Getting Anonymous Calls - Here is the Solution

Today with so much to ponder about in technology, we are all so deeply into the smartphones and the new updates that releases out once in a while that makes us more concerned about them. As for all the new equipment and devices that are being introduced in the world, we still find the smartphones as one of the best among them all and everyone will accept this.

smartphones comes with so much of new features, that we are now able to accomplish so many things in that one slim device. Once upon a time, contacting one another was the only the fact that we could do in the phone but now with the latest smartphones we can use so so many purposes such as a camera, calculator, watch, alarm clock, PC and so much more.

As smartphones make things easy, we see all most everyone uses a smartphone for their daily needs. Smartphones should be a device that ease the works and bring security to the society. But in most cases we sometimes notices people who has to face problems and difficulties due to the troubles that we get through the phones. One big issue about it is getting unwanted or wrong calls.

There are some jobless people out there who spend their time to kill others precious time. By getting unwanted calls continuously, it might lead us for several problems. We might get pissed and annoyed, it will bring stress to us and also ruin our daily tasks. So to get rid of this, we should find possible solutions. But how can we actually put a stop to this without knowing who the person is? To permanently make the caller stop annoying us with calls and messages, we should first know the person; their name and it will be better if we could see who the person is and then if we have no idea who it is, we can block the number for the unknown caller to stop calling. But wondering how to do all these? No worries let’s take a look at how to overcome this problem. We have a few methods that you can actually follow and get rid of unknown callers.

Getting Unknown Calls? Here's the Solution

How to find the real caller’s name - When we get calls from unknown number, we should find out who the person is. To find it out,
you have to get the app named ‘truecaller’ directly from google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Let’s move on to know how to find out the anonymous caller’s real name from the truecaller database.
Once you are done with the setting up process, start the app in your phone and click on search tab. Here you can search the unknown phone number to find the real name of the owner.

Now we know how to find the name of the unknown number using truecaller app. 
Now let’s take one step ahead and see how to find who the unknown caller is by viewing his/her name along with their photo which they have used as their social media profile picture.

How to find unknown caller with their photo - To do this, you have get the app named ‘Eyecon’ to your android smartphone. Then, you have to register the app with your mobile number. Now the app will be ready to find the unknown caller with their name and photo.

Now click on search tab and enter the unknown number which you want to find. Wait for few seconds. That’s boom..! The app will show you the facebook profile picture of particular unknown number if they have already registered the phone number in facebook.

Thereby now we have taken a look at how to find the unknown caller along with their name and photo. So what is the best solution that we can do to completely stop the wrong and unwanted calls? Let’s move on to know how to block those unwanted callers.

How to block unwanted calls - To block the unwanted calls, you can use any of the above mentioned apps. Both the apps truecaller and eyecon comes with call blocking feature. Here I’ll now guide you to block unwanted numbers using the app Eyecon.

Start the Eyecon app in your phone and go to settings tab. There you will find an option called Block list. Click on it.

Then enter the phone number which you want to get rid of and click on Block option.

That’s it. You have successfully found the unknown caller with their name and photo and also you have blocked them too.

So you can download 'truecaller' and 'eyecon' app to your android smartphone from following links.
Truecaller for android
Eyecon for android

Now you have the best solutions to overcome the unwanted call problems and totally get rid of them. Along with it, you also have the ability to know exactly who the person is. So hope this guide will help you out at any such situations.
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