Best Photo Editing Apps That Gives Life to Your Photo

In this modern and technological world we are all into the smart devices. We all love to capture photos from our smartphones and share with our friends through Facebook, Instagram and other social media apps which we use in a daily basis. Normally we don't upload our photos to any social media network directly without editing them and making it look the best.

Before that, we do some modifications on the photo to make it look more attractive to our friends and family by editing the picture. To complete this task, we try so many photo editing apps and tools to make our photo more colorful. but most of them turn out to be a flop.

So in this post, we are going to introduce you to an incredible photo editing app for all the Android users out there. If you're an Android user, then you will love to edit your photos with this app. In most of the times we wish to make our photos look more professional and admirable, for this we prefer a better editing option, but we don't find for the right app that provides us with the editing feature that looks iconic. We look for a way in which helps us to not only just add filters or add some extra colors but also we do prefer to change or add frames and do so many other tiny things like making the picture look funny by swapping the faces, adding a realistic effect by changing the whole photo to make it look like a different place or even would prefer doing some photo collages.

But to get all of them done, we have to go find for different apps and it will make the whole editing process so complicated. But what if we have a way in which the outcome of the photo editing would be perfect by having all the editing options in one app? To get all those photo effects, editing tools, collage works and frames you need is just one app and that is 'photo lab picture editor' app. This Android photo editing app will fulfill all of them by giving you a number of editing effects with colorful outputs. So let's have a look on how to use this app and what are the feature available in this excellent photo editing application in a step by step procedure.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

Camly - If you are looking for a simple photo editing app that allows you to give a quick change over to your picture within a few clicks, the camly would be the right choice.

You will have all the enhancements provided in the home screen of the app, so that you can choose what you want to do and directly get into it. One feature to ponder onto is, it got a lot of stickers in it that would bring out a beautiful or even a funny picture edit. The whole app is highly organized and would let you know where to go.

Snapseed - We all know how much the filters and the editing process is important to make a good looking and a quality picture. And that’s why we search for apps that contains vast number of edit tools in them and snapseed app will not disappoint you in that. They have a lot of features that you will even be able to customize and control variables in each filter and tool to get a perfect picture.

It also has the ability to edit RAW DNG files and export them as JPG files without the quality of the picture getting low. One important function that is preserves is the ‘QR Look’ where you can create a QR code to the final image that you edited and use the same effects to another image by just scanning the code. Sounds great right? You know what’s greater? Well, it’s a free app.

Adobe Photoshop Light room CC - You should have definitely heard about the Adobe photoshop and yes it is one of the best photo editing software available. This Lightroom is almost similar to it and have too many editing tools in it that it leaves the process flawlessly awesome.

One most noted feature in it is that we can capture RAW images with five different camera effects and you will get to witness the outcome before clicking the picture. This app is free of charge unless you wish to go extra with the premium feature.

PhotoDirector - This is one simple app that would let you bring a wonderful final picture after all the edits you do. It provides filters, light effects and so many inner ad-ons to bring out the best in an image.

The best part is that it contains the ‘object removal trick’ in it which allows the user to remove or erase off any object that you feel unwanted in the image. The camera of the app also offers a wide range of lens filters.

Cymera - An app that is widely used among most today. You will find a lot of impressive range of photo editing tools available in cymera application. Along with that there is a unique feature in this app, which is the two modes of camera that is present in it. You have a beauty mode which is used to click selfies with so many filters present in it, while it detects the face automatically and provides you over 200 makeup effects.

The next one is the normal mode for flexing the rear cam. It also includes the conventional options like the mosaics, texture and hue complexion which is used for the correction purpose of the scene mode, saturation and so on. If you are an Instagram or Facebook freak then this app also let you turn your pics into memes by inserting texts and you can also make a collage out of all your pictures.

AirBrush: Everyone would want to have a perfect picture of yourself and for that we need the right option to bring in the perfection. You can now do so using the app 'Airbrush', which doesn’t fail to update itself with filters and effects along with the new trends. It comes with the most friendly interface with retouch tools and amazing filters that bring out an cool finish. There are plenty of features available for the users and the best among them is the ability to make a change over to the entire picture.

If we take a look at a few features, I should definitely mention the ‘Blemish and Pimple Remover’, ‘Whitening Teeth and Brightening Eyes’, ‘Perfect Skin in Every Photo’, ‘Slim, Reshape and Lengthen your Selfie or Photo’ are some of the options you can use for your pictures. Along with that you also have the ‘Artistic Retouching Feature’, ‘Adding Depth and Style to the picture’, ‘Real Time Editing Technology’ , Natural and Radiant Filters and much more.

Fotor Photo Editor: This Editing app brings out a professional look to all your photos with less effort. It comes with a user friendly interface and a plenty of features and options included in it, such as the ‘Full Features Effects, Borders and Stickers’ which helps to make the picture more colorful. Then comes the ‘Personalized collage’ which helps to manage any space. It also has the 'Professional editing software', 'One click enhancement' and a 'Natural focus' option. Not only these but the app comes with s huge amount of features which makes it easy for the users to bring out the best in all your pictures.

Photo Editor Pro: This app provides every editing features and options that the users need to make their pictures look cool and amazing. With all the features such as the ‘Stylish effects, Filters, Grid and draw tools’ you can create an eye catching photo. Not just that but the app comes with ‘60+ filters, Glitch effects & Blur background, Photo blender and Light FX, Body retouch and the Photo Collage Maker’ tools.

Apart from the above mentioned feature there are also more cool ones that you will be able to use while you make an edit. The app has housed the effects in a store style layout where you can choose the ones you want to get and that is such a plus point so that you get the ability to keep what you want and not just download all. Try this ones and you will know what it’s like.

LightX photo Editor & photo effects: For those who are looking for an all in one photo editing app, then you can try this LightX app. It comes with all the needed effects and filters such as adding photo frames, photo collage, blur photos, add stickers, cutout maker, background changer, create cartoons and caricature, create selfies and portrait photos, add color splash effects, merge photo for double and multiple exposure and so much more.

When you get into the app you will come across all the wonderful features that it contains. It will be a one stop app for editing with an easy interface. You can also create your own memes and add texts on photos. There are plenty of advanced editing tools and photo filters that you would like and would not regret trying this app to edit all the pictures you want to post on your social media.
Photo Effect Pro: The right filters and effects can never make a photo go wrong. So incase you are looking for an app with awesome filter, effects and stickers then you should put your hands in this ‘PhotoEffect Pro’ app. It comes up with more than 40 filter and also effects so the users can choose the right edit for their pictures.

Not only that but it also comes with an option where you can add pictures in pictures. Along with that you can also remove the background automatically and get stunning results. The app has hundreds of special effects which are carefully designed by professional photographers and designers to give a wonderful experience for their users. You can bring out endless creativity using all the cool effects without any hassle. Definitely a user friendly app.

So these are the most incredible photo editing apps which can be downloaded from Google playstore. help you add more colorful effects in your favorite picture and share it all around the social media profiles without hesitation.