Worried Where Your Family Members are? Find Their Location Instantly

Today we are living in a world that is so advanced from all the aspects of our lives. We as the society are depended upon the evolution as eventually the technology started to take over the world. With so much of new things being released and introduced, we literally find a way to connect them to our daily routine to change our life style.

The initial technological device that is linked to us is the smart phone. We use a smart phone for various reasons, especially parents and caretakers use it with their children and family members to  protect each other and know their safety. Security is one major thing that we should consider about, so today we are going to see how we can use the smart phone in a latest and a more prominent way to check out for the security of your loved ones.

As I told earlier, a mobile is used for various reasons. In the sequence of events we should not forget how a mother frequently calls their children or her husband when they get late to reach home. She texts them or give them a call, but in case of no replies or answer, she might go tensed and panic over the situation until they reach home safe. There can also be situations when we go out with friends and our mom calls us repeatedly to know where we are. This can annoy us at moments. Though we will want our parents to know that we are safe, answering their calls every now and then and replying to their text messages can be a trouble when we are enjoying or stuck in the middle of some work.

Well, wondering if you could keep watching at where your loved one is, without troubling them? That’s totally possible now. We know there are ways in which we can send location of our to someone through a social media but what if you can track the location of your children, husband, friends and family where ever they go without disturbing them? This method will help many of u know where our kids are when they get late to reach home, we know if our husbands are at works or is on their way home, this way we can track the location of our loved ones with no difficulty using the simple app named ‘find my friends, family, kids – GPS tracker’. With this you will not only be able to see the real time location of your family members through a private family map but also you will be able to get alerts when your kids or family leave or reach a particular destination that you have marked in your map. You can also now get notified when your friends or family is nearby you. So these are some ways in which you will be able to check out for the security and safety of your loved ones. There are more features such as being able to track your stolen or lost phone through the GPS location tracker, you can send panic alerts by simply shaking your phone in any emergency situation and so much more are there for you to witness. So lets go check how to get the app done.

Find Family Members Location Instantly

You have to get the app named 'iSharing' directly from google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to find your loved ones location, get automatic notification when they are nearby you and much more through your android device.

Firstly start the app in your phone and register it with the required details such as name and phone number.

Next turn on location service for the app and click on 'Locate me' button to locate your current location.

Then click on the icon which is on the left bottom and invite your friends or family member and create a circle.

Now the app is ready to use and you will be able to enjoy all the features such as nearby alert, emergency alert, chat with your friends and much more within your circle.

By clicking on your profile icon from the main interface, you can share your real time location with your friends or you can share in your social media profile.

You can go to settings tab of this app and adjust the options as per your requirement.

That's it. Now you have successfully configured the 'iSharing' app to find your friends or family members real time location. So you can download this app directly from google playstore to your android smartphone by Clicking here.

Now this way you can easily track out for the real time location of your friends and family and know their destination within seconds. You will now have nothing to worry about when someone is late to reach as you can easily check out where they are.