introduced only in PC but later it started to lighten up in the platform of mobiles too.

So thereby we see most of the mobile phone users are too addictive to the pubg game and they keep chasing the game day and night. The pubg game is all above surviving till the very end in a place of great battle. All that the player should aware of is his enemies by carrying his best weapon and run surviving himself by blazing fire at others.

There are some of the basic rules and regulations that everyone should know before they step into the battlefield of pubg. If you are a pubg gamer you would know how to handle situations, but if you are new and want to know some important tips and tricks, then you are in the right place. 

Today in this guide I am going to share some important points that will help you rule like a king in the battle zone of pubg. Let’s take a look at them.

PUBG Mobile Tricks

Choose Your Landing Destination

To start with all the tricks, we are firstly going to see the most important factor which starts up the game with. Landing in the appropriate spot will help you continue your journey, if you misplace the initial spot then your game will end in the net second. So it is very important for you to choose the right landing destination.

You should always focus on the best loot spot from your game map but remember that if that particular place spawn the weapons and armour of its best that there can be other seasoned players will also be walking towards that area. So avoid such areas.
Land on a safe zone like where there are building so that you can find a place to loot or in case you can’t find a right spot open your parachute and coast over a safe landing.

First Loot then Shoot

The first thing to do when you land is to collect the scattered around armours and weapons like AWN sniper rifle, backpack upgrade and such firearms. As they will help you fight better. But remember it can not only be you to come and loot those weapons. So always have you eyes around because if you are dead then that’s it, no more chances.

Shoot When You are in Range

Do not hurry to shoot before you are in the right position to attack. When you open fire from the wrong spot then you will be attacked back. And choosing the right weapon at the right time matters the most too. The beginners should learn to balance the time and attack form the right position. So decide when to hide and when to shoot, this can be a little complicated but when you get used you will know what it’s all about.

Keep an Eye on the Map

Having a very clear view of the landscape will not be easy at the beginning. But always make sure you keep an eye at the pubg mini map. So that it will help you stay in the safe area that’s within ‘the circle’. When you are out of the circle for a long time, you should know that your life is in danger and will be shot dead at any second.

Keep moving and stay under cover. Staying in the same place for long will be risky, so know when to move and how quickly take a look at the map and decide the next spot.

Wheels are Better than Legs

You can reach a place faster in a vehicle, so it’s better to go and grab a vehicle which you can find somewhere close by buildings. But for your information, you should know that there are more of the players who might come to loot a vehicle in the same direction as you. So be safe and approach in a right manner.

Hide and Peek

You should always be careful that you are not exposed to others. As when you are lying on your chest waiting to attack someone, another player can come and pop you up before you could do something. So you can peek yourself in a corner without being exposing your limb by going to the settings > basic menu and then ‘enable’ peek and fire.

So here are some of the basic steps that you can follow to safeguard your life in the pubg game. And as the beginner and playing in your mobile it might be tricky and difficult. Simply follow the tricks to stay longer in the battlefield.