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We are all moving towards the evolution of the technology. Every single human being is literally based towards the technology, where no one is in a state to move ahead without any such technological devices. I will not be wrong if i say, today smart devices capture a place where it is almost in the list of a need in a person's life like how the security is a priority.

When the smart phones where introduced, we became addicts to it, as it provides us with all most all the important facilities a person should have. So we use a smartphone to contact others and along with it we are now being able to browse the internet and do things that were done in a computer. But among all the facilities a smartphone provides, security is one of the best things that it has in it. We are in a state to call someone or contact anyone using it in a time of emergency. Not just that but it has more things that can be achieved. Today let’s focus on how to use the smartphone and become smarter in using it in a way that it helps out our loved ones and us with security.

Security is not a simple thing to look upon on. It is a wide range of responsibility everyone ponders on. So if a smart device helps us with this security, we will have a peace of mind at all times. For this purpose, we use the phone. There are moments where when someone is out we call them to know where they are, to check if they are fine. As the society sometimes fear people out with their life’s security. A mother will fear when her daughter is out and until she reaches home, she will keep contacting her. Likewise, we keep checking on our friends and family for their safety. Calling the other person or messaging them when they are out can sometimes turn out to be annoying and disturbance for the other person. So what is the possible solution for this?

In a technologically developed world, won’t we have a way to solve this problem out? We definitely have a way. If we can keep a track on the live location of our loved ones without any interruptions, then we will have nothing to fear about. As we will know where they are and when they will reach home or any destination. Having this feature in our phones is possible with the android smartphones.We all are well aware of the fact that android gives us a better chance to experience all the applications in the playstore without any problems, as it is one of the best user friendly device that’s available so far. Taking this into consideration, I am going to introduce you to an app that will help you out to check on the live location of your loved ones.

So the app ‘family locator’ is the best form of security app that we can experience. It provides us with the exact real time location of the other person and helps us keep a track on them, where ever they are. So with this feature, we can have a free mind with no tension. Not just that but along with providing the real time location, it also got more features in it that can amaze us. Such as being able to get instant alerts when someone enter or leave a destination that we have marked in it. so this will help out mothers and also other official members to check on their coworker of what time they enter the place and when they are leaving it. And also you have the opportunity to create a private group with your family or friends and chat with them and also keep a track on all of their real time location. The best feature among all is the ‘drive care support’. Where this will help you contact any of your circle member with a single push on a button in any case of emergency. Also in any vehicle collision you will get an emergency response and help in a matter of minute. 

As we can track the location in this, we will be able to find lost phones too using the phone of a circle member. Sounds great right? An app with so much to provide for security. It so simple to use the app and come let’s check out how to get it done.

How to Find the Location of Your Loved Ones

You have to get the app named 'Family locator' directly from google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to find the current location of your family members or friends using your android phone.
Firstly, launch the app in your phone and register it with your mobile number.

Then, you have to grant permission for the app to run smoothly. So accept it by clicking on the ‘allow’.

Then the app will open up and show you your location.

Thereafter, you will be able to add any of your friend or family to your circle by inviting them through a unique code.

When they accept your request, you will be able to share the location with each other.

That’s it. Now using this real time location you can easily check on where the other person is and have a tension free mind. So you can download this app to your android smartphone directly from google playstore by searching 'Family locator - GPS tracker'

You can enjoy all the security features in it and it will help you provide the maximum security for your friends and family. You can also mark a few places and thereby get alerts when they enter or leave the particular destinations. Hope this will be useful for all the family members and also some official places.
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