How to Make Android Phone Kids Safe

Today the world is moving into the direction of the technological side, where there are so many new things that come into life that we never imagined we would have. In the modernized world, we see every house having more than one smart phone where everyone are addicted to them. When all the adults stay focused on the Smartphone, kids will also get into the same track.

We see many places, where parents try to make the kid sit and be quiet by simply handing them over the phone. By doing this, the kids start to press different applications and do different task using the phone. Though the parents try to make the kid from pressing all the apps and doing things that they are not supposed to, as the kids are not aware of things and facts clearly, they still tender to do the same.

Parents try their best to protect the phone from the kids, but unfortunately they will be helpless. Kids can press on contacts and make calls without their conscious or even make transactions or any serious issues like these. As android phones are easy to access, kids take the maximum fun out of it. I have seen instances where little kids make calls to the police and they keep blabbering without knowing what or whom they have phoned to. We can’t avoid from giving the phones to the kids, as when they gets the interest of playing in the smartphones, they will start crying asking for it all over again.

There are some possible ways to make the android phone safe for the kids. To protect your data from being deleted by your kid or to avoid messaging or calling to random numbers or to the numbers saved in your contact and to stop your kid from logging into some important apps that contains important data, you have to follow some possible steps. By doing so, you can make some restrictions in your phones; where by your kids will not be able to access it. Let’s have a look at how to make android safe from kids.

Use different user profile

Like in a computer, we can create different user profiles in an android too. When you create new profiles, you can have specific restrictions to access, so that you can safeguard your phone. Let’s see how to create a profile with a restricted access.

Firstly, step onto the settings in your android and go to ‘users’ option.

Under ‘users’ you will have ‘add users or profiles’, where you can add two profiles with restricted option and the regular profile.

In the restricted profile, you will be able to give access to a few features unlike in a regular profile. So you can set it according to your desire.

Then, in the next page, you will see the option ‘application and content restriction’. This will allow only some selected apps to be seen in the profile. You can select them accordingly.

Block playstore purchase

There are instances where kids have purchased apps that are costly. To avoid them from purchasing or installing unwanted apps in your android, you can restrict the in-app purchase in the playstore.

To get this done, go to the ‘settings’ in the playstore and press on the ‘users control’. Here you will see all the options that are available for you to restrict and you can at the same time block the app purchase from this settings.

Disable unknown sources

When kids start to play with the phones, they mistakenly install unwanted apps or any third party apps to the mobile phones. By doing so, they can even cause malware infections, as fake apps comes with malware. So it’s better for the parents to be aware of this fact and disable the android from installing from unknown sources.

To turn off the installations that can take place from unknown sources, follow the process given below.

Settings > Security > unknown sources.

Remove the tick from the ‘unknown sources’ and this will disable any sort of installations taking place from these sources.

Using toddler lock app

This is an app that’s colorful and is useful for the kids. Normally kids’ gets attracted toward colorful things and this app can make them stick into it without accessing the other applications. This also gives the ability to teach kids with shapes and colors. While you hand over the phone to the kids with this app on, you can try switching on the airplane mode, so that it will not distract the kid and at the same time, they will not be able to make calls or any other serious things in the android phone.

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Using app lock

By using an app lock, we can create a restriction into which a person can log into and not. By using this kids will not be able to use the apps that are locked. You can use app locks to the most important applications, so that it will not allow anyone else except the one who knows the pass code to enter in.

This is one safest method to avoid the kids from the creating any issues in your android.

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That’s it. We have discussed a few methods that will help you to secure your android from your kids. These method will provide some restrictions and the kids will not unknowingly call or purchase anything without your concern. You can implement these methods from today and have a tension free time when your kids start using your phones.
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