Phone Raises Loud Alarm When it Get Moved by Someone

Smart devices in this world has turned out to be an essential factor that we all rely on. Almost all the works from the education to the official works, we are in need of smart devices to make things easier and better. Smartphone are one of the most used device among all the other devices. We see how every single person are using it, as it has become important in every aspect, we started to save in every data including all the confidential ones.

In that aspect, we will never want it to be lost or stolen. Thereby in this guide let us check upon an awesome way in which we can safeguard our android smartphone. There are many thefts and treats that are taking place using the technology in various ways. There are thefts that happen in an external way and also in an internal way. We come across people complaining about hackers and virus attacks and at the same time, about how the smartphone is lost or stolen. In the case of hackers and malware infections we can secure our device by getting an antivirus software which will protect the phone, but in the other case how can we always keep an eye on our phones and protect it from being stolen or preventing others from using your phone without your knowledge?

That is a difficult task and that is why we come across many people complaining about how their phone is lost or stolen or how someone else is logging into their accounts and getting their private files and along with that how their data is being leaked without any virus attacks. like this there are so many other such complains that come in. So as said before when malware and hacking are taking place we are in a state to solve that problem and also we can take preventive measure for securing our android quiet easily. But how are you going to protect your phones from being stolen?  Are you always going to keep an eye on it when you actually can't do it as you will have a situation where you got to place it on your work table and go for a meeting. People can steal or break the privacy of your phones through unauthorized access. Thereby we should look out for a better way to have a preventive measure updated in our android smartphone to safeguard it at all times.

So today I'm going to introduce you to an application named 'Anti theft alarm' which will help protect your phone from being stolen or from someone trying to use it without you knowing it. It will also help you to know who took the phone. As there are a few modes such as the motion detection mode, charger detection mode, sim detection mode, full charger detection mode and SD card detection mode. The motion detection mode will help raise an alarm when the phone is being moved, charger detection mode will literally raise a alarming sound when the phone is being unplugged from the charger, so you will know that someone is removing it or handling your phone. The sim detection mode will alert you when when the sim is suddenly being disconnected, it will send an email or sms to the given number when setup. The best part is, the alarm will stop only when the password or the passcode is provided. 

In that way this security application will be useful to protect your phone from being stolen in many instances. Lets say you are travelling in a fully packed bus and if someone tries to steal the phone from your pocket or handbag, this app will act swiftly and raise the loud alarm to let you know that someone is trying to steal your phone.

Likewise, this app will also help protect your phone from home mates accessing it without your knowledge. It could be anyone; your parents, your siblings, your spouse, anyone trying to peep into your phone will get caught red-handed with a loud alarm. Interesting right? Is this possible? Yes..! This is possible with the sensor technology. This app works based on sensor to alert the phone owner when it gets carried away by someone. So lets see how to use this app.

How to Raise Alarm When Phone Gets Moved

You have to get the app named 'Anti theft alarm' directly from playstore to your android smart phone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to raise an alarm when someone tries to take your phone without your knowledge in any instances.
Firstly, launch the app in your phone and then you have start it up by configuring a pass-code or pattern lock as you desire.

Next move on to the settings tab and there you will find all the detection mode which I mentioned above. There you can select any mode that you wish to set up. Since this guide is about how to raise an alarm when the phone gets moved, I am selecting the motion detection mode.

Simple as that, now lock the screen of your phone and keep it anywhere you wish and continue with your daily works. Then if someone tries to take it, you will get a security alarm.

In addition to that, from the settings tab you can configure the advanced options such as configuring the unlock mode to either password or a pattern lock.

Also you can configure the security setting by providing a security question or an email address to be used in case you forget the password.

And one of the highlighted feature of the app is the intruder selfie, where you can set it up to capture a picture of the person who tries to access your phone.

Now we have seen how to configure the Anti theft alarm application from the basics to its advanced options. So you can download this app for your android phone directly from google playstore by Clicking here.

As bonus feature, this app also includes the app locker feature which can be used to lock any apps of your phone. Thereby you don't need to get any extra app for that.

This is one of the worth method to safeguard your phone in every possible ways. You will now onward have a preventive measure updated in your phone, so that you doesn't have to fear about losing your phone or it being stolen. Not only that, it will help you find out if anyone at home tries to use your phone without getting the permission from you.