Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android

Photos are always given a priority today in the world of internet. With the social media apps coming into life, people started sharing all their pictures with their friends and followers of Facebook and Instagram. This literally paved way for more applications to come into light, for example the photo editing apps.

There were times when people weren’t much aware about the photo editing process and were also not interested in it. We had to go in search for professional editors incase we needed some edits to be done. But today photo editing is in the fingertips of everyone.

People started giving more importance to the photo editing process, because it makes the change that all of us need. So only then we can make our social media profile look more attractive and beautiful. If you are also looking for the best photo editing apps to use then no worries as we are here with some amazing apps that you would definitely love using. So come lets take a look at them.

Snapseed: This is one app to go for. It comes with the easy and user friendly interface, where anyone can start editing just like that. There are plenty of awesome features available in the app to edit a picture. From crop, rotate, white balance and effects to all the advanced features such as the healing, vintage, head pose and so much are available to use.

The also provides a full tutorial pack so that you can never go wrong with the tools. The editing screen of the app is divided into 3 sections as styles, tools and exports to make it easy for the users. The style tab comes with a huge amount of professional filters, the tool tab also offers filters like vintage, portrait, grainy film, drama, noir and so on. The users get a fine control over the editing tools. Not only that it also contains frames stylish fonts to make your pictures look absolutely perfect.

This is one of the fun and easy to use app in which all the features are organized in such a way where we find the needed option without any difficulties. This app has been used by plenty of users for all the great features that it contains from the beginning.

The tools option consist of the rotate, clone, motion, dispersion, curves and so, where as the all the effects and their adjustments can be found in the effect category. PicsArt contains too many filters along with the ability to customize and make adjustments to them. It also comes with drawing tool features from which you can draw over photos with layering and also the you can create collages using variety of grids and frames.

Not just that but the option to add texts and stickers is something fun and super cool, as it consists of tons and tons of cute and beautiful stickers. The best part is you can erase the background of a particular photo using the tools of PicsArt. Along with this there are so many amazing features in the app to witness. One great app it is indeed.

Lightroom: Lightroom is an app from Adobe and it is another app that even most of the professional photo editors use. When you get along with all the options of the Lightroom, the best edit for your photos are guaranteed. This app got all the options from basic features to all the advanced features. From crop, rotate, light, effects to features like details, optic and versions are also available.

You can enhance the color tones of the pictures by using the option color mixing, curves and HSL adjustment. Users can also apply presets and effects to get a professional look within seconds. It also comes with a built-in professional camera and the best out of it is that it comes with some unique controls. Not only that you can adjust the camera settings live which you take a picture.

Pixlr: This well known app is used by more than 5 million users and it is itself a great proof to know of how good the app is. It is free to use and yet provides a great deal of features for the users. There are plenty of tools and features available in Pixlr with a variety of brushes, effects and text styles. It also got the ‘Auto-fix’ feature which will adjust the color of the photo with just a click. The doodle feature is another fun part in the app. 

The users can also bring color splash effect to bring out a particular color and make the rest of the picture black and white. The possibility to create amazing collages, add in effects that suit your picture, number of overlays and fonts are plus points in the app. Not just that but you can also create posters using the templates that are available and get the best edit out of it.

Adobe Photoshop Express: 
Adobe Photoshop Express is one of a professional photo editing app found so far. All the professionals use this app to edit the perfect photos. There are a bunch of features available for the users.

Some of them being the Selective editing feature in which you can edit only a part of photo and keep the rest of the part untouchable, also the feature of Quick 
Fix can be used to automatically adjust the photos and enhance its look further more, along with that collage maker is also available to use. The advanced correction tools help bring out the hidden details in the photo. The possibility to reduce the graininess and color noise to make the photo look smooth is one option to look onto.

VSCO: This powerful app is getting more and more users every single day. There are more than 100 million people using VSCO app so far and this shows how amazing the app is. You can use this app to create a masterpiece photo edit for your social media profiles such as Instagram and Facebook. So many professionals use this app to get their work done easily and professionally.

There are features in this app that no other photo editing apps got. It also provides the users with explore section in which you can get lots of ideas. Not only photos but you can also create and edit videos using this app. VSCO also provides free presets that can make the photo look stunning. The features like vignettes, spit tone, grain, white balance, clarity, contrast, exposure and so on can enhance your photos into a beautiful one. There are so many other option available for the users to explore on.

Photo Editor Pro: This photo editor is a user friendly app where everyone can use it without any hassle. It provides the users with thousands of stickers, effects, filters and tools to make the photo look perfect with a few edits. It also has pro editing tools for free. If you want to create a retro aesthetic look for your photos then this app helps you add glitch and light-leak effects and get the best.

It also has the DSLR blur effect which helps blur out the background. There are hundreds of grids which can be used to create a beautiful collage. The retouch and reshape tool is also available. The best part is using this app you can remove the unwanted objects from the background. Great it is, right? along with that there are many amazing features that can be explored.

Prisma: This app makes your photo edits amazingly beautiful. It is considered as one of the best since it was launched. Using this Prisma app you can convert your beautiful pictures into lovely paintings. The results is just so amazing that it looks so real.

There are more than seven thousand styles and the style strength also can be changed as per your wish. Also there are adjustment tools from which you can customize your photo settings. Not only that but the app also comes with frames and backgrounds to be added to your final painting effect picture. The in app camera can also be used to take pictures constantly and start editing on the spot.

Motionleap: If you are looking for an app that can turn all your normal photos into amazing animated 3D Photos then the Motionleap is one of the best and coolest for that. It helps you create an amazing picture with all its 3D effects. Not just that the app also comes with a cool feature where you can make the clouds, water, fire and such objects to move in the defined direction to make a moving picture using the animated arrows.

There are also options to change the background with lovely filters, adding 3D overlays and also the camera FX is available for cinematic effects. This app uses the artificial intelligence to make the still photos come into life and make it look for perfectly realistic. All these amazing features comes with a simple and easy to use interface, thereby anyone can easily start editing without any hassle. The speed and the loop of the animation of the picture can be changed as per your desire. A simple yet a perfect app.

Canva: This Canva app is literally an all in one app that help you do every editing that you want to do. From editing a photo to creating Instagram posts, making posters and flyers, creating logos, resume, cards, collages, presentation and almost everything can be done. There are plenty of professional features for the users to indulge in.

There are free templates to create posters and so on. Along with that there are variety of effects and filters and also animation pictures can be created using this app in such an easy way. What so many users like about the app is the factor that it got all the needed editing options in one.

So that’s it, now we have checked on a few cool and amazing apps with professional features to edit all our photos. You can choose the right app that would work the best for you. Because the right edit can change the normal picture into a superb finish. So start creating magic using your photos.