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Methods You Never Knew on How to Use Google Translate - Android

With technology, so many things have come into light in this world. We are now being able to communicate and live life in a place where we even don’t know what language they are talking. Technology has made so much of change that now we can learn things easily and know so much with just a click. The best part is the introduction of smart devices and the invention of google.

Google has solution for all the problems. Today let’s see how google is going to help us communicate in different language and translate anything into our language using the google translate on android.

Google translate is a multi-lingual translator service which works across the world. It provides us with the most accurate translation of any language to any language within seconds. Now you can download the app of google translate to your android and there are so many tricks and features that’s available in the app. But most of us aren’t aware of those features and doesn’t know how to use to get things translated accurately. So come, let’s take a look at how to get the maximum use out of the google translator app and accomplish your works done easily than before.

Google Translate Advanced Tips and Tricks

Translate Texts while Your Offline

We all know that google translate is based on the internet and it uses a huge database to translate between many languages. This sometimes can make things difficult for us, for example when you are in a hurry and you have no internet connection, you might not be able to translate anything offline.

Well then, in such a situation you can translate when you are offline using your android phone, though this comes with only a limited languages in general, you can download the whole translation packs completely beforehand. So that you will be able to get translated even when you have no access to the internet. 

Lets see how to get the offline package downloaded for your android.

Firstly you have to open up the Google translate app in your android device.
Then press on the three line icon on the left top corner.

Select the ‘offline translation’ from the options.
There you will have all the offline package languages available.

Tap on the download icon to download the language that you prefer to use when on offline.

Wait till the download finishes and then close the tab.

You should also make sure that you are connected to an wifi connection before you start downloading the languages to avoid excess data usage as you will be download the whole package of the language.

Images Translate in Real-time

We are all such a travel freaks that we even go to places that we know no language but we do manage using the google translator but what about when you are in a restaurant and you can’t read or even type down the language that’s written on the menu card? That is when you will want to use the real-time translation of texts on images. Now you can translate what’s written on a picture by simply clicking a photo and google will translate you that. Let’s see how:

Open the Google translate app in your android.

In the home page you will have a camera icon below the text box, click on it.

Grant the required permission and then face the camera to the picture of the image that you want to translate.

Now tap on the eye icon which is available on the right bottom corner to enable the real-time translation.

If it doesn’t work, then click on the capture button and then choose the language that you want to translate.

If you want to translate an image that you have already captured, then select the image from the gallery by tapping on the image icon on the camera translate window.

Ones the translation is done, you can save both the original and the translated images separately.

Save Translation to Phrasebook

Sometimes when you translate something you might like that phrase or you will want to save it for later use. So in that case the translated phrases or the queries in the phrasebook will sync into your google account and you can view them anytime you want.

All you have to do is, go to the translation history from the home page and tap on the star icon that available beside each translated phrase/sentence and save them to the phrasebook. Then it will be marked as favorite and will be saved in forever. When you want to view them, you can select the three lines icon on the left top corner and choose phrasebook.

Clear Translation History

You can delete off all the translation history like you does in other Google apps. To clear the history you have to go to Google translate > settings > clear history > confirm yes.

Now all the translation data that was stored will be deleted from the append also from your google account.

Download Languages Offline 

When we travel abroad and do not know the language of the particular country, we use the google translate which is quiet easy and reliable but there can be time when we won’t have an internet connected to out phone and so it will be a big problem to even ask something from someone without knowing the language when the google translate doesn’t work. Well, not to worry about that now as we can use offline translation in google.

All you have to do is go to the google translate app and from the side menu bar select the ‘offline translation’.

Then select the language that you want to download to use when on offline.

Next a popup message will appear and then you have to simply tap on the option ‘download’.

You can download as much as language you want to be used offline but also make sure to check on your phone storage beforehand to get a huge file downloaded in.

Share Translation

If you are in need to send the particular translated sentence or passage to someone via mail or any other messaging apps then you will not have to copy paste it now, as through the google translate app you can easily share the translated text by tapping on the three dot menu button and share it. You can select the app to which you want the text to be copies and enjoy sharing.

Write to Translate

Apart from the traditional method of typing down the sentence, now you have so many other options to choose from too. One such method is writing down the needed word or text. Along with the ability to understand the keystroke now the input methods also captures the touch and voice recognition too.

So even in Google translate app you can select the ‘Hand writing (pen icon)’ from the options and start writing it down and the app will translate it for you. If you find it hard to write down a big sentence, no worries as when you stop after a word, it will be translated and then it will be moved aside so that you can continue writing to male a full sentence.

Speak to Translate

When you find it hard to write the sentence or type it down to get it translated, you can easily speak to the google translate app. This will be useful, when you are around someone and you don’t understand what they are saying, then you can simply tap on the voice icon on the app and it will start to listen what you or the other person is speaking and will eventually translate it for you.

The best part is, you can tap on the hand icon and so the google app will let the other person know that you want to talk to them with the help of the google translate app.

Use it as Dictionary

We all know how we can use the google translate app to get any language translated into the language we want, did you all also know you can use it as a dictionary?

Yes, you can simply change it into a dictionary by selecting the ‘detect language’ as the language that you want to translate from and then choose ‘English’ as the language that you want it to get translated into. So then when you type in any word in English, it will provide you the definition of that particular word

How to use conversation mode

Incase you want to talk to someone and don’t know each others language then you can use the conversation mode of the google translate app.

All that you got to do is, tap on the ‘conversation icon’ to enter into the conversation mode and you can also tap on the hand icon to let the other person know that you are going to use the google translate app to talk to them.

When done you can close the popup message and start the conversation by tapping on the microphone icon which is available beside each language, you can take it in turns and start speaking and wait for the app to talk out loud the translation. The ‘auto microphone’ option can be used to simply talk and then the app will detect the language and help you with the translation.

That’s it, now we have seen a few steps that will help you do a better job in translating using your android device. Hope this would have helped all of you to know more about the google translator app and gain better.

How to Find Lost or Stolen iPhone

Have you lost or misplaced your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? You can now use the find my app to locate your device. Losing our phone is a nerve wracking experience. Our phones are like our most needed partners which we need for everything in our day to day life. Have you misplaced any of your devices such as iPhone, iPod or iPad?

You don't have to worry until you have 'Find my app' which will make your life easy by locating your device even if it is stolen or lying under your couch.

Have you come across this app earlier and downloaded it on your device? If you don't then let's take a look at how to get 'Find my app' and learn how to set it up. Below are the settings.

Methods to Find Lost or Stolen iPhone

Open the find my app

There were these two apps that existed in the iPhone called find my iPhone and find by friend. But these two are no more as the iPhone introduced find my app as a replacement which is a combination of both. Find my app can be used to identify any of your Apple devices that you own. The app also allows you to find the direction of your device to get to the exact location and you can lock your device immediately before you get to the location.

What do you do when your iPhone, iPod or iPad is stolen? The first thing you should do is open 'find my app' on another device that you own or you can borrow from someone and sign into your account. To go further there are two ways you can find your device. Let's take a look.

Use another Apple device

If any of your devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod went missing you can locate your phone by using another device. It would be easy if you own another apple device or you can borrow your friend's device.

This app is already available in any Apple device which is running on iOS, iPad OS or Mac OS. If you can't find this stock app in your device head to spotlight to search for the function.

Once you open the find my app. Head to 'Device' option which will show all the apple devices that are linked to your apple ID.

Use the iCloud website

What do you do when you don't have another Apple device around to access 'Find my' app? In this case you can access the iCloud site using any other non Apple device. You can borrow anyone else's phone to do this but please make sure you sign out from your iCloud account after you are done for security purposes.

Once you have another device you can go to the web browser and sign into using the Apple ID. Next to view all your connected devices, tap the 'Find iPhone' button. Follow the same even if you are using the web version on a computer. This is how you find out the location of your stolen or lost iPhone device.

View last known location

After you open Find my' app you can log onto the Apple ID account. Next the app will show you a map with all the location of your devices. All the devices such as iPhone, iPod, Mac, AirPod etc... will appear on the map pinned if they are connected to your apple ID.

If your lost phone is within a few hundred feets then it is easy to locate as it will show the accurate location. To find the exact location WiFi or Bluetooth signal is used to detect the location of your device.

If you want to search your device but your 'Find my' app displays a black screen then that means your find my app is offline. In this case it will only show the last location when your device was online. Unfortunately you wouldn't be able to find it if your device was turned off by someone or it runs out of battery.
Your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac will be only available in your find my phone if you have already enabled it in the missing device settings. Since Apple has my device option already enabled you won't have an issue until by mistake you signed out of your apple ID from your device for some reason.

You cannot use find my iPhone to locate your device if you have not enabled it in the setting. If it is turned off you won't be able to find your device at all and also it won't even show that the device is offline.

Get a notification when offline device turns up

Have you lost your phone and you are unable to locate it as it is offline? If this is the case you can get the location of your lost iPhone, iPod or iPad by suggesting the find my device to notify you when your device is turned on, if it is connected by any WiFi from nearby or if your Bluetooth is turned on.

To get the notification you have to head to find my app and select your device which is appearing offline. Next you have to scroll down which will show more options and under the 'Notifications' you have to tap 'Notify when found'.

This feature will locate your device by sending you a notification of the location when your device is turned on or online and also you will get an email from Apple which will let you know where your device is.

Get direction to missing or lost device

Finding your iPhone, iPod or iPads location gets easy if your device is online. You simply have to go to find my app and get the directions.

To get this setting enabled you have to open your find my device app and then click the 'Direction'. This will allow you to find my app to open your map and direct it to your phone's location from your current location. Make sure you don't try to recover your device if your iPhone, iPad or iPod is stolen by someone. If you knew it was stolen then call the police immediately and switch on the lost mode. Now you can tell the police where your device is located.

Play a sound to find the device

Find my phone can precisely locate your phone if it was misplaced somewhere in your office, home or super market but if your device is under the couch or somewhere underneath your cloth pile it would get a little hard to get the exact location of your device as my app finds it hard to detect indefinite location of your missing device. This makes it a bit hard to get to your device.

To find your device such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch easily you can use a noise alert. So a loud alert will notify you when your device is somewhere nearby which is making it favorable.

To enable sound, go to find my app and select 'Play sound'. Enable this option so if the device is misplaced you will get the sound and the sound will be increased little by little until you get to the phone and turn it off yourself.

Enable lost mode if you can't find the lost device

Sometimes it gets harder to locate your iPhone, iPad, or iPod instantly so it's better you enable this feature called 'Lost mode'.

There's so many advantages of using lost mode. Lost mode right away blocks apple pay before someone attempts to use it and blocks your device. In case you don't have a password in your device then lost mode allows you to set a password immediately. One interesting feature is that this app allows you to display a message on your lost device. You can send a message which can convey a message saying that this phone belongs to you so if anyone has it with them they can hand it over to your. This message will show on your screen.

Do you know that if you have the lost mode enabled in your device then it's so secure that no one will be able to access your device as they wouldn't know your password.

If you want to enable this feature then you have to head to 'Find my' then to show more information you have to swipe it up. Now you will find an option called 'Lost mode', tap 'Activate' in this section.

Now you have the privilege of creating a password and type a message which will show on the screen. Now the person who finds your iPhone can read the message.

This allows you to keep your data safe but doesn't delete anything from your device also even if you recover your device you don't have to worry about losing your data. You can disable lost mode using your password which is very safe.

Only erase your device if you can't find it

If you are unable to find your device then there's this option where you can delete all your data completely. Using find my app you can erase all the data from your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Please make sure you use this option only if you are certain that you will not get your iPhone back.

One thing that you should know is that once you clear your iPhone data you cannot track your device location anymore. The advantage of using this mode is that no one can open your device because it is protected with activation lock with your apple ID. Note that you will never be able to get your iPhone since you can't find my app to locate your device.

Always be cautious before using this mode as you know your device is never recoverable again.

Things to do if your iPhone is lost or stolen

One of the convenient way to find the location of your iPhone, iPod or iPad is by using 'Find my' app. There are also so many other options and tools you use to find your lost device.

The first thing you should be doing if you lost your iPhone is to check your Google timeline or you can also ask your friend to ring your phone so that you can detect your phone by the ringing tone. When nothing works then you can try the 'Find my app' which is so handy. Above we looked at all the ways to locate your devices. Make sure you have enabled all these options in your device. You can try these tips to get your Apple device back.

How to Personalize Photo Filters and Effects in Android

We are all so obliged to the social media and are always into it with different ideas to make a change and build up the platform to create new trends and hypes. The Instagram and Facebook addictions are not something that everyone would understand but the ones who are into it will always try to find new contents and post photos that looks professional and awesome.

That is where photo editing apps came out as a highlighter to all the photos that we post online. And that is what we are going to talk about today too, a one stop photo editor that anyone can easily use with no hassles. We all know there are plenty of photo editing apps available out there and all of them serve different purposes. Some are specialized for filters, some apps are created to do photo collage, some give you the best stickers, emojis and text adding option, a few for 3D effects and this goes on like this.

So in that case, as an instagrammer we would want all of the above mentioned features in our phone as we use them for differ pictures at different times. So the only option we have is to download as many apps that we want which contains the needed features in it. But actually, doing so will definitely catch up a lot of your phone internal storage, which doesn’t sound as a good factor. In that case we prefer if we had a one stop photo editor app which would contain all the needed features in it. Literally something like a retouch app for instant transformation of your picture with loads of filters, effects and everything in it. If you have such an app, you will be able to create quick professional style images and picture collages within minutes. Well, not to worry as I have a specialized app which is more like an easy to use digital studio full of features filled in to edit pictures directly using your Android smartphone.

If you are wondering what it is, then let me tell you. It is non other than the 'Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo Editor Collage Maker'. Yes, using this app you can create unlimited photographs which provides a full spectrum of photo filters, tools, effects and so much more. You can enhance color photo effects and also personalize your pictures with collage maker and put your memories into one frame. Not only that you will also be able to edit your pictures with just a touch and make quick fixes. All your selfies can turn out to be brighter and better now with Adobe. If you want to know a little more about the best features, then let me explain it in brief. 

First let’s talk about the perspective correction which corrects your crooked or wrongly angled pictures. Along with that you can also remove noise by smoothing out the graininess, reduce color noise, sharpen details and make the best out of your photo. You will also be able to apply radial blur to blend out and blur the background, which will help shift the focus to the object you prefer. If you want to spice up your photos a little more, you can easily customize them with stickers, texts and add memes and captions using the wide array of fonts and layouts that are available. It also comes with boarders, frames and stamp creations with custom watermark.

The best part of the app is that you can choose from hundreds of filters, looks and effects. The users can spot healings and automatically adjust the contrast, exposure and so much more. Not only that you can directly share and import pictures using this app. Sounds like one of the best all in one app out there right? There are plenty more features to explore that I haven’t mentioned here. So to explore them all let us first see how to get the app started.

Personalize a Picture with Filter and Effects

You have to get the app named 'Adobe Photoshop Express' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to personalize your picture with styles, effects, filters and color adjustment along with other advanced editing tools.
Firstly launch the app in your device and it takes you to phone gallery where you can select a picture to personalize it.

Now the picture will be loaded in the app with all the photo editing tools. Firstly click on the 'Effects' tab from menu and choose any effect that you want.

Then if you wish to crop the photo or you want to rotate the photo, you can use 'crop' tool from main menu which makes your work easy.

Beside the crop tool in the main menu, the color correction tool is available. You can make the color correction changes, split tone, blur tools from here.

Adobe photoshop express' 'Text' tools comes with many styles, fonts, colors and alignments which helps you to add unique texts or verse in your personalized picture.

Next click on 'Sticker' tab from main menu and you can find large number of stickers category wise such as love, decorate, party, adventure etc..

Once you finish the editing process, click on the 'Next' button which is located at top of the app interface to save the picture to phone. You can either save it directly to phone gallery or cloud storage as well.

That’s it, these are the basic methods of personalizing a picture using 'Adobe photoshop express' application. Now you can harness the features of the app and create a magical piece of art using your photographs. So you can download this app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

Photo editing has never been this easy before. You doesn’t have to know photoshop to get your best picture edited to look like a professional one as you have got a one stop app with all the best and quality features included in it. Quickly fix your pictures and make your share worthy photos shine like never before.

How to Add Colored Smoke Bomb Effect to Your Photos

Photographs are one of the best factor to capture the memories and keep those precious moments safe for always. From the time the camera was invented and until now, we see capturing photos haven’t gone out of trend. A few years back it was not easy like today to take photos and save them safely. There were many procedures to safeguard captured photos as we have to get them printed to take a look at them.

But today we can take pictures the way we want and no matter how many, if we aren’t satisfied we can delete it and click another one. That is how much the technology has made a change within a few years. Now we not only capture pictures but also edit them according to the trend and make them professional. As we have smartphones in our hands, we can literally get all the editing and changes done quite easily to our photos without difficulties. There are plenty of options with enormous amount of effects and features available for the purpose of photo editing and among them all the best trending effect for now is the 'colored smoke bomb effect'.

Using this effect we can add in colored smoke effects and make our picture look extraordinary. We have many apps that comes with this effect option but out of all of them I have handpicked a few apps which would provide the best service and give you a detailed and quality finish when you complete editing your pictures. There are apps that would work for both Android and iOS smartphones and also there are separate apps for each, so let us check out a few apps that has the best colored smoke bomb effect in it. 

In the first place let us take a brief look at the app named 'Smoke Effect Photo Maker- Smoke Editor'. 
It is a user-friendly and an amazing app that can be used for both Android and iOS users. Using this app you can make your social media profile like Instagram and Facebook look colorful by adding some colored smoke bomb effects and customize them the way you want. It also comes with more than 150 unique font styles and emoji to make the colored smoke bomb effect more colorful and better. This app comes with the ability where the user can choose the photo directly from the gallery or take photos using the phone camera for editing purpose. The best part is, it has different types of color smoke bomb effects and you can fix them anywhere on the photo and customize it with the shapes, styles and sizes by zooming in and out tools.

The other app that I am going to talk about is the app named 'Smoke Effect Photo Maker' for the iOS users. You can bring out your artistic skills using this colored smoke bomb effect and create a beautiful change in your pictures. When you want to capture a picture with some colorful smoke bomb effect but the natural smoke would actually not come out the way you expect it to, so at such a moment you can use this app which would give you a better quality with an amazing outcome to make it look natural and magical. This app comes with many shapes of smoke bomb effects like mist, explosion, spiral smoke and much more. You can choose the right one to fit perfectly to your style of picture. You can adjust the transparency and the color of the smoke so that it does not overshadow. As an extra option the app also comes with many font styles and different sticker options to select from and make your photo worth it for your social media profiles.

Along with this there is also another app named 'Smoke Effect Picture Art' for Android, which also provides the best colored smoke bomb effects for you pictures. It allows you to add in smoke to your photos using different shapes, sizes and colors and make it outstandingly natural. There are more than 100 effects available for you to select. Sounds amazing right? So as we saw a few apps in brief, let us now take a detailed look at the app ‘Smoke Effect Photo Maker’ and checkout how to get the app done.

Add Colored Smoke Bomb Effect to Any Photo

You have to get the app named 'Smoke effect photo maker' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to add some unique smoke bomb effects for your photo with variety of color selections in Android.
Firstly launch the app in your phone and select the gallery icon if you wish to edit an existing photo from your phone or click on camera icon to capture a new photo for editing.

Here I have chosen an existing photo from phone for adding colored smoke bomb effect by clicking on the gallery icon.

Now the selected photo will be loaded in the app and as an initial step, you have to select and crop the area which you want to continue editing.

Now It’s time to add colored smoke bomb effects for your photo from the menu bar which is available at the bottom of the screen.

You can select 'BG smoke' tool to add coloured smoke effect to the background of your picture. Also 'BG color' tool let you to decide the color of the background.

Other than colored smoke effect for photos, you can add any text to the photo along with font and color selection by clicking on 'Text' tool.

Once you finish the editing process, click on ‘Save’ button to save the final output in your phone storage.

That’s it, these are the basic method of adding colored smoke bomb effect for any photo in Android. So you can download 'Smoke effect photo maker' application directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

Now getting a professional colored smoke effect on your photo is very simple and easy. Capture the real world element of smoke in a natural and quality way with no complications. You can create a most unique trend and get them going with a cinematic effect and bring the ordinary pictures into a magical life.