Setup Password for Answering the Call in Android

Living in a busy technological world, we are bond to follow and be in relative accordingly to the world that prevails. Smart phones are now too normal and not a miracle. We are get a number of calls to our phones from our parents, relatives, friends or any other person in a regular basis. Almost most of the conversations are done through phone calls nowadays.

So in this post, I'm going to introduce an application which can protect your privacy in answering the phone call. Sometimes we might keep our smart phone in charge and move out of that place. Or else we might give our phone to friends and leave that area. In such a situation, someone can answer the call you receive without your knowledge.

To prevent such a privacy breaking situations, we are introducing an android application named 'Couchgram' where you should type the correct password or pattern lock to unlock the call answering feature. This application will help you to protect your privacy in phone calls when the phone is not near you or if someone try to answer your calls without your knowledge.

Features of Couchgram Application

This application (Couchgram) is specially made to protect your privacy in answering the phone call. You can setup password/ pattern lock / digital lock or few other methods to answer the call when the phone is ringing.

With this application, you can change or hide the caller name and number on incoming call screen to keep your privacy very high.

Couchgram app allow you to forward the call to chatting mode when you're unable to answer the call.
If the caller doesn't install this application in his/her phone, still he will receive the message as SMS and this service is completely free of charge.

You can hide your call logs from others with this application. Also you can setup specific contact numbers to delete automatically from the call log..

You can setup unique background wallpaper for incoming call.

Night mode feature is available in this application. You can adjust the screen brightness to reduce eye strain as well as to prevent others from looking at your phone call when you answer it.

You can download this app to your smartphone directly from google playstore by searching 'Couchgram'.

Update (05/03/2019)

This application has been removed from google playstore. This might be removed by the developer or the playstore support team due to any particular reason. Since we don't own this app, we are not able to provide you the exact reason for the removal from google playstore.
There are few more features available in this app. You can check all these features from its settings menu. So this is one of the best application to have within your phone to protect your privacy.