How to Protect Android Device From Virus

In an advanced world, we are all bond to live life with the technology. So many new things are being introduced every now and then and among all of those devices smart phones took a lead and still capture a big place in the market. There are so many types and models in smart phone and among them Android is well known to be the user friendly device of all time. 

Android smart phones are made with the capability for everyone to use it without any difficulties. So today in this guide we are going to see how to protect the Android devices.

As the android OS is open to all and free to use, there are so many innovators who develop new apps and software to it and thereby make users to easily get them to use. This is a good result as we will be able to get solutions for so many problems using such apps and software but at the same time we should also consider about the effects that it might cause.

When such free apps can be inserted in Google playstore by anyone, then viruses, malware and such treats can also be added along with the apps. When someone downloads the wrong or the fake app, your android phone will eventually get virus attack without your knowledge. This can cause so many problems to you and your phone. Either your phone will stop working or slow down or such malware inside your phone can grab important details of you. So we should always be precaution and take possible steps to prevent virus from entering into our android device. There are so many easy and protective ways to safeguard our phones and come let’s take a brief look at each.

How to Protect Android Device From Virus

Do not enable ‘unknown sources’ command

When we consider about protecting our phones from malware and virus, we should always make sure what we allow to enter into our phones. Sometime we might tend to download apps or any files from unknown sources and when we do so, we don’t know if they are safe or not and in this case, some android phones ask for commands to either permit or deny the download process and you have to decide what to do. Most of the cases we simply allow them to go along with the procedure. When you have given permission and the file is downloaded from unknown sources you can’t go back and turn over the process, the virus might have already entered in.

So the best ways to prevent such malware from entering in is to avoid enabling the command. So that, no virus attacks will find way to enter in with your permission. 

Check out for the app permissions before hand

We are always in a hurry when we want to download something that we don’t through any of the information that’s provided in. In almost all the app in Google playstore they will have a set of app permissions that it will want to get from your phone ones you download the app, reading this properly will itself save half of our problems.

When we go through we will know whether the app is only getting the needed info or is it all ready to get our permission to spread up destruction in the phone. So read for all the requirements that it asks for and decide before simply allowing the app to download.

Think before you download every application 

There are thousands of free apps available to download in playstore and most of the time when we come across any of a new app, we don’t think if we actually need it or nit but we simply download them for no real reason. That’s how the app developers have made it look, so that everyone will download them, but there is something you should know, as there are many apps that are safe to use there are also apps that will carry malware and virus. These threat filled apps will be independent or might even look like a pirated version of an original app. It will be an exact copy of the original app also with extra features to attract the users.

To overcome this problem and to choose the right app, Google has made some possible ways for to point out between the real and the fake. In the original app you will find a shield mark which indicates a verified play protective app. Also check for the rating and decide.

Install an anti virus protection

Having an anti virus protection in your android will help you be safe from threats. They will scan for all the downloading files and alert you in case of a threat found. It will also help clean your phone from threats that have already entered in. it will have an enhanced firewall and file protection system and helps your phone from being protected.

So now we have seen some possible ways to protect your android device from virus attacks. If you follow the steps given above accurately you will not have to worry about your phone or your personal data saved in your android. Hope the above given details would have helped you in protection your phones.
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