How to Use Jio in 3G Smart Phone and Enjoy Unlimited Internet Access

We all know how the Jio has slowly become one of the best sim and captured so many users in a small time by all the wonderful offers that it provided with. Today let's see, how to use jio in your 3G smartphone. Already we have written some guides and information about Jio's unlimited internet plan and upcoming data plans for their valuable customers.

As per one of our previous article, we have mentioned that Jio is going to launch fiber internet for home users and cheap 4G smartphones in India. If you haven't check that article yet, you can read this by clicking here.

So today I have come up with a new trick where Jio users can use the sim in their 3G smartphone to get unlimited internet access. Coming to the point.

You have to active your Jio 4G sim in an official way to use it on your other 3G devices. Once you activate your 4G connection successfully through any 4G smartphone, remove the sim card and insert it into your 3G phone.

Download the CPU-Z app from google play store and check whether your phone processor is Mediatec or not. Because this trick will work only with mediatec processor.

Install the app and o
nce the app is loaded with your phone system's information, you can find the chipset details.

How to use Jio in 3G Phone

First of all, you have to get Xorware application directly from google play store to your android smart phone or tablet.

Then start the application and go to Network settings.

Under the 'screen option', you have to make delay network change seconds as 9.

After that, change 2G and 3G network to 4G (LTE) and click on Apply.

Now restart your phone once and will able to enjoy Jio internet in your 3G smartphone without any interruption.

You can download the necessary apps to run this trick directly from play store or below link.

Please note - This trick is only for education purpose. And this trick will work only in Android devices which has Mediatek processors. So enjoy Jio 4G unlimited internet in your 3G smartphones.