How to Turn Your Photo Into Cartoon or Sketch in Android

Life today is quite different from how it was a few years back. We see how the technology has taken over everything else and that is where the smart devices came into light. With a smartphone today we are capable enough to accomplish many tasks quickly and easily. There are so many opportunities open to the world due to the smart devices.

Apart from them all, social media is one of the platform that all most all of us are addicted to. From youngsters to the adults, we see how each one use the social media apps according to their needs. When we talk about social media, the first few apps that pops up to our mind are the Instagram and Facebook. We share our memories using a picture format in these social media profiles. Today literally everyone shares each and every moments of their life in Facebook and Instagram. We click pictures wherever we go and share them to the world. But do we share all our pictures directly or instantly the next moment we take the photographs? Well no, we customize them the way we want, we edit our pictures first.

So when we edit, it’s not only about changing filters to the picture, but we check for the quality, we adjust the lighting, we remove unwanted objects from the background and do so much of editing. We do all of them to make our pictures look worth the share, we also will always want our pictures to look different and unique from other’s pictures. There are people who always try to make their pictures the best in the most possible ways. That is why we come across too many photos editing apps today. There are both paid and free apps available to use, each comes with different features and options. So out of all the editing features, today I see how turning our pictures into a cartoon image and the pencil sketch art are out of the unique ones. That is why we are going to check out on an amazing app where we can cartoonize unlimited pictures the way we want.

Wondering what app I am talking about? Well it is the app named ‘Cartoon Photo Editor - Pencil Sketch Art’ for Android. Yes, I am talking about an ultimate cartoonize app which comes with a camera filter that will apply cartoon photo filters to your pictures and make them the best pop up in your social media profile. There are many features available in the app for you to use. With no difficulties you can cartoon your photos with cool filters, transform your photos into amazing works, you can also turn your pictures into a stunning pencil sketch art, also there are oil painting styles and more such great options for you to use. 

The app is such a user friendly app that you doesn’t have to be an expertise in photo editing or photoshop, anyone can easily get things done with a a few clicks and surprise your friends and followers with awesome pictures. So why wait and waste time? Come let us take a look at how to get the app and turn all our pictures into a cartoonized one with a step by step procedure.

How to Cartoonize Your Photo in Android

You have to get the app named ‘Cartoon photo edit – pencil sketch art’ directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let’s move on to know how to edit your picture in a unique drawing style or turn it into a stunning cartoon effect.
Firstly start the app in your phone and click on 'Gallery images' to select the picture that you wants to edit. 

Once you choose the photo from the phone, the picture will be ready in the app to add cartoon filter. Click on the top right corner icon to continue.

Now you can select any of the cartoon or sketch art effect that you wish to add for the photo. After confirming the effect from the list, click on the top right corner icon to save the photo.

Here you can click on 'Save' icon which is located in the top right corner to save the photo into phone storage or you can directly post the picture on Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram by clicking on the respective icons which is available at the bottom of the screen.

That’s it, now you are done. Your cartoonized photo is ready to use and also you can view all the edited photos in the app itself by clicking on ‘My creations’ at the main interface of the app.

So you can download 'Cartoon photo editor - Pencil sketch art' application directly from Google playstore to your Android device by Clicking here.

Alternative App

'Cartoon pictures': is another amazing alternative for you to create simple and easy cartoon pictures within seconds with ease.

The app got many features, where it also contains a powerful selfie camera, not only that but there are also plenty of different cartoon filters, pencil art filters, drawing and colour pencil sketch, canvas edits, oil paintings and much more for you to choose from. You can select the best one that you prefers and turn your ordinary picture into and extraordinary photo. This app is also a user friendly app, just a few clicks and you are all done and ready with your photos.

That’s it, now you can easily convert your photos and get them cartoonized with just a few clicks. It is amazing how the outcome would finally look like and you will have a masterpiece picture to show your friends and family. Not only that, your social media profile will literally looks good.
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