How to Use Voice Effects During Calls in Android

Today we are all in a state to hangout to one another too easily using the technology. Even if our loved ones are mile and miles away, we can easily get in touch with them within seconds and make them feel home. We have so many free audio and video call apps which makes things much easier. Having a smartphone and an internet connection is all what we need to stay connected with one another.

Having free calling apps are all okay, but what about having some fun? Have you ever thought of any ways that you know through which you can play some small tricks and prank your friends and family members using your smartphone? Well, yes there are many options in which you can start on a prank and the playstore has the solution for all of them. But as far as I have checked upon them, there are too many apps which doesn’t work accurately, rather is just stinks. Those fake applications which only just ruin your time. So I was thinking on doing a small research and find the best one out of all. I wanted something interesting and also it should definitely be working in a good quality.

The phone call conversation should be fun and interesting, it should create some memories which we can think back after a few days and laugh at together. So I was wondering what should the interesting prank should be like and that is when I came across the idea of mimicking, talking like someone else in a different voice would be great, as the other person will get confused. We can actually use so many details of their own and make them think of who it is that knows all the details but they wouldn’t be able to identify the voice. But the sad news is, I can’t actually talk in different voices and am bad in mimicking. So when I start doing this prank the other person will easily find out who it is. And as far as considering free apps, they don’t actually work in good quality, most of them are fake. There are so many paid apps which you can purchase but that is when my friend came along and gave me the best option out of all, he asked me why spend money when there is an app which will help us do the same for free.

That is when I was introduced to this amazing app which does the job perfectly without any errors. It is free to use and also is the best app used by millions of users from around the world. Yes, I am talking about the app named ‘FunCalls - Voice Changer & Call Recording’ which will actually help you have fun over the phone by creating new contents and pranking your loved ones. There are many voice effects from which you can select the best one as you prefer from. The voice effects that are available to select from are the ‘Helium Bloom’ which comes with a very high volume, then the ‘Funny Sound’ which is literally high, next the ‘Man Voice’ this voice effect is a low voice, thereafter you also have the ‘Scary Sound’ which is very low and then finally the ‘Regular Sound’ which will eventually adopt your natural voice when you talk. So from these option you can check and select the best one. Along with this there is also another amazing feature in this app, where it will allow you to record the phone conversations easily and listen to them later. You can also select the sound effect and adjust and change as per your preferences while you make a call. Some of the voice effects are the cat meow, moo, dog barking and many more.

All these features in the app are unique and works great, you doesn’t have to fear of the quality of the voice effects and the background sound effects. Also the best part is you can share the recorded calls with your friends and have fun. So now all you have to do is find a unique topic or content to talk about and prank your friends using this amazing application and have the utmost fun out of it. So why wasting time? Let us move on to see how to get the app and start the trick on in a step by step procedure.

Use Voice Effects During Calls In Android

You have to get the app named 'Fun Calls' directly from the Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to change your voice while on calls with your friends or family using different voice effects efficiently.

Firstly, launch the app in your smartphone and a privacy policy popup message will appear in your screen. All you have to do is approve it to continue.

Then you will be get the access to the apps from where you can make prank calls. For that you have to click on the green dial pad which is available on the bottom of the app.

Next, from the list of voice effects that is provided, select one that you prefer. Then dial the phone number of the contact to whom you want to make the prank call.

You can also select one of the contacts from your phonebook by simply clicking on the ‘Contacts’ icon.

Now the phone call will get connected and when you talk your voice will be different and thereby you can start pranking the other person. You can also make a demo call beforehand to check on the quality of the voice effects.

The other advanced options such as the ‘Call Recording’ feature and the ‘Current Phone Number Changing’ options will be available for you in the ‘Settings’ tab.

So using this basic method to configure fun calls you can start pranking your loved ones. You can download 'Funcalls' app directly from the Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

You can now easily have some amazing time over the phone with your friends and family by pranking each other. I hope this guide would have been useful to find out the best voice changing method for your android smartphone.