How to Record Windows Screen Using VLC Media Player

Moving along with the modernized world we are all stuck with so many things to know and learn about. Its very important to know how to do stuffs in a PC to carry out our works. Among them Screen recording has became much popular, as many people can easily understand the guides and steps of using particular thing in a computer with less efforts.

So today lets focus on how to do a simple screen recording trick. Screen recording, a particular guide or software instruction is widely using by many types of people such as youtubers, bloggers, lectures, gamers and much more to explain their tasks in easy way. Rather than listen to something and understand, if we can watch it, that gives more clarity. For example, if you're a tech blogger and you want to write review about a software for your readers, you can show them how to use that particular software in a video format instead of writing in words. Not only that but most of the times we download video clips and video songs when we wish to have them in our PC but doing so we will have to spend out internet data but of you screen record instead, you can save your data at the same time while having the video recorded in your pc for later use. It is a very simple and easy trick to follow and today we see all most everyone use the screen recording feature. There are many ways to get this done.

If you're a windows user, you can find many screen recording software from internet. Some of them are free and some are paid. But why do you want to download particular software for screen recording when you are having vlc media player within your computer or laptop. We are all well aware of the vlc player which is one of the best media player available for use. It comes with so many features that many of us don’t know about and so don’t use it. Did you know that your vlc media player comes with the ability to screen record in your PC? Yes, you can record windows 10 screen using vlc media player.

As I have mentioned before VLC player is one of the popular media player among computer users. This media player is having many in-build hidden features. You can convert videos and change the file type and size using vlc, and also you can use vlc as video cutter tool and much more. In this list, today I'm going to tell you how to use vlc media player to record your windows 10 screen with easy steps. So let's have detail look on how to use vlc to record windows 10 screen.

Record Windows 10 Screen Using VLC

If you're not having vlc media player within your system, you must get vlc to your windows 10 computer or laptop first.

Let's move on to know how to record Windows 10 computer screen using VLC media player.
Start the vlc media player in your computer and click on 'Media' from left corner in the interface. There you have to select 'Convert/ Save' button as shown below.

Then select 'Capture Device' tab and there you can see the option to record computer display. You can adjust the screen capture frame rate as well shown below.

Once you finish the settings adjustments, click on 'Convert/ Save' button.

In the next appearing window, you will be shown an option to select the file destination to save the output file in your computer. Click on 'Browse' button and select the path as you wish.

Once you give the path to save the file, your recording will start. After finishing your recording process, you can view the screen recorded file from the path you have already chosen.