Remove Unwanted Objects From Any Picture in Android

Hello, to the world that cannot spin without the social media. We are well aware of how the modern world is accessed to technology today and how everyday of ours is linked to the world of it. We don’t spare a day without logging into the world of social media like Facebook or Instagram. We use them for various other reasons along with just posting lovely pictures.

One main factor about people are so into these apps and the very reason they login is upload pictures. The options of posting photographs in social media turned things down. When we post pictures, we don’t upload them without the so called- filters and edits to make it a click of wonder. The well known photoshop has been so essential to edit pictures, but it a bit complicated and not everyone will be able to manage the editing process. So isn’t there something more easier than the Photoshop? Let’s talk something about that.

When we click a picture, most of the time we won’t get the perfect shot. No matter how many pictures we click, it will still not look a good one for 100 likes and 20 shares in Facebook if we have no knowledge to edit it to give it a perfect look.

I remember when I had to take a picture for my college research. Once after the picture was captured i noticed a dog on the corner of the picture, which was actually kind of ruined the whole pic, it was a photo bomb. Then as i have no good photo-shopping knowledge,  I went to my friend. But unfortunately, I had to spend more than 1 hour sitting beside her to get the picture done. The next day my college mate walked to me and showed how she finished her editing process in less than a minute using an android app. Oh how shameful it was for me. She has simply used the touch-retouch app. Which is so simple to use and it helps remove unwanted objects or things from the image. It also helps with the editing process and gives extra look to the picture with a huge range of filters.

How to Remove Objects From Picture

You have to get the app named touch retouch directly from google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to remove unwanted objects from a photo in your android device.

Firstly, start the app in your phone and load any photo from your phone gallery to edit and remove unwanted objects.

Next, you have to mark the parts which you want to remove from the particular photo. Then click on the Start button which is located at the bottom of the interface in this application.

And here you go, its as simple as that. When you're done with the editing and the objects are removed from the picture, you can either save it to your phone gallery or post it directly to your social media apps.

You can download this app directly from google playstore by searching 'Touchretouch'.

Below in the image I have marked with green the object which I want to remove from the picture permanently. 

This image shows of how the picture looks like after removing the object from the image. No traces or any proof of removing the unwanted image will be seen. 

This is one of the amazing way to remove unwanted objects from the pictures and make it more clear and professional using your android smartphone. All you have to do is spare just a few minutes and get your editing work done just like a professional photographer.