Turn Your Android Phone Into Connected IP Camera

Leading a peaceful life is very important in this world. Every one of us seek to have peace and not war. As we see so many crimes and thefts taking place in different places with different motives, we always seek protection from them. So we look out for a peaceful life where security is very important. When we lack security, we will lose our peace in life.

So we should be aware and secure us. As people with humanity, we wonder how to make our life better along with others. We will never want our children, parents, siblings, friends or any relatives to face any security problems. Home is the first place where everyone seek protection from and so we need to protect that very place too. To maintain the security of people, CCTV was introduced, which helped most of the people out. But not all are in a state to afford the very CCTV device, which is quiet expensive. So to people like them, I have a wonderful way to help you out.

As I said before, affording a CCTV and maintaining it is not a possible task for all. But still even when we are not in that state to buy a CCTV, we wish we had a way to always keep an eye at our lovable places. When you go out on a vocation, you will not have to worry of the state of your house back there if you have a camera fixed and can watch it always. Sometimes, there are situation where a small business places will want a security camera but they will not have it. The owners of such properties or shops will want to keep an eye whenever possible of their site/place, even when they are at home. As we know there are many security threats such as thefts and so. You need a security camera to overcome these problems. But wondering how to afford one?

We know that the technology has introduced so much that we now have a solution for almost all the problems. Likewise, all you need is an extra phone to have an IP camera. Okay, let me explain how. We know android smartphones comes with the most reliable features. Thereby all you need is the right app in your android. So in this way, I am going to show you how to turn your android smartphone into a connected IP camera. All you need is the app 'family locator and home security' in your android smartphone and then after the process of all the steps you can fix your smartphone in a place where you can view the place clearly and then you can see the place form your very phone, at any time you wish. 

It also detects any movements and send an alert to the connected mobile at once. Not only does this app help you turn your phone into a security camera but also it comes with the feature of family locator in which you can track your family members and see their live location. With this it also has the feature of ringing to the other connected phone, even when the other phone is in silence mode. So in such a way this app helps maintain the security of you and everyone around you in whole. So come let’s see how to get it done.

Turn Your Phone into Connected IP Camera

You have to get the app named ‘family locator and home security’ directly from google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Now let’s move on to know how to turn your android smartphone into a connected IP camera and monitor remotely from anywhere.

Firstly, you have to connect both the client device and the monitoring device. To do this you have to sign in with the same email id in both the phones.

Next, you have to go to the settings page in the client device and modify the settings.

Thereafter, in your client device you have to set the motion and the sound detection to detect the movements.

There you can also check for the client device alert messages from the message tab from the main interface of the app.

In the app you can also change and adjust the battery saver mode. Doing so will help the phone not to drain battery life while the app is running in the background.

That’s it. Now you have set all the possible settings to turn your android into an IP camera. So you can download this app directly from google playstore by searching 
‘family locator and home security’.

Now, you are able to turn your smartphone into a total security device within a few second. Now you can easily keep an eye at your house using the IP camera and also check for the location of your family members when they are out. You can keep away all the fear with this technology in your hand. Hope this will be useful for all who wishes for the security of their loved ones.
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