How to Get Reliance Jio Unlimited 4G Internet Access?

Modernized world means a lot, today we are running in a world that's not just modern but also improved in the technological side. Here we see how the Internet plays a big role in our day to day activities. Most of us use internet from paying electricity bill to chatting with our loved ones whenever we wish. Internet has taken control in most of the environments.

Therefore many telecom companies has stepped into this market and started to offer cheaper internet plans in the past few years. Among these competitive internet offers from several internet providers, Reliance Jio from India has claimed the top spot with their cheapest 4G plans.

Reliance Jio has become the fastest growing network in India since they offer unlimited 4G internet to all the users from last September 2016. From the day one of offer announcement, many internet users started to move to Jio internet and now this network has the largest customer base all over India.

As we all know, Jio's first offer was unlimited internet all day for first 2 months and then they restricted the internet speed to 128Kbps after 4GB limit crosses from particular device in a day. After Dec 31st Jio announced a surprise offer to all the customers that they can get 1GB free internet at high speed per day and once the limit is crossed, the internet speed will be restricted. Don't be disappointed. Let's have a look on a trick to bypass this restriction and get internet at good speed from Jio even after the crossing the limit.

So today lets see how to bypass Jio internet limit using a simple trick through your android phone and it will bring you unlimited internet with good speed even after the crossing the 1GB data limit.

This trick will work pretty well in older version of Jio app. Therefore you will need to have the older version of Jio app in your smartphone.

Unlimited Internet Using Jio's Old Version

You have to get MyJio app's older version for your android smart phone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to get unlimited internet usage from your Jio sim.
Once you download the app, install it in your phone and start the application and check data balance.

Now go to settings menu in your phone and choose date & time option.

In this setting, you'll have to turn off 'Automatic date & time' update.

Then select 'Set date' and change it to any future date from current date and click on Ok button.

That's it. Now start the Jio app again and you will notice that the data usage has been reset to 0.

You can download the Jio app from the link below.
MyJio Playstore

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