How to Find Hidden Camera Using Android Phone

Living in the modernized world, we know how much of mysterious things are happening around. Along with the improvement in the technological field, there are so many other things that erupted along with it. We see both advantages and disadvantages happening, where most of the prevailing generation take the maximum use out of it. 

 There are advantages such as advancement in the IT field, business and education took place in the better side and along with it came the cons like lack of privacy, bribery and unauthorized programs. Hackers are found all around the world, they not only hack accounts but also transfer viruses and malware programs. When this negative side arose, with it the technological equipment advanced too. Especially cameras. We all know how a camera can be used for both the good and bad.

Now as much as the amount people use cameras to capture their day to day life and store it as a memory to last long, there are culprits who use cameras to capture the unwanted privacy of others. They use these captured pictures or videos using a hidden camera. They either do this for their selfish purposes or to earn money in a wrong way.

Cameras are now seen in different sizes, shapes and also in different equipment. We know cameras in mobiles, television, PC and the CCTV, but how many of you are aware of the cameras that are now found in the pens, watches and many more daily using things? There are cameras in the size that no one can identify, they are tiny in size and shape, which means they can be hidden in any places that we can’t guess. Like doors, wall arts, cupboard locks, anywhere on the wall or the bed. This scares us, doesn’t it?

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There are risks of having a hidden cameras in a hotel room, restaurants, cafes, public restrooms or anywhere. Where are we to go and find these cameras, when we have no idea where they are hidden or even how they look like? We all go to new places every now and then, in the meantime though we consider about our privacy, we fail in finding the camera, which can capture everything and go to hand of the wrong people. As there are two sides in every person, there is a worse side in the world of internet too. Which helps a majority misuse situations. So we all should not just be aware of this fact but also should know a way to find out if there are any cameras hidden deep within something and clarify it beforehand. But wondering how to find it? No worries, as now I am here to help you with it. All you got to do is get the app Hidden camera detector, which will detect any hidden cameras easily with an alarm sound. Great, isn’t it? Come let’s check how to get it done.

How to Find Hidden Camera

You have to get the app named Hidden camera detector directly from google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to detect hidden camera in public places using your android smartphone.
Firstly, launch the app and the interface of the app will look like  below.

From the main menu you can use the Magnetometer scanning option to find any hidden cameras through the sensor detection.

Also, you can use Detect infrared camera option to find hidden cameras through electromagnetic radiation with the help of your mobile camera.

If the app starts to beep without any electronic device nearby you, you have to reduce the sensitivity by tapping on the settings tab in the right top corner and select 'Adjust Magnetometer Sensitivity'.

You can download Hidden camera detector application directly from google playstore to your android device by Clicking here.

That's it. Its a simple process. 
This app works perfectly and helps detect hidden cameras. So you can easily find out if there are any hidden cameras where you are and spend some quality time without any fear.