How to Recover Deleted Files and Contacts in Android

Smartphones are one of the most used device in the modernized world. Although there are so  many new technological devices being introduced and have been introduced, nothing took up the place of the smarphones. So many things can be accomplished using a mobile phone today. Contacting one another was the initial purpose when the mobiles were introduced.

Today we are in a state to do plenty of other things using a mobile. Like taking pictures, record videos, edit, type, play games, browse internet and much more. Among all android smartphone is one of the best device to support with all of the possible features and apps in google playstore. But there is one thing that we all wish we had in the android smartphones and that’s the feature of recovering deleted data. As we know there are plenty of the android users waiting for this feature, in today’s guide we are about to discuss about that very topic.

Recovering the deleted files in a PC is very easy as there is a recycle bin in them. But in an android smartphone, we don’t have this. So in case if you delete any file, either it be a picture or video you will not be able to get them back, even if you badly want it. There are situations in which you delete files and then regret of what you did. When you want to get them back, you will have no proper solutions. There are people I have seen, who by mistake delete important office files or any of their personal files and then sit worry of what they actually did. Because when you know that those files are very important and still you are hopeless of getting them back.

Sometimes, even a malware infection or a virus can manually delete files, photos or videos. You must have lost memorable pictures of your loved ones, you might have deleted the most wanted chat history. They all might have gone boom and then left you behind nothing. These situations are horrible to face, and yes even I have faced so many such situations and tried so many methods to get them back but nothing helped me.

All these only made me more conscious to sit and think awhile before deleting any of the photos, files or even whatsapp chat history. But how long will it work? I had to face the same situation again where I unintentionally deleted all the contact numbers. This was actually worse as I had so many important contacts saved in. I was sitting not knowing what to do until my friend came in. she introduced me to an amazing app which was a life saver. It helped me restore all my contacts back without any problem. And guess what? I was able to recover almost everything that I have deleted in my past days. Let me not drag, I will tell you what the app is.

To recover your files, photos, videos, contacts and even whatsapp chat all you need is the ‘EaseUs MobiSaver’. Which is one of the easiest android data recovery app available. It also helps you recover contacts and files that was saved and deleted from both phone’s internal memory and external micro SD card. Sounds great right?

Recover Deleted Files and Contacts in Android

You have to get the app named 'Easeus mobisaver - recover files and contacts' directly from google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to recover all your deleted files and contacts back to your android phone.
Firstly, start the app in your phone and click on 'photos & videos' option to get the files back.

Now the app will start the recovery process and it will show you all the possible photos to get back in your phone.

Also if you click on the next tab, you will be able to know which video files can be recovered.

Next select the photos or videos that you want to recover back and click on recover option. Boom..! Now all your favorite photos are successfully restored.

Also you can adjust the recovery options in settings page as shown below.

That’s it. You have successfully configured the app to recover all the deleted photos and videos. So you can download 'EaseUs MobiSaver’ app to your android smartphone directly from google playstore by Clicking here.

You are now capable to recover any type of the files in real quick time. Images, videos, files, contacts or even whatsapp conversations can be recovered without any problem. Hope this will be very useful for all the android users.
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