Private Family Map to Find Real Time Location in Android

As we see today that the modernized world is too dangerous to walk around alone because it’s more exposed to deaths, kidnaps and more of abuses everywhere. Every day we get news of either accidents or any type of misbehavior acts that is implemented by some tugs or roadside romeos in the streets everywhere. This brings a fear in the minds of the normal people.

We see how some find it difficult to send their children out alone. There are parents who worry of their kids who go out to school and classes and get late to reach home. All these arises due to the lack of security problems. All we need in this modern world is security from every nook corner. So in today’s guide, we are above to see an app that will help out all with a very convenient security problem. 

We all know people who travel out alone and have to go far, crossing the streets and towns for work or schools. At these moment others at home will be in tension until the very person reach the particular place safe and give a call. This mostly happens when kids are sent out. The mother and the father will be too worried of where the kid is and whether he/she is safe. We see parents continuously calling their children to check on how they are doing. When kid are with friends or any others, calling them once in a while can annoy them and piss them off. But as a parent they won’t stop doing hat. So what can we possibly do for the security of every loved ones? Is there any possible ways in which you can check on them without interrupting or annoying them by messaging or calling? What can we bring forward for the security of all the loved ones?

What will you say if I say that there is definitely a way and solution for most of the problems we face in the technological world? Yes, there is solution and a security for this very problem too. Now you can always check on the real time location of your kids, friend or any of your loved one in a simple way. I am going to introduce you to an amazing app named 'family locator- GPS tracker' by (zoemob). This app helps track your loved ones and check the current location of all your family members and friends instantly. It gives you the real time location of everyone. Now with this, you will not have to constantly call or message the ones who are out, but just open up the app and check on their location.
Not just this, but there are many amazing features in this app. You can also keep in touch and chat with your loved ones using this app, which costs nothing. It is a private channel for you and your loved ones. The best part of this app is that it has the over speed alerts, which will provide you an alert if the vehicle that you kids are traveling in cross the speed limit. It can be a private car or a public bus, but still it will show you the over speed limit too. There is one more thing that will help is that you can mark some specific places in the app and then it will provide you a quick alert when they enter those places. It is more of a check in alerts. Cool right? With so much of security features, let’s see how to get the app done.

Find Real Time Location of Family Members

You have to get the app named 'Family locator - gps tracker' directly from google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Let's move on to know, how to find the locations of your loved ones and confirm their security using android phone.
Firstly, launch the app in your phone and register it with your mobile number to continue.

Now you will see the app interface as shown below and you have to enable location service in your phone if it's turned off.

Then you have to invite your family members to create the map circle within your loved ones.

You can find your family code by clicking the three dotted lines which is available in the top left corner.

Also you can adjust other options as per your requirement from settings tab.

As I mentioned above, this app contain the feature to alert you when someone in your family circle arrives or leaves marked places in the map.

That's it. This is the most basic way to configure the family locator application in your phone to find your loved ones real time location. So you can download this app directly from google playstore to your android smartphone by Clicking here.

Other than above mentioned facilities, this app has lot more features such as group messaging among family members and so much more.

This is one of the smartest way to confirm your family members security while they are travelling or out of the house.
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