How to Read WhatsApp Messages without Go Online

Today as the communicating process has started to become free with just an internet connection connected to your phone, we are able to call, message or even do video calling with anyone from anywhere. There are so many apps that provide you this service for free and unlimited. One of the most used app among them app is whatsapp and we all use it with ease. 

There are so many features in whatsapp and it is always being updated with new features once in a while. So today let’s discuss on a trick that we all wish we could do in whatsapp. As there are plenty of features introduced in whatsapp to make things easier and better, it sometimes also turn out to be a little troublesome. Today as we know we can check out for the last online time of a person, we can also check out their stories and status, along with that the blue ticks were introduced.

Wondering what? Now we are being able to see if our messages get delivered to them or not and with that the double ticks will turn blue when the receiver reads the messages and there is one more, that is we can see if they are typing back to reply us or just ignoring the message. Here comes the twist, sometimes we wish not to reply for the person instantly, sometimes you will be busy and just read the message without replying for them but in such moments, it can lead you to problems. So you will wish you could read all the messages without providing the other person the read receipts.

We have a trick for you to do this. You doesn’t have to go offline and stay offline until you can come back to reply for the person like what you might have done in the past. But here I am going to give you a very easy and a more prominent app which will help you read all the messages but it will not show any online or read receipt to any of your contacts.

Sounds great, isn’t it? Aren’t you eager to know the name of the app? Well it’s the ‘Unseen - no last read’ app. This will not show your contacts the read or last seen receipts and this not only works in whatsapp but also does it work in facebook messenger, viber and telegram. Unseen app will eventually grab all the messages from whatsapp and show them in ‘unseen’ app, so thereby you will not want to open whatsapp, you can directly read it from this very app. It also will help you see the images and videos that you receive along with the messages. To check the images you have to open the chat of the particular person and tap on the media icon on the top corner. And another unique feature is that it lets you see the read receipt of the other contact. So come now without wasting any further time, let’s see how to get the app done.

Read WhatsApp Messages without Going Online

You have to get the app named ‘Unseen - no last read’ directly from google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet. 

Lets move on to know how to read whatsapp messages without the read receipt being sent to the sender.

Firstly start the unseen in your phone and choose the apps that you desire to use without sending the last seen/ read receipts.

Thereafter the app will request you to allow the notification permission to run in your android.

Next, you will get a pop-up requesting for access permission, simply tap ‘Allow’.

Now, when you get a message you can easily step into this app and read the messages.

For the easy access of the app, you can activate a floating balloon in your home screen. Go to settings and toggle the dashdow setting switch to activate.

That’s it, this is the basic method of setting up the 'unseen - no last seen' app in a android to read whatsapp messages without going online. So you can download this app directly from google playstore to your android smartphone by Clicking here.

Now you will not have to go offline or wait for a long time to read any of your messages, you can simply use 'unseen' to read all of your whatsapp messages without the read receipt being sent to the sender or even the last seen will not be shown. Hope this will be very useful for all of you out there.