How to Get Free Internet Using Hotspot in Android

Today, we are living in a technologically developing world, where internet is playing a major role in the life of each person. Internet is used for business purposes, personal uses, for time pass and so many such reasons. So in some kind of a way the internet is playing a very important role in the life of humans today. From banking needs to finding locations when we are out, we take out our smartphones with the internet connected to it. We are in need of the internet, to even literally increase our basic knowledge in every fields.

So all that is needed is an internet connection and that is also a best connection. We wish to always have a fast internet connection, which will not drag or stop half the way. So for this reason, we use wifi or mobile data and choose the best connection among all. But in mobile data we can’t use unlimited internet, if we have a wifi connection, we will find it very easy to accomplish our task.

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But not all will have a wifi connection. So we look for places where they provide free wifi hotspot. Our smartphones comes with an inbuilt program which scans and notify us with the available free wifi hot spots but it does only scan in a limited area. So for those who wish to have a method to scan free wifi in different area and go to use it, here you are with some best methods. I am going to introduce you to some applications which will help you scan for free wifi hotspot with their password around you in that area. Come let’s take a look at each one of them separately.

Find Free WiFi Hotspot in Android

Avast WIFI Finder: This is one of the best app to find all the free wifi hotspots that available in the area. it comes with a map which will pin point you the places where the free wifi hotspot is available and along with it, it also will show you how secure the wifi is. So this will help you to decide if you can use the wifi hotspot or not. Another feature that’s available in this app is that it has a speed tester, which will help determine the speed of the particular wifi.

So using this app which will help you not only to find the free wifi hotspot but also will give you accurate ratings on the security and the privacy status of the wifi.

Wifi Map: This app helps you scan for all the wifi hotspot in the city and along with it will provide you with the password of the particular wifi connection. It will also give you the distance of where the wifi is located to the place where you are. So you will be able to decide where to go and which one to use.

There are so many users who use this app and then share the passwords of the wifi connection, just like how you share things in a social media app. Thereby you will now not have to ask the waiter the password of the restaurant’s wifi connection that you are sitting in.
The offline mode that’s available in this app will have saved all the passwords of the hotspots in that ciy, so that you can browse them with no internet connection. 

Free WiFi: This app also helps you find the nearest wifi hotspot available with the passwords and along with it, it will calculate you the internet speed and provide you the distance of the wifi hotspot that’s available. It comes with an interactive map and has a very strong database, where there are more than 60 million hotspots detected worldwide. This also provides you with an offline map and you can add your favourite wifi spots when there are a wide range of connections available.

WiFiMapper (open signal): This app is a wide used one with a strong database of about 50 million hotspot lists available. This app is integrated with foursquare, where it will not only provide you with the wifi hotspot information but also of close by restaurants with food and drink quality, the menu and so on.

So using this app you will be able to find free wifi hotspots in your area and use them without any problems. Though the map in this app doesn’t come with an offline usage, the developers have promised to work on it very soon in further updates.

WiFi Finder: This is also yet another app that will provide you with a list of free wifi hotspot that’s available in the area. There are also possible ways in which you can add hotspot for offline use. This app will be a of great use which will also notify you with cafeteria, malls and office wifi when you have a payment done. It works with no error.

So that’s it. We have now seen a few applications that will provide us with the free wifi hotspot available areas with much more features. Hope this will be a great app for all those who wish to connect your smartphone with free wifi connections that’s available within your area.