How to Change Voice During Phone Call in Android

Today we are living in a busy world, where people have no time to sit and talk to one another even with the family members. So to break this silence we thought to do something interesting that can make up a little laughter and giggle around you and your friends or family. What if we try a prank on your friends and family members over the phone call. But when it comes to pranking someone, we would be first thinking of how to get it done.

Incase there is no one who is good at talking like a total stranger in a different voice over the phone call, then the plan would not workout. If you can trick the call receiver to make him or her confused to the point that they have no idea who is over the phone, then that is when the prank will be a success. What ways can be implemented for this? Don’t stress out, as today in this technological world we doesn’t have to always think so much, because the smart devices would help us out with all the features that it has got all set for us. In that way, you will also be able to prank someone or talk to someone over the phone using a different voice very easily, all you will need is the right application that will provide you what you are looking for.

There are so many applications to do this and we have already discussed such an application for your Android device which can hide the actual phone number during calls and show them as private number or any other special number.

Likewise, today I'm going to introduce you an application which let you to change the voice during the calling session with your friend or anyone. So that you will be able to accomplish your tasks easily talking like someone else. There are many voices that are available to select from. With the right application in your hand you would be able to convert your voice to male, female, cartoon character, robot, kids and much more. Sounds great and interesting isn’t it? But I came across too many apps that said it would change the voice, but still the quality was very poor and low. So I kept searching for the something better and finally came across the best app.

Yes..! Magiccall is an mobile application available for your Android device which can help you to prank your friends with different voices during a phone call. Also this app allows you to hide your actual phone number during voice changed call. So you don't need to find a new sim card to prank your friend with a different voice as your phone number is already saved in their contact list. You could find many free as well as paid applications in Google playstore to change the voice during call. But most of them are fake and never convert your voice as mentioned. Magiccall is one of the best which can turn your voice even into female perfectly during the prank call. Let's have detail look with necessary screenshots on how to change the voice in a phone call and have fun with your friend.

How To Change Voice During Phone Call

You have to get the app named Magiccall directly from google playstore to your android phone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to change your voice into funny sounds during a phone call with your friends or family member.
Firstly, start the application in your phone and register it with your mobile number.

You will be listed all the different voices which can be changed during call.

Now you can select any voice and make a call to your friend. Before making the call, you can check the voice quality by clicking on Test as show below.

Next you can configure the background noise before making the prank call which makes the call live.

Also there are some more features available in this application such as call recording. You can check all these in settings page of the app.

That's it, these are the basic settings of making prank calls using the 'Magiccall' application. So you can download the app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

This is one of the amazing application to prank and have fun with your friends by changing the voice during phone call. We advice you not to use this app for any illegal activity since it might create law issues as per your country rule.

As a bonus point, I am also going to talk about the app named 'Funcalls' which can be considered an alternative app to change the voice and talk using a totally different tone. This app will help convert the voice from high and funny to a very deep and scary voices while on the call. Along with that the app allows you to play funny recorded sounds during a real-time conversation.

There are five presets from which the voices would be changed, they are helium balloon voice which has a very high pitch, man sound with a low pitch, regular sound which would reveal your natural voice and scary sound that has a very low pitch voice. So along with these it also comes with some background sounds that can be selected. You can also record your prank calls and listen to later and have fun sharing them with your friends.

That’s it, now pranking our loved ones over the phone call has turned out to be really simple and fun. Too many concepts can be followed and make the moments just trilling. No more boring conversations anymore.