How to Recover Deleted Photos in Android

In a world that’s changing every single day, we see so many new inventions being introduced. We are being able to solve problems for which we had no solution yesterday, we are also in a state to accomplish tasks that had no ways out. But all these came into the light of possibility with the development of the technological field where the impossible turned to be possible.

So with the modernized and technologically developing world, we are above to take a look at a very important and the most spoken problem that most of the android users talk about. Let’s take a look at how to recover deleted photos and videos in the android devices. 

As we all are well aware of the fact that androids are the user friendly devices among all. It comes with an inbuilt feature that helps the user to change the phone accordingly and make new updates. It also supports to all the apps in the Google playstore and make it more easier for the users to fulfil their needs without any interruptions. But still with all of these, there in one thing that the android users worry about. It is not being able to recover the deleted files easily. Unlike the other operating systems, android doesn’t come with an inbuilt feature of a recycle bin or a similar folder that stores all the deleted photos or video. If we had such an option, it would be easy to restore the deleted files. Because of this, there are so many android users who always fall in a trouble wanting to recover the deleted files. We delete files, photos or videos when we feel that’s no more useful for s and it might consume a lot of phone’s storage space. But then, we might regret deleting them when we need those photos back again.

I had to overcome such a situation where I deleted an album of photos thinking that I transferred them to my pen drive. Then I started regretting for what I need a few minutes later and I had no option to get them back. If it was a computer, I would have been able to go to the recycle bin and get them back but now that was not possible. They were some beautiful pictures that became a memory now. How will I get them back? I was totally frustrated thinking of what actually happened. I even found a lot of recovery app which actually didn’t work as they said. Then my friend recommended me a professional app which I tried without any much hopes but guess what? It worked. It actually helped me get back the deleted photos. 

The app Diskdigger is actually a life saver. It saved my day by helping me recovering all the photos and for my surprise I was also able to recover files, photos and videos which was deleted like a months back. It also has a powerful data recovery feature which actually helps recover all the files, including the ones that gets deleted due to any malware infections, virus attacks or insufficient storage problems. You can now recover intentionally deleted files or even files and photos that got deleted manually due to any such above mentioned issues. So come let’s take a look at how to get the app done.

Recover Deleted Photos and Videos in Android

You have to get the app named ‘Diskdigger’ directly from google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Now let’s move on to see how to recover deleted files, photos, videos and audios from your android phone.

To start with, you have to launch the app in your android and then go to the ‘start basic photo scan’ to start on a scanning process.

Then, you have to choose the partition accordingly in which the deleted image or file will be present.

Wait for sometimes till the scanning process finishes. Do not stop it half the way for you will not be able to complete the recovering process. Then after the scanning, the app will show you all the photos that were deleted in the past months. You have to select the one that you want to recover and then press the option ‘recover’.

That’s it, now you can get back the photos and videos that you deleted within a few minutes. Not only photos and videos but also you can recover the following format files quickly.

This how you can successfully recover all the deleted photos, videos, audio and etc.. using Diskdigger app. So you can download this app to your android smartphone directly from google by Clicking here.

Now, you can recover the files and photos easily without any tension or worries. This is an app that works perfectly without any problems. This will be useful for all the android smartphone users.
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