Setup Password for Answering the Call in Android

Smartphones has turned out to be very common today that even when we come across new updates and features we don’t feel amazed, as we know that the technology will invent new things eventually and nothing in it is going to be a miracle anymore. We all are well aware of all the factors a smartphone can literally do. It is today a mini version of a computer including a high quality camera in it. Thereby we carry our smartphones wherever we go. 

There are many versions and models of smartphones and as the best user friendly device, we can name the androids. In this guide we are above to discuss about a unique feature that can be added to your android device. Security is one of the essential factor to talk about in this world of smart devices. We can easily store all our private data and information in our smartphones and to protect and secure them we update it with a password or passcode. But we also know that not everything in our device can be always secured or kept secretly.

One of the main point that comes under that is the incoming calls. Though we set up our phones with passwords and security locks, we know that when we receive an incoming call anyone can answer it, because no security is provided for that in any phones. This is one privacy breaching method that should have a solution for in all the smartphone. We don’t always carry our phones with us when we are home or even at our working place. So in that case, when the phone rings anyone around can take a look at who is calling you and they can even answer it. This sometime might outcast your private life. It can be anyone who answers the phone, can be your mom, siblings, your wife or even your friends or colleagues. So in that case, if you don’t wish anyone messing up with your works, official calls or private matters then you wish you had a way to hide the contact name when receiving a call and also to make it not possible for anyone to answer calls from your phone.

Well, that can be now done easily. All you need is the app named ‘Coughgram calls and App lock’ in your android smartphone and it will help you have a high security in your phone beyond the screen lock alone. This amazing app will protect that privacy for you. Along with the ability to provide a lock for the incoming call, it also has got a lot more other amazing prominent feature that should be talked about. Let us check on it.

What are the Features Available in Coughgram App

Incoming call screen lock

This is the most useful and important feature of the app to linger into. This feature provide you the ability to have a full privacy for all our incoming calls by setting up a password that should be provided before answering the call.

You can choose any lock type from the pattern mode, 2 digit lock mode, 4 digit lock mode, button mode and call button mode. Using these you can easily have that private calls private always.

Apps locks

Screen lock is the most common feature everyone knows about but this app lock will provide you the ability to set up locks to any apps that you wish as required. For example you can have a password updates to your text messages app, photos gallery and so on.

Pattern lock or passcode can be initiated. When you allow the Coughgram app to access your apps it will protect it with the password you provide.

Hidecaller id / rename caller id

This will help you to either change the caller id on the incoming calls or change it. So using this you have take security measures to hide or change the caller id when you receive calls from some particular contacts.

Speed booster 

You might notice the phone literally slows down when you have too many apps and filled memory. This app will help you to speed up your device using its speed booster feature. It is very easy and simple to accomplish this task.

Call logs auto delete contacts

In your phone you will have a lot of call logs throughout the history and when you want to delete any particular number from the call logs, you have to do that selecting one by one, which is a very difficult and a time consuming task. But with this app you can easily do by providing that particular number and it will automatically delete all the call logs of that number.

Chatting service

You can have the chatting service when you want to forward a message and is not in a mood to talk. It is free to send messages if the recipient also has the Coughgram app in their android smartphone.

Incoming call wallpaper

You can choose any wallpaper that you desire to update when you receive calls from particular contacts.

Night mode

To reduce the stress caused to your eyes because of the brightness and also to use your phone from a less light place you can us the dark mode feature. This app will reduce the brightness level to less than the usual configuration.

Status bar mode

To turn off and on the feature of this app, you doesn’t have to go to the app and then settings, it can be easily done through the status bar by sliding it down. All the features will be available in it.

That’s it, these are the most important features found in the app and along with that you also have the ability to set up finger print lock. So you can download 'Couchgram' application directly from google playstore to your android smartphone by Clicking here

This app is such a unique app with some amazing features. I hope this guide would have been useful for you to take measures to protect your privacy in your android smartphone.
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